God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 665

Seeing this, the rest of the troops that had intended to chase were filled with alarm, and did not dare to chase too close. Lie Ming Yi also recalled his troops slightly, following the motorcycle unit of the 1st Regiment. With the support of the assault helicopters, they slowly chipped away at the huge zombie horde.

The Devourers and S4s were considered a precious fighting force amongst the zombies as well, and after that retaliation, they didn’t make any more strange movements, allowing Lie Ming Yi’s forces to kill the ordinary zombies at the outskirts.

As the soldiers chased, all of a sudden, a force consisting of 20,000 L2s and S2s charged out, while the rest of the horde separated into 4 parts as they made for Lie Ming Yi’s forces.

With this sudden movement, Lie Ming Yi and his men felt the pressure, and had no choice but to retreat, while sending troops to take the evolved zombies out. If they did not clear these zombies, their path of retreat would be cut off, and they would suffer on both sides.

The force comprising of the evolved zombies was strong, with their numbers, Lie Ming Yi and his soldiers were outmatched and at a disadvantage. If they were not careful, they could be wiped out.

Without any base, fortifications, traps or the support of other weapons, 50,000 evolved zombies were more than enough to wipe out the forces Yue Zhong had established out here in the Central Plains. After all, humans could not stand against evolved zombies.

“The zombie commander is really learning!” Yue Zhong watched the tactics of the evolved zombies, and his brows furrowed.

Yue Zhong had experience facing the Z1s and Z2s. They could at most just gather the scattered zombies, and would only command them to use their numbers to overwhelm a target. There were no strategies or tactics involved. A horde of this size was already terrifying, once they learnt to utilize war tactics, the threat level would heightened.

The moment the zombie horde split into 4, it was difficult to eradicate them completely. Lie Ming Yi led the 2nd Brigade towards the backup sent by the 1st Regiment, with 20 tanks taking the lead, as they fought against the 20,000 evolved zombies for over 4 hours. They suffered 20 casualties before fulling wiping them out.

After Lie Ming Yi and his forces wiped out the 20,000 evolved zombies, the sky was turning dark, and the soldiers had no way of chasing after the zombie horde.

At night, the fighting capabilities of humans would suffer, while the zombies were not affected.

The retreat caused the soldiers to relax, and there were sounds of joy and cheers everywhere. They might not have wiped out the 4 million zombies, but after close to a month’s of battle, they had already wiped out close to 2 million of them, and this caused them to feel a sense of pride and achievement.

Hu-er Ran came up to Yue Zhong, with a complicated look, and said, “Many thanks Leader!!”

In the battle earlier, had Yue Zhong not sent timely help, even if Hu-er ran had managed to escape from the zombies with his strength, his 3rd Brigade would have been lost entirely.

Yue Zhong eyed him and replied mildly, “There’s no need to thank me! Since you’re my subordinate, and fought for me on the battlefield, I would not abandon you. However, if you were to harbor any thoughts you shouldn’t, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Hu-er Ran, having been the leader of the entire Mongolian Empire, was definitely an ambitious man. His capabilities were definitely outstanding, and amongst Yue Zhong’s subordinates, no one could possibly control a huge force the way Hu-er Ran did with the Mongol riders. Since Yue Zhong wanted to quickly extend his power, he had to fight the zombies with Hu-er Ran’s help.

Hu-er Ran replied with a bitter smile, “Yes! Hu-er Ran will bear Leader’s words in mind!”

The huge horde retreated, gathering together before heading towards Bao Xi City.

Yue Zhong deployed his 1st Regiment which had the tanks, Lie Ming Yi’s 2nd Brigade, and Hu-er Ran’s 3rd Brigade as they chased after the horde.

The 30 assault helicopters continued to rain napalm bombs down on the zombies, incinerating large patches of zombies.

Due to the lack of artillery fire, Lie Ming Yi and the rest had to be wary of the potential sudden attacks of the evolved zombies. They continued their guarded assault, and only managed to kill another 400,000 zombies.

The horde retreated to Bao Xi City and did not stop, instead continuing towards the north.

After the continuous assault and chase, the fuel and ammunition spent by Yue Zhong’s forces had started to accumulate. The factories continued to churn out ammunition, but under such circumstances, Yue Zhong could only call for a halt.

