God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 661

“So many zombies!!” Lie Ming Yi rode a Black Scaled Stallion, leading his 3,000 men, quickly locating the zombies. He watched them swarm, and his face turned pale.

A million of them was already a sight to behold, seeing the 4 million zombies felt as though they were facing a sea, and there was nothing that could stop them.

It didn’t matter how strong a person was, charging headlong into this horde was equivalent to suicide.

Facing such a huge zombie horde, accurate soldiers were more efficient than a single Enhancer.

Lie Ming Yi surveyed the horde before pointing and giving and order, “Charge!!”

The 3,000 soldiers swiftly readied their guns and began firing.

The dense rain of bullets enveloped a large patch of zombies, causing them to fall.

However, the swarm of zombies immediately turned to face them, making their way to surround them.

“Retreat!” After a few rounds, Lie Ming Yi waved his hands and called for his troops to retreat quickly.

After retreating a certain distance, the 2nd Brigade quickly pulled away from the zombies with their superior speed. They then turned around to continue firing, killing huge patches of zombies.

Lie Ming Yi’s 2nd Brigade was filled with 300 Enhancers that had changed their jobs to become Soldiers, and they were specially trained to reach Level 30, with their Gun Manipulation Skills at Level 3. Even on horseback, they could achieve headshots.

Under his hit-and-run tactic, Lie Ming Yi and his men quickly disposed of a huge number of zombies, without suffering a single casualty.

On the other side, the 1st Regiment charged forth with its armored battalion, brining 20 tanks, 20 IFVs, 60 machine gun-mounted vehicles and fired wildly at the zombie horde. The dense rain of heavy fire fell upon the zombies, blasting many of them into pieces. Of course, it came at a price, that was the quick expenditure of ammunition.

In front of the large zombie horde, the armored battalion had no choice but to retreat when the zombies got close as well. After all, there were Devourers, L3s and L4s, the moment the tanks charged right into the horde, those terrifying evolved zombies could demolish them.

Every single tank and armored vehicle was a powerful weapon against the zombies, and naturally could not be destroyed. Yue Zhong’s current production was not enough to support any manufacturing of tanks or armored vehicles.

“What a large zombie horde!!” Hu-er Ran had also reached the frontlines with his 3,000 Grey Wolf Riders, his expression similarly ugly when he caught sight of the zombies.

He turned around and saw his soldiers, each of them holding a rifle, and heaved a sigh of relief. If they didn’t have guns, his 3,000 men would definitely be swallowed up if they charged at them.

The 4 million number was a terrifying figure, Yue Zhong had to utilize every single thing on hand. He could not afford to care about Hu-er Ran’s craftiness, and decided to arm them. However, the 1st Regiment and 2nd Brigade were equipped with the more advanced stuff, while the 3rd Brigade was equipped with the older weapons.

Although they had all been equipped with weapons, there were too many types, from different places, and they had no choice but to try and use them.

Lian Da Zhong looked at the zombie horde, his face pale, “Let’s just try our best, then we should quickly scatter eh?”

The sight of those zombies truly spooked him. He was a coward, and he couldn’t muster his will to fight.

Hu-er Ran’s eyes flashed as he spoke solemnly, “No way! This battle concerns the future of my 3rd Brigade. We have to do our best!”

He knew that Yue Zhong had kept him because he had use for him. The moment he showed that his value had decreased, he would be sent far away, never to return to the Central Plains. This 3rd Brigade that was made up almost of all Mongolians would be scattered and reorganized as well.

By now, the entire Central Plains was already in Yue Zhong’s hands, Hu-er Ran had no way of revolting. A single order from Yue Zhong could put him to death. Unless he was willing to abandon all his subordinates, family and loved ones to flee.

Hu-er Ran glanced at his men, raising his silver curved blade high and roared, “3rd Brigade, aim for victory!!”

“3rd Brigade, aim for victory!!”

“3rd Brigade, aim for victory!!”


