God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 666

The Outer Mongolia had deployed 30,000 soldiers to attack Yue Zhong, they had obviously received support from the Kingdom of God. Not only were their troops stacked, they had the backup of helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles. This was an enemy not to be underestimated.

Yue Zhong could defeat Hu-er Ran, was because the 30 assault helicopters in his arsenal played a huge role. Without them, he could not have done so easily.

Yue Zhong replied, “I shall lead the troops personally to wipe them out!”

This battle would decide the master of the Central Plains, should Yue Zhong lose, then the authority would fall to the Outer Mongolia, and he was not willing to let them happen.

Out on the Central Plains, the 30,000 troop was currently charging forth.

Within the troops, there were 6 armored vehicles that was dragging along a converted caravan, that was 20m long, 20m wide and 6m tall, with 6 wheels underneath.

Such a luxurious converted caravan had no market in the past, because the roads could not possibly accommodate such measurements. However, on the Central Plains, it was possible to utilize it.

Inside the caravan, the interior design was lavish, and the floor was covered with expensive Persian rugs, while beautiful paintings hung all around. Even the roof had a crystal chandelier.

A blond-haired, blue-eyed man with extremely good looks sipped red wine while sitting on a sofa, beside him, 2 beautiful women with only a silk cloth covering them sat while massaging his legs. Another 2 were helping him knead his shoulders. One busty babe kneeled in front of him while feeding him fruits carefully.

This man was enjoying himself as though he was the ruler of a nation, indulging in the services of the 5 ladies as well as their mesmerizing smiles.

He eyed a beautiful lady sitting opposite him, who was dressed in tight leather clothes, her hair tied up in a single ponytail, and her figure not losing out to any of the beauties present. Her exquisite features were radiating out a cold that seemed to freeze anyone who got too close. He spoke, “Lina! Relax a little. It’s hard to get a break like this, why don’t you just enjoy the scenery?”

Lina glanced at Harriman coldly, “Harriman, our mission is to eradicate Yue Zhong, and destroy his factions out here. If you fool around so much that you let him go, the Elders will not let you off!”

This handsome man and incredibly sexy woman with a sword-like aura were the strongest Apostles of the Kingdom of God, Harriman and Lina.

Besides them, there were 4 other people by their sides each, a total of 6 men and 2 women. They were the Divine Envoys brought along by the 2 of them.

Harriman chuckled and poured the wine in his hand over the beauty beside him, “The Elder Council? How would they question an Apostle over a small matter like this. Furthermore, Yue Zhong is just some yellow-skinned monkey that got lucky. Any Apostle can take him down without trouble. The Elder Council actually sent 2 Apostles, they’re surely overestimating this monkey.”

As the wine in the glass poured over the beauty, the rest of the ladies began to lick it off her.

This was something that Harriman loved to see, he liked to watch these beauties behaving like dogs. Although he might smile with extreme warmth, he could likewise flip and slap a woman to death.

When the apocalypse happened, Harriman had not yet awakened as an Evolver, he was betrayed by his pretty girlfriend for a piece of bread. He almost died at the jaws of a zombie. Ever since then, he loved to torture pretty women, treating them like dogs.

Lina frowned when she watched him, after all, she was a woman. Seeing him step on and humiliate those women, she was extremely unhappy. Furthermore, she could detect his wild gaze roaming all over her at times, as though he wanted to do the same to her.

In truth, if it wasn’t for her strength, and her worth, she would have long since become a plaything for the upper echelons of the Kingdom of God as well.

One of the Divine Envoys, who was black, looked at Lina, his eyes filled with lust, “Esteemed Apostle, we have satellites, Yue Zhong’s every move would not be able to escape our sight. Whatever they might be planning, they won’t be able to escape what’s coming for them. This battle, since we have already made the decision to wipe them out, they’ve no way of running. His best option is to disassemble his troops, and head for the mountain ranges.”

In modern warfare, intelligence was vital. With the satellites in their control, the Kingdom of God could easily spy on any part of the world. Regardless of where Yue Zhong wanted to attack, it would all be laid bare by the satellites.

Furthermore, the 30,000 Mongolians were stacked with the help of the Kingdom of God, and thus, they were filled with confidence.

Even Lina did not truly believe that they would lose, she was just seeking an excuse to admonish Harriman.

Harriman watched the 5 beauties struggle to lick the wine and he laughed, before taking a syringe from a box beside him and injected himself.

“Let’s go!!” Lina looked at the syringe and her face changed, quickly leaving.

What Harriman had injected himself with was poison. After he had become an Apostle, he had already enjoyed all there was to enjoy on the face of Earth. Thus, in his void, he had chosen to use poison to get his high. He would become a sick pervert when he injected himself, becoming uncontrollable. Lina did not want to converse with him any longer when he was in that condition.

Lina led her 4 Divine Envoys and left the room, going to their own places.

Soon after, there was the sound of clothes ripping and the moans of the women from Harriman’s room.

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