God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 662

“Let the workers retreat!” Li Guang waved his hands and ordered.

With that, the 30,000 survivors quickly made their way back.

The vast sea of zombies continued to shamble forwards, in a short while, they got closer to Ning Yue Gorge.

The many traps and structures laid by the survivors began to exhibit their usefulness.

As the zombies continued to march on, all of a sudden, there was a split of the ground, as a trench of about 3m-deep and 20m-wide appeared. Many zombies fell into it, and the zombies behind them followed after, trampling those beneath into meat paste.

The zombies had no intelligence, just a simple trap like this was extremely effective.

The survivors had prepared this huge pit, which could easily take care of at least thousands of zombies, which would be trampled upon by the zombies behind.

Yue Zhong had used such measures in the past plenty of times, and it had become a powerful tool to utilize.

Many of the zombies continued to fall into the huge trench. The 30,000 survivors had spent 6 days on this after all, and the total number of trenches and pits they had dug were over a thousand.

The sea of zombies had yet to reach the soldiers at Ning Yue Gorge, and already, over 300,000 of them had been lost to the various trenches and ditches. However, these holes were also gradually filled up.

With the corpses of the zombies filling the holes, the rest of the horde continued on their slow march.

After passing through those trenches, the horde came to a number of cement walls of about 1.5m high.

When these ordinary zombies came to these walls, they could not proceed. After all, ordinary zombies did not possess the power to pummel through cement. They could only claw at the walls helplessly.

The zombies behind continued to push forward, and it resulted in a whole load of them squashed together.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

At this time, a number of cannon fire blasted the dense horde of zombies, each volley killing at least dozens of zombies.

The soldiers of Ning Yue Gorge at the frontlines had also raised their weapons and were firing at the zombies, shooting down the zombies that had come to a stop in front of those walls.

The soldiers that had not undergone the job change as soldiers were also firing with all their might, although their efficiency was lesser, only killing about 60% or 70% of the time.

The cement walls had stopped the horde, and the horde retaliated in their own way, as a number of L2s came towards the walls.

L2s were strong monsters and could pummel the cement walls.

Peng! Peng!

The L2 had just gotten close to the walls when 300 snipers hidden from view quickly sniped the L2s.

The L2s could withstand the bullets of normal rifles, but the high-caliber bullets from the sniper rifles were enough to splatter their brains.

As the L2s got close to the walls, they were immediately killed by the snipers, causing even more of a blockade. Yue Zhong’s forces were then able to continue to slaughter the zombies.

Deep within the horde, the Mutant zombie that had a huge head closed its eyes, its mouth twisted in an ugly expression.

The horde suddenly split apart, and 10,000 L2s came charging out carrying H1s.

The H1s opened their mouths and sent large fireballs blasting on the cement walls, destroying them.

“Fire the artillery!!” Li Guang saw that things were turning bad and quickly gave the order.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The artillery forces from afar began to fire rapidly, sending volleys of heavy fire raining upon the zombies, blasting many of them into pieces. The 10,000 L2s and H1s were incinerated instantly.

For the sake of supporting the battle and Ning Yue Gorge, Yue Zhong had sent out 80% of his artillery forces of the Central Plains. As the ammunition for artillery was precious, Li Guang would also only use it at the most pressing of times.

The 10,000 L2s and H1s were turned into ash, and the mutant zombie within the horde opened its eyes, a murderous look flashing across them. It leapt into the chest of an L4 and urged it back.

Any being with intelligence had a common trait, which was the fear of death. If they weren’t scared, Bi Lǜ wouldn’t have been subdued so easily. Even Yue Zhong himself was not entirely unafraid of death.

The L4 continued all the way to a secretive location at the back before it stopped. As it retreated, a large number of the ordinary zombies continued to attack Ning Yue Gorge.

Under the blows of the H1, the cement walls on the front lines were blasted into nothing. After a harsh round of firing, the soldiers quickly abandoned their posts and retreated to the secondary defense line.

The army had constructed a number of defences, and Yue Zhong was clear that there was no way for the 1st line to withhold the entire horde.

At the secondary defense, there were a whole bunch of low cement walls as well. The huge sea of zombies were once again held up by the walls, and many of their heads were shot.

After the mutant zombie had escaped to a safe place, the huge sea of zombie abruptly started to retreat.

“What’s going on?” Li Guang watched the huge sea of zombies retreat, his eyes flashing with shock, and a bad feeling arose in his heart.

After all, zombies have never been known to retreat, they only knew how to advance and tear into their enemies, or get torn apart by their enemies.

The zombies retreated, and suddenly, 50,000 L2s and 100,000 S2s charged out from their midst, together with 3,000 L3s.

This zombie unit of over 150,000 zombies galloped forward like a sharp knife, making their ways for the 2nd defence line viciously.

“Calling for artillery strike!!” Li Guang watched the appearance of these 150,000 zombies, his face unsightly.

The pressure from these 150,000 evolved zombies was even stronger than a million ordinary zombies.

Against the ordinary zombies, Li Guang could still make use of the various traps to wipe them out. However, against the L2s and L3s, the traps were basically useless. Even the 1.5m-high cement walls could be destroyed in a single punch.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

As the rounds of artillery fire rained upon the 150,000 zombies, a huge number of them were blasted to pieces.

However, even the powerful artillery strike couldn’t possibly wipe out all the evolved zombies, many of the L2s managed to evade the heavy fire and charged right through the cement walls.

With their monstrous strength, the L2s and L3s charged right through the army camp, as they started slaughtering the soldiers.

Yue Zhong’s soldiers started to engage in close quarter combat, and many were quickly bitten to death or torn apart.

“Beasts!! We can die together!!” One soldier was surrounded by 3 S2s, and as the 3 of them opened their jaws and bit him, he pulled the pin of his grenade.

Hong! Following a loud explosion, the 3 S2s were blasted apart.

“Go to hell!!” One soldier saw an L3 killing his comrade with a single punch and grabbed a bag of explosives, running towards it and igniting it.

With a loud boom, the L3 and the soldier were blasted together.

At every part of the battlefield, many of the soldiers were fighting with their lives.

Unfortunately, the sheer numbers and the sudden assault of the zombies overwhelmed the forces at the 2nd defence line.

The evolved zombies that got through might be only a small portion of the entire sea of zombies, however, they were not a force ordinary soldiers could stand up to.

When the zombies overran the 2nd defence line, they did not rush everywhere, instead allowing the forces behind to fill up, until all 150,000 came in, before continuing for the 3rd defence line.

Such a tactic was truly terrifying. Even if the artillery fire had taken out about 50,000 zombies, the unit of evolved zombies quickly managed to destroy the 3rd defence line, and killed about 100 soldiers that were retreating.

With such a strategy, the evolved zombies continued to wreak havoc on Yue Zhong’s army, and the casualty count soon reached 500.

Losing 500 comrades dealt a huge blow to the morale of Yue Zhong’s troops. They were humans, and not zombies. The force that had been stationed numbered 6,000. Losing 500 was 1/12 of their forces. Unfortunately, the vast sea of zombies seemed indomitable, and their morale dipped lower.

Li Guang heard the reports coming from the frontlines, his expression becoming unsightly, “Damn it!! What do we do? Should we retreat?”

One officer came up to him and said, “Regiment Commander, why don’t we retreat first?”

Li Guang frowned, as he considered his suggestion seriously, the life and death of 5,000 soldiers riding on his shoulder weighed heavily. This was the pressure of being a commander.

“We’re not retreating!!” Just then, a voice resounded from the door.

Li Guang lifted his head, his eyes flashing with excitement, “Leader, you’re here!!!”

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