God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 667

Yue Zhong knew about the satellites of the Kingdom of God since a long time ago. Whatever actions he took, he knew it was hard to hide from the satellites.

However, the movement of any Mutant life forms in the night was able to evade the satellites. Furthermore, the 1,000 elite soldiers had spread out and gathered at this location from different locations under Yue Zhong’s orders.

If it were a large army, there was no way he could have avoided the satellites. However, if he didn’t use any tanks, armored vehicles or assault helicopters, it was still possible to proceed.

Right now, the sky had turned dark due to night, and a shadow appeared suddenly, revealing herself to Yue Zhong. It was precisely the beautiful but emotionless Tenpyo Saka.

She spoke coldly, “There’re no problems!”

Tenpyo Saka specialized in assassination, and was a top-notch recon soldier in the night. After the enhancement from the God and Devil System, she had gained plenty of skills and techniques, becoming one of the top 10 recon soldiers in Yue Zhong’s troops.

“Do it!” Yue Zhong glanced at Bi Lǜ, as he ordered.

She closed her eyes, and a spiritual wave radiated out, before she opened them and pointed to the camp of the Outer Mongolians.

The 3,000 treants surged forwards silently, making their way towards the Mongolian camp.

Yue Zhong himself led the 1,000 elites and launched a sudden attack.

If it were a frontal assault, Yue Zhong was not confident that he could win the numerous tanks and assault helicopters prepared by the Kingdom of God. He only had a chance with a night raid.

The 10 Type 3 Treants were like a gust of wind that swiftly entered the camp and swiped their claws, beheading numerous Mongolian soldiers.

8 high-level Treants tore apart the defense line of the camp.

A large number of treants as well as the 1,000 elites immediately charged right into the camp and started slaughtering any living things they saw.

The sounds of gunshots rang out throughout the camp, and the entire place was thrown into chaos. Many soldiers rushed out from their camps, their expressions full of fear as they ran around like headless flies.

The Outer Mongolia had been peaceful for a long period of time, and the soldiers were mostly ordinary citizens. After the apocalypse, due to the sparse population over a wide spread of space, many of them had survived. They were unlike the soldiers under Yue Zhong, who had to fight many battles to survive, accumulating experience. Furthermore, a night raid was hard to prepare against, and it was easy for the victims to panic. With such a charge, most of them immediately fled.

The scattered troops ran in all directions, leaving behind their armor and weapons.

“Night raid!!! Come with me!!” As the strongest among the Kingdom of God elites, Lina immediately reacted the moment she heard the screams. With a single punch, she blasted the wall of the caravan, and leaped out, leading her 4 Divine Envoys out.

The moment she leaped out, she saw Yue Zhong with a cold look, aiming a RPG at the caravan. There were 10 other soldiers also hoisting RPGs on their shoulders. On top of that, 40 other soldiers with laser guns were aiming at them. A deadly sense of crisis arose in Lina’s heart.

“Kill them!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he pulled the trigger.

With a flash, 10 rockets blasted towards the caravan.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

With a loud explosion, the caravan was instantly blasted into pieces, while Lina and her 4 Divine Envoys were enveloped by the debris and dust.

As the rockets exploded, multiple laser beams fired out, ensuring that everything within was blasted to death.

Although Yue Zhong did not know Lina’s identity, he was sure that the luxurious caravan