God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 663

“Yes!” Li Guang’s heart shuddered, as he quickly passed the order.

“Leader is here!!”

“Leader Yue Zhong is here!!”

“We’ll definitely win!! We’ll definitely win!!”


Yue Zhong’s arrival soon spread through the entire battlefield, and the soldiers on the frontlines instantly cheered in a resounding roar, and their morale instantly skyrocketed.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Round after round of artillery fire rained down upon those evolved zombies, blasting them into pieces. Zhuo Ya Tong wore a black leather suit and brought a heavy mace that weighed at least a few hundred kgs and was about 3m long, charging to the frontlines with a few Evolvers and began to mash the evolved zombies.

The situation had seemed dire, until Yue Zhong appeared, and the tide suddenly turned. The soldiers were filled with a renewed confidence, a certainty that they would win this battle purely because of Yue Zhong.

“Yue Zhong! This man is really too fearsome!” Hu-er Ran watched as the moment Yue Zhong appeared, and the morale as well as the combat intensity of the soldiers began to skyrocket, as a complicated look appeared in his eyes.

Having won battle after battle, Yue Zhong’s troops were basically convinced that Yue Zhong was a war god, as long as he appeared, victory was sure to be theirs.

When Lian Da Zhong heard the news of Yue Zhong’s arrival, even he heaved a sigh of relief and chuckled, “The leader is here! We’re sure to win!”

Hu-er Ran glanced at him, and back at his own subordinates, and noticed that even his generals and soldiers had relaxed considerably.

Li Guang saw that the situation was stabilizing and asked, “Leader! Why do we have to stand our ground here? If we continue fighting here, we will definitely suffer!”

Yue Zhong’s expression was grave as he replied, “We have discovered that there’re many evolved zombies here. Based on the intelligence and conjecture, those evolved zombies can consume the dead zombies to evolve further. If we fight and retreat, although we can destroy the ordinary zombies, it will result in even more evolved ones. If we retreat all the way, at the end, we might even have to face over a million Type 2 Evolved zombies.”

Li Guang’s face fell and gasped, “What?!”

The terror of the evolved zombies had been etched deep in Li Guang’s mind after the battle today, they were simply on another level.

If they had to deal with a million ordinary zombies, just cement walls and traps were enough to block them, leaving the soldiers to pick them off slowly.

However, just 150,000 of them were enough to charge through a rain of heavy artillery, and smash through the various obstructions and traps, decimating many of the soldiers.

A million evolved zombies were much more terrifying than 4 million ordinary zombies.

150,000 of those Type 2 evolved zombies were enough to give Li Guang a huge headache. If he had to face a million of them, it was sure to be a disaster.

After all, other than the high level Enhancers, none of the ordinary soldiers could take on any Type 2 evolved zombies in close combat.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, no one dared to insist on retreating. That would only give the zombies opportunities to evolve.

Under the joint attacks of the artillery and the special forces led by Zhuo Ya Tong, as well as the support of the various structures, Yue Zhong’s forces forcefully held their positions and defended the place.

As Yue Zhong’s army slowly left, a huge number of zombies were gobbling up the corpses of their fallen comrades, including the flesh of the evolved zombies. Amongst them, there were even a number of Devourers.

At this time, 30 assault helicopters suddenly appeared in the horizon, shooting past the vast sea of zombies and releasing countless napalm bombs.

The moment the incendiary explosives landed on the ground, they exploded and turned into a huge sea of flames, enveloping the zombies.

The flames raged on, incinerating huge numbers of zombies at once. Those ordinary zombies and evolved zombies that were feasting on their comrades’ flesh were burnt to death.

A few hundred Devourers managed to dash away, escaping in various directions. The moment these Devourers were allowed to grow and reach their full potential, they would be terrifying existences at Level 70, which even tanks could not affect.

The speed of the Devourers was shocking, as they weaved in and out of the flames. However, the coverage of the flames was extensive, and even though the Devourers were fast, they were unable to escape in the end.

The skin of the Devourers could withstand the flames, but their brains could not stop frying under the high temperatures. Their slightly burning corpses slumped to the ground.

When the hundreds of the Devourers were killed, the huge-head Mutant zombie hidden dozens of kilometers away seethed in rage.

The Devourers were one of the strongest evolved zombies at this point, and only an L4 could consume the Devourers. However, in terms of speed, the Devourers surpassed the L4s. 400 Devourers were more than enough to eradicate 40,000 L2s, this was how terrifying they could be.

To any zombie horde, any existences below the L3 could be lost. However, Devourers and Type 3 zombies were hard to come by. They were the core of a horde.

The Devourers had been killed by the napalm bombs, causing the huge-head Mutant zombie to be enraged. It closed its eyes and sent out its consciousness.

Within the horde, a number of L4s led 100,000 L2s and 300,000 S2s, together with 500 Devourers as they charged towards the direction of Ning Yue Gorge.

There were over 60 L4s, each of them towering above 4m, and their strength monstrous. They could easily grab a tank like a toy. If they got close, they could even pummel a tank flat. Furthermore, as long as the cannons of the tanks did not hit their heads, they could only injure the L4s slightly, but not kill them.

Seeing the strange movements of the evolved zombies, many soldiers turned pale.

The projectiles of the heavy firearms only bounced of the L4s, and even grenade launchers could do nothing to them.

“Send an artillery strike to blanket the entire area!!”

Yue Zhong watched the approaching elite horde and ordered coldly.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

With his command, the artillery forces went all out to fire multiple volleys at the hundreds of thousands of evolved zombies.

As the artillery fire rained down, many of the evolved zombies were blasted into bits and pieces. Even so, a substantial number of them managed to rush out, and got closer to the camp, with 7 or 8 L4s leading the way.

A creature like the L4 was enough to charge through a bunch of Evolvers, not only was it impervious to most weapons and bullets, its strength was terrifying, and it had the ability to infect. An entire group of hundreds of Enhancers at Level 30 would not be able to do anything to it. A single L4 could decimate an entire infantry battalion.

Li Guang and the other intelligence officers watched the nearing L4s with pale faces. The moment the L4s reached their camp, they would have no choice but to abandon the place.

Their gazes fell upon Yue Zhong, only to discover he was still calm.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly as he ordered, “2nd Special Forces Battalion, go!”

The moment he gave the order, 500 soldiers rushed out with weapons that were about 1.5m long, the muzzles caliber of about 25mm, and the entire body silver in color.

These 500 soldiers adjusted their weapons to face the L4s and began firing.

A number of white beams shot towards the heads of the L4s, easily penetrating their heads, leaving holes of 25mm diameter.

These guns were the latest products of research under Yue Zhong’s scientists, the ultra high-tech laser guns. With these weapons, the thick armor of the L4s were basically ineffective.

The 500 soldiers had gone through Job Change and were at least Level 30, possessing the Marksmanship skill and enhancing them. They could aim accurately and fire at the heads of the L4s.

As one L4 was fired by those beams, its brain was fried instantly, and it slumped to the ground.

The rest of the L4s suffered similar fates, before even reaching the camp, their heads were pierced by the laser guns and they died.

“Long live!! Long live Leader!!”

“Long live!! Long live Leader Yue Zhong!!”


Seeing the heads of the L4s pierced through and their corpses slumping to the ground, the entire battlefield erupted in cheers, as the morale reached an all-time high.

Hu-er Ran saw the weapons, his eyes flashing with shock and fear, “Those are laser weapons!! Another form of hi-tech equipment! He could actually produce those?! Truly fearsome!!”

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