When the soldiers saw Hu-er Ran roaring so passionately, their hearts were filled with valor and loyalty to him. These were all his elite soldiers.

“3rd Brigade, forwards!! Attacke!!” Hu-er Ran pointed his curved blade at the zombies and roared.

Under his lead, the 3,000 riders charged for the zombies. They were like an arrow that reached about 100m away from the zombies quickly, pulling out their weapons and firing at the zombies.

As the bullets and arrows fell, many of the zombies were killed, and they were trampled by the others behind.

As the zombies pushed closer, Hu-er Ran’s men then quickly pulled back and retreated a distance before continuing once more.

The 3 units continued to whittle away at the huge zombie horde, culling a large number of them every second. However, the rate was almost negligible, as the horde still continued towards their target.

Within one of the L4s inside the horde, the huge mutant tentacle-like zombie watched coldly as the rest of the zombies were slaughtered one by one.

Within the horde, a number of Devourers were gobbling up those zombies that had been taken out by Yue Zhong’s units.

A horde that was 4 million strong was simply too terrifying. After fighting for 4 days, the 3 units were able to chip away at their numbers, killing 600,000 of them, but they had to retreat to rest. After all, there was a limit to how much humans could do. Fighting long battles would wear them out.

The zombie horde might have lost 600,000 of their numbers, but their speed wasn’t impeded in the slightest as they entered Bayan City.

Soon, they entered the city and began to continue towards the direction of Yinzhou City.

“Are they intending to converge with the zombies there?” Yue Zhong used the unmanned drones to watch the movement, growing suspicious.

Yinzhou City was a large place in the Central Plains, and had over 2 million population in the past. If the 3 million zombies were to meet those, the total number would swell to hit almost 6 million.

Yue Zhong had sent out his 3 units, expending energy and ammunition over the span of 4 days, managing to kill about 600,000 of them. Most of them were ordinary zombies. Once the remaining met those in Yinzhou City, their numbers would truly be undefeatable.

“No! I can’t let those 2 groups meet!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a resoluteness, and quickly gave a flurry of orders.

As he gave his orders, the 1st Regiment in Mu Yuan County deployed their motorized infantry unit to launch an attack at the 3 million of them.

The Mongolian Troops were also quickly equipped with even more weapons, as they relied on their riding skills to take on the zombies.

As the battle became even more intense, more zombies were being killed. From time to time, some of the zombies would retaliate, and the evolved zombies amongst them would manage to kill some soldiers.

Yue Zhong even sent out a huge force of snipers to snipe them, but the horde continued on its slow march.

Ning Yue Gorge was an important channel located on the way towards Yinzhou City. Yue Zhong had already deployed the Infantry Brigade of the 1st Regiment as well as Hu-er Ran’s 3rd Brigade to take up their stand here.

After utilizing so many means, and killing such a large number of zombies, they had not done anything that could slow the march of the horde.

Ning Yue Gorge was too important a channel, the moment they got past, the zombies in the nearby cities would join up and fill up their ranks.

Yue Zhong was clear that his troops might be able to kill a million zombie with their powerful firepower, but these were ordinary zombies, the true elites within the horde had not been dealt with yet. He wasn’t willing to see the 3 million of them joining with the 2 million in Yinzhou City.

Yue Zhong’s troops had no way of retreating now, the moment they abandoned the Ning Yue Gorge, the 3 million zombies would quickly converge with the other 2 million. His troops had already expended so much effort to wipe out a million, and it would go all to waste.

Beyond Ning Yue Gorge, the 30,000 survivors were currently setting traps and preparing trenches all around the gorge, from afar, it looked like many ants were scurrying about.

“They’re here!!” Li Guang stood at a vantage point, watching the distance with a cold look.

At a distance, the ant-like zombies continued to move, and with the passing of time, their numbers grew over the horizon, appearing in the sights of the survivors.

Seeing the approaching lifeless corpses with blank eyes and hole-riddled bodies, with a heavy stench, the survivors felt their skin crawl, and started to panic.

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