God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 660

With such coordination, the small city was soon conquered, and the 70,000 zombies were quickly wiped out. The soldiers even discovered 200 emaciated survivors hiding out at different corners of the city.

When humans were forced to the edge, they could show incredible tenacity. These people were actually able to survive under the harshest of conditions.

After resting, the 3 units continued to launch attacks on the other surrounding counties.

Yue Zhong had only deployed the 3 units for the sake of training the troops.

As they continued to kill the zombies, they were forged through the flames of battle and grew in experience. With each battle, they became more confident and cleared out more counties.

The relentless assaults continued on, and as each county was conquered, they uncovered plenty of resources and rescued many survivors.

Other than them, Yue Zhong even sent out Tenpyo Saka, Yin Shuang, Zhuo Ya Tong and Bi Lǜ as they led the Treant army to attack other territories.

Ji Qing Wu had led 8 Youth Guards as well as the reinforcement troops to gain levels in the various towns and counties. Yue Zhong intended to raise up a large number of Enhancers, and thus, he could only delegate Ji Qing Wu to go help a bunch of ordinary soldiers become Enhancers.

With her supervision, there were a huge number of Enhancers of about Level 10 being churned out everyday. These were then deployed to the battlefield to join the other troops.

After all, the soldiers under Lie Ming Yi, Hu-er Ran and Li Guang were also human, and would feel tired. They needed to rest.

As for the Treant army, it was different, and they continued to smash through city after city, and leaving instantly. The corpses were then transported back to nourish the mother tree and the wheat plant.

When the wheat trees consumed enough zombies, they could produce large amount of rice, whereas the Mother Tree could churn out countless low level Treants to send to the battlefield.

Everyday, Yue Zhong’s faction was growing stronger out here in the Central Plains.

When he called for the assault on the zombies, Yue Zhong had stayed put in the central base and not roam about. Without him, it was hard to direct the various aspects of his plans.

Should things turn awry, only Yue Zhong himself could quell the situation. If he were to disappear, then the large-scale attacks on the towns and cities would have to stop.

On this day, one officer came up to Yue Zhong with a grave expression, reporting, “Leader!! Baoxi City’s zombies had started moving!! The 2 million of them had left the city and is marching towards Bayan City. The zombies there have also acted strangely, leaving their own and marching towards Baoxi City.”

“What? It seems that the two groups are converging?” Yue Zhong’s face fell and he quickly made for the command center.

Yue Zhong quickly came to the command post, and pulled up the image. He had obtained quite a number of observatory equipment as well as unmanned reconnaissance drones.

Through the pictures, Yue Zhong could ascertain that the 2 groups of zombies were marching towards a single location.

His expression turned incredibly ugly.

When the number of zombies reached above a million, it will be a sizeable force. If these 2 groups of 2 million zombies were to converge, even the Kingdom of God would have a hard time dealing with them.

Yue Zhong watched the moving zombies with furrowed brows and gave the order, “Convey my command, get the 1st Regiment, 2nd Rider Brigade, 3rd Brigade to all retreat. Have the 1st and 2nd Support Brigade prepared for battle. All resting activities are to be put on hold. From now on, martial law is in effect, and all factories are to extend their hours from 10 hours to 12…”

Under the many orders, the troops of the Central Plains began to move. The 3 main forces turned back from their areas, and began to converge at Mu Yuan County, which was the first line of defence.

About 100,000 survivors were deployed to the town to prepare fortifications and defensive constructs, while resources were transported to the frontlines.

The unmanned drones were also deployed out to keep watch over the 2 groups of zombies.

Yue Zhong watched the vast sea of zombies and muttered, “If only they could fight each other!!”

The 2 masses of zombies were too fearsome. The 4 million number alone was enough to fill anyone with despair. Even army forces from before the apocalypse would feel a headache when dealing with 4 million freaks.

After marching for 2 days, the zombies finally converged.

The 2 groups did not engage in a clash as Yue Zhong had hoped for, instead, coming to a silent stop.

“What’s going on?” Yue Zhong watched with his frown deepening, as a bad feeling arose.

At one particular corner, where the drones could not capture, a tentacle with a huge head with sharp teeth slithered and opened its huge jaws as it burrowed into the body of a Z2. With a huge breath, it began to suck, turning the Z2 into a dried corpse.

After that, the strange zombie continued to pierce another 2 Z2s and absorbed their body fluids.

It then let out a satisfied howl.

Hearing that howl, the various Z2s and Z1s trembled and returned to the zombie horde.

The strange snake-like zombie with a huge head blinked, its eyes flashing with a human-like intelligence. It seemed to ponder for awhile, before burrowing into the chest of a large L4.

Soon after, the 4 million zombies began to move, towards the direction of Bayan City.

Yue Zhong watched and his expression turned bad, “Not good! They didn’t fight!! Convey my orders, get the 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade and 3rd Brigade to fire at will! Use whatever necessary to whittle away at their numbers!!”

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