God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Slaughtering Monkey Group

Two mutated monkeys ran before Zhang Nan extremely quickly. They used their claws with mutated strength to easily pierce and rip through his body. Zhang Nan split open in a mangled mess, blood and intestines flowed out from his body.

Zhang Nan didn’t even have enough time to yell before a mutated monkey jumped on his shoulders and twisted his head off. With a snapping sound he turned into a corpse on the ground.

On the other side, seven mutated monkeys were rushing towards Guo Yu and Yao Yao.

White Bones stood before Guo Yu, waiving his large axe like a whirlwind. Two of the monkeys that came too close were split into two halves, and their blood flew everywhere.

Two monkeys took advantage of White Bone’s attack range, and they rushed from the flanks at Guo Yu, extending their claws towards her small delicate face.

White Bones slashed with his axe, and he split the head of the monkey on the right into two halves. Red blood and brains sprinkled on the ground.

Guo Yu saw the mutated monkey on her left rush forth. Her eyes flashed with fear, and she couldn’t help but retreat several steps.

A sharp bone spike shot out from the waist of White Bones when it saw the monkey wanted to grab Guo Yu. It directly pierced through the monkey, and it continued to extend pushing it back four meters.

White bones took advantage of the opportunity. He waved his axe again and split another rushing monkey in two.

Of the remaining two monkeys, one rushed towards Yao Yao.

Yao Yao’s agility was extremely high. Her image flashed. Her dagger and the mutated monkey became entangled together.

Another extremely mean and ferocious monkey rushed towards the three other small children. Its claw slashed out and cut down a small boy’s head.

Seeing that scene, Yao Yao’s eyes filled with rage. But she was forced to engage with the other monkey, so she could not protect her friends.

After killing the small boy, the mutated monkey’s image flashed. It extended its hand out to the other small girl aiming to slash her throat.

As the monkey was just about to slash the little girl’s throat, a gunshot sounded. The skull of the mutated monkey immediately exploded open.

Not far away,Yue Zhong was using his Imitation Tang Sword to slash away at mutated monkeys while paying attention to the surroundings. He was just a step too late when he noticed the mutated monkey break through White Bone’s defensive line.

In the moment that Yue Zhong fired a shot, two mutated monkeys ruthlessly took advantage and clawed Yue Zhong’s body.

The two mutated monkey’s claws only formed two long white scrapes due to the mutated river snake armor’s protection. They were unable to penetrate the mutated river snake’s scale armor.

But like this, the attack of the two monkeys still shook Yue Zhong’s body causing endless pain. Yue Zhong used his sword and slashed off the head of a monkey, and then he used his foot to kick the other monkey, knocking it back seven meters.

Yue Zhong didn’t have time to gasp for air. Another four monkeys were rushing towards him.

Yue Zhong’s mind was steady. He slightly shifted to the side dodging the attacks of two mutated monkeys. Using a sword, he decapitated a mutated monkey, and then he used his Stinger to fire at the heads of two monkeys who were within hand’s reach.

Following the sound of two gunshots, the skulls of those two monkeys exploded open.

Still without time to gasp for air, another four monkeys rushed towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong focused, not looking at all to the sides. He could only concentrate on the current battle.

White Yue Zhong’s spirit concentrated, his speed was brought to its highest level. His image flashed like a ghost among the crows of monkeys. Sword slashes flashed, and it looked like a field of blood flowers began to bloom. Each Monkey’s body was spurting out large amounts of blood.

On the other side, White Bones was waiving his axe and beheading monkeys. His body often shot out sharp bone spikes which pierced through the monkeys. It was like a piece of reef firmly protecting Guo Yu. Any monkey that dared approach the reef was decapitated.

Yao Yao and the other two children also hid behind White Bones at the first moment they could, receiving his protection.

White Bone’s guarded everywhere in front of Guo Yu, receiving the attacks of several mutated monkeys. But White Bones had gone through many stages of strengthening his body, and their attacks were only able to leave traces of white scratches. They were completely unable to snap his bones.

The fierce combat continued for a full 30 minutes. Yue Zhong and White Bones killed 23 monkeys combined. There were corpses scattered all around the small forest, causing an extreme stench.

The remaining five monkeys felt they couldn’t overcome these two enemies, and they immediately turned tail and ran.

Mutated beasts and zombies aren’t the same. They are extremely fierce and violent, and their brutality far exceeds ordinary beasts. But, they also have intelligence. When they meet people who they cannot compare to, they produce fear, and they choose to run.

If it were an S1 or L1 type zombie they would fight to the death, refusing to flee.

Yue Zhong saw the five mutated monkeys flee, and he relaxed a breath. If another wave of mutated monkeys came, he could only carry Guo Yu and frantically flee.

“Congratulations, you leveled up to 23. You’ve attained two stat points.”

Yue Zhong killed fifteen monkeys on his own. He finally leveled up to 23 with the large amount of experience orbs.

As soon as the five monkeys went back up into the trees, a huge explosion landed on the heads of one of the monkeys. The force of the explosion sent the monkey’s head flying off of it’s body.

The remaining four monkeys were startled, and they fled in all directions.

A leaf floated down from the tree, then a massive black figure jumped down.

“Careful! All of you run away!!” His Sense Danger skill continuously reminded him of this enemy’s terror.

The massive black figure standing before Yue Zhong was over 2.2 meters tall. Its whole body was covered in black needle-like hair, and its eyes held a fierce red light. The black ape’s hands were 20cm long with sword-like claws.

“Level 33 mutated fierce ape: It possesses monstrous superhuman strength and agility skill. A mutated beast with fierce sharp claws.”

Yue Zhong could feel the dreadful murderous intent and unmatched power flow out from the mutated beast’s body as he gazed upon it,

The mutated beast coldly looked down upon Yue Zhong’s group as if looking down upon a colony of ants.

Yue Zhong looked at the mutated fierce ape. He raised the Stinger at it and fired two shots.

As Yue Zhong was raising the Stinger, the mutated beast kicked its feet a little, and moved horizontally like a cannon shot. The two Stinger bullets fiercely hit the tree behind its body, exploding it apart.

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