God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 664

Should he try to rebel, he would have to face 500 of these weapons. He might have the means to resist bullets, but against laser weapons, there was nothing he could do.

With the technology in Yue Zhong’s hands, many experts did not dare harbor any more strange thoughts.

Li Guang watched the L4s die and spoke excitedly to Yue Zhong, “Leader!! This is a laser gun!! We hope that the 1st Regiment can get these!!”

If the entire 1st Regiment could get these weapons, their might would increase greatly. Many Mutant Beasts and high level zombies were not afraid of bullets, causing major headaches for the soldiers. If they had these weapons, they could take care of these problems, and ordinary soldiers could also kill evolved zombies.

“The entire regiment? You think these are cabbages?” Yue Zhong chuckled and rebuked him in amusement, “These are the latest developments over at Guang Xi. After all their efforts, they only managed to produce 500 of them. Based on the current manufacturing rate, there’s only about 300 each month. Asking for 10,000 right away, you think the rest of the forces aren’t asking the same? If it wasn’t for the seriousness of the situation, I would not have deployed them here.”

The laser gun had been something Yue Zhong insisted on researching. The many Japan researchers and people who went through the scientist Job Change had been thrown into the research, this was how he managed to produce them.

However, even after the success of the research, he still lacked the necessary equipment and resources. That was why they had only managed to produce 500 laser guns. Furthermore, the usage in this dire situation displayed their effectiveness.

Li Guang had a fawning expression, “Like this! Leader, why don’t you leave these 500 with us first. Isn’t your next target the capital? As long as we have these 500 laser guns, we can utilize it to reach there faster.”

If those 500 laser guns were left with them, they could use them against the L4s. Even Mutant Beasts with powerful defences would no longer be an issue.

Yue Zhong laughed mildly, “I’ll consider it. We’ll have to see the performance of every unit this time.”

Li Guang crossed his hands over his chest, “Leader, rest assured, our 1st Regiment will definitely contribute the most.”

Yue Zhong replied with a grin, before turning around to observe the situation.

On the ground, there were artillery fire and the attacks from the assault rifles enveloping the evolved zombies, killing them before they even got close to the defense line.

The tank-like L4s suffered the worst, the laser beams penetrating their heads causing them to slump dead.

The laser guns were concentrated on the L4s, leaving the rest of the evolved zombies open to the cannons and artillery fire, as well as the elite forces led by Zhuo Ya Tong.

The zombies that could actually get through the flames and bombs weren’t many, and were easily taken out by Zhuo Ya Tong and her subordinates.

The intense battle continued for over 2 hours, before the horde started to retreat under the command of the huge-head Mutant zombie.

“Not good! This zombie has a strong learning capability.” Yue Zhong watched the retreating horde and frowned.

If it was in the past, the zombies would definitely not retreat.

However, they had somehow retreated after realizing they could not penetrate Yue Zhong’s defense lines, causing him to be solemn. The commander behind this horde was getting smarter, and seemed to be capable of human-like intelligence.

The smarter the zombie commander, the more dangerous it was for humanity. Yue hong could easily destroy and defeat million-strong hordes was because they were too stupid, and the Z2s were usually cowardly and foolish as well. The Z2s only had a certain degree of intelligence, and could just command a large horde. However, this time round, the commander was obviously much more capable than the Z2s.

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, the 30 assault helicopters flew over the horde, dropping napalm bombs everywhere.

The flames quickly spread out and enveloped large patches of the horde, incinerating many of the ordinary and some evolved zombies.

“What a pity! If only I had more heavy fire, these zombies would just be an appetizer.” Yue Zhong watched the burning sea of flames, and thought silently.

The hidden mutant zombie eyed the 30 assault helicopters coldly, and burrowed into the L4’s chest.

Soon after, the 2,200,000-strong horde began to retreat towards Ba Yan City.

“Long live!! Long live!!”


Seeing the huge horde retreating, the soldiers all burst out in cheers

The 3 million zombies had given them a pressure they never felt before. The moment the zombies left, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

Hu-er Ran saw the remaining 2.2m zombies leaving, his eyes brightening, “3rd Brigade, chase!!”

Soon, Hu-er Ran led the 3,000 riders of the 3rd Brigade and chased after the retreating zombies, firing at them.

Li Guang watched Hu-er Ran charging out and his brows furrowed, bellowing in anger, “Hu-er Ran that guy really acts fast!! 3rd Platoon, move out!! Don’t let those asses from the 3rd Brigade get one over us!”

A thousand-strong motorcycle riders swiftly moved out towards the zombies.

Just as Hu-er Ran and his men were hunting the zombies, all of a sudden, the horde split, and 50 Devourers, 100 S4s, 1,000 S3s and 10,000 S2s charged out. This speedy unit suddenly pounced towards Hu-er Ran’s 3rd Brigade.

“Not good!! Retreat!! Retreat!! Hu-er Ran watched as the zombies charged out, his expression falling and he quickly roared.

The 3,000 riders were also elites of the Central Plains, and quickly urged their horses back.

The 100 S4s exploded out with a terrifying speed, many times faster than even the fastest sports car, and they quickly chased up to the 3,000 riders, pulling some of them down, and ripping their throats, before tearing into them.

Soon, over dozens of them had been pulled down from their mounts.

The speed of the S4s was terrifying, and unless they were high level Evolvers, the moment they were caught, they would be ripped apart.

“Beast!! Fucking beast!!” Hu-er Ran immediately caused his body to be covered with his signature blood Dou Qi, and he waved his silver curved blade, slashing the S4s that got close to him into 2. As a peak expert, those S4s still couldn’t do much to him.

As he was killing those S4s, the 1,000 S3s and 50 Devourers managed to catch up. Their speed might not be able to match the S4s, but their speed and strength was higher than the Black Scaled Stallions, catching up only in moments.

One of the Devourers leaped atop a rider, opening its huge mouth to bite the rider, tearing his heart out, before absorbing his blood essence.

Another Devourer opened its jaws to spit out a gas of poison, which instantly corroded 6 riders, causing them to fall off their mounts. The black gas covered their bodies, and their flesh started to emit a rotting stench.

One S3 charged right at a rider, pulling him off his mount and tearing into him.

Faced with this sudden assault, the riders of the 3rd Brigade could not help but scream in fear, as they were taken down one by one.

Yue Zhong watched this horror unfold, his expression unsightly, “Fuck!! When did the zombies become so cunning?! They actually know how to utilize their elites to trap our soldiers!!”

Hu-er Ran watched in despair, “It’s over! Is our 3rd Brigade going to fall here?”

At this time, the unit of evolved zombies showcased their terrifying nature, surrounding the 3rd Brigade and tearing into the soldiers. If no support came, the entire 3rd Brigade was sure to fall.

Hu-er Ran was clear about Yue Zhong’s wariness and caution against him. He had taken the risk to chase after the zombies, and if Yue Zhong did not save him, it wasn’t anything unexpected. Hu-er Ran thought about it, if he was in Yue Zhong’s position, he would also let Yue Zhong die. After all, his position amongst the Mongolian riders was too high, exceeding that of Yue Zhong. As long as Hu-er Ran was not dead, many of the Mongolian riders would not be truly loyal to Yue Zhong.

At this time, the sounds of intense machine gun fire came from the skies, raining upon the zombies. There were some cannon rounds as well that blasted the Devourers into pieces.

With the support of the assault helicopters, Hu-er Ran led the remaining 2,100 riders out of their encirclement and fled from the evolved zombies.

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