Zhuo Ya Tong came up to Yue Zhong, dressed in her tight military suit, as she reported, “Ba Yan City is under our control now, we have lost 120 soldiers of the Scum Battalion, 6 from 1st Regiment, 7 from the 2nd Brigade, 13 from the 3rd Brigade. The guns we found in Ba Yan City number…”

The moment the zombies left Ba Yan City, Yue Zhong quickly led his troops to take over the city, and clean out the remaining zombies.

Most of the zombies had been commanded to leave by the Mutant zombie, however, a few were still trapped within the various structures. Cleaning up was a dangerous job, and from time to time, there would be a few casualties.

Zhuo Ya Tong carried a piece of document and eyed Yue Zhong, “Currently, based on the reports, Bao Xi City is already under our control, and we should be able to clean it up fully within a week.”

Yue Zhong closed his eyes, and heaved a sigh of relief. Ba Yan City and Bao Xi City were two large cities on the Central Plains, and there were many large-type factories within them. As long as they were within his control, with adequate manpower, he could begin manufacturing his ammunition.

The Mutant zombie might have developed human-like intelligence, but it still did not fully understand the importance of a city to humankind.

Ba Yan and Bao Xi landed up in Yue Zhong’s hands, and in only a short period of time, he could turn them to boost his military forces, and churn out ammunition. With enough ammunition, he could deal with large hordes.

This time, the fact that he could deal with 2 million zombies, other than his subordinates, the main reason was that he had the ammunition to back his forces. Without the ammunition and fuel, the tanks, and helicopters were just useless metal. After this single battle, his expenditure had been massive.

Especially the fuel, it had almost wiped out all that he had gained from Ulan Mountain Range. He had no way of continuing the chase, and could only watch as the horde continued north.

Yue Zhong knew that letting them go was going to be a huge disaster, but he had no means of wiping them out entirely in the short future.

Almost a year had gone past since the world had changed, and although Yue Zhong had regain Ba Yan and Bao Xi, there was no notification of any levels gained. This was because the time limit for the mission he had accepted was over, and the conquering of cities was no longer on the mission board of the God and Devil System. Only the reclamation of the capital still had some incentives.

Yue Zhong knew that with just a little more time, his forces would become stronger. He opened his eyes and looked at Zhuo Ya Tong.

Her tight attire accentuated her mature curves fully, looking extremely attractive.

Zhuo Ya Tong could feel the heated gaze of Yue Zhong on herself, and her face flushed slightly, as a sense of confidence arose in her heart. There was a slight sexual tension in the room.

At this moment, an officer came to the door and knocked, disrupting the atmosphere, “Reporting!!”

Yue Zhong eyed the officer and replied solemnly, “Come in!”

“What is it?”

The soldier replied solemnly, “Leader! Our unmanned drones have discovered 30,000 soldiers making their way towards us from Mongolia.”

Yue Zhong’s face fell as he stood up abruptly, “Hu-er Ran has rebelled?!”

Hu-er Ran’s position amongst the Mongols was important, if he chose to rebel now, Yue Zhong would be forced to wipe them out. The 3rd Brigade were all decent elite soldiers, and Yue Zhong could not bear to kill them.

The officer quickly explained, “No!! Leader! It’s not Hu-er Ran. It’s the Mongol Empire from the outer parts of Mongolia.”

Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, and swiftly make his way to his command center.



The moment Yue Zhong entered the command center, the officers quickly saluted.

Yue Zhong looked towards the display, and noticed the 30,000-strong troops on top of their mounts galloping towards Ba Yan City.

These soldiers led plenty of their livestock, as well as their horses. They were accompanied by tanks and armored vehicles, while a few Eurocopters and some Russian MI24 assault helicopters accompanied them in the skies,

“Kingdom of God!! Damn bastards!” Yue Zhong took a look at the images taken by the unmanned drones, and his eyes flashed coldly, his fists clenched tightly, as a tinge of fury arose in his heart.

Before the apocalypse, the strength of the outer parts of Mongolia wasn’t strong, and their military was definitely incomparable with the rest of the country. However, they suddenly had over a hundred assault helicopters, it was evident someone had supported them. The only power that could do that was the Kingdom of God.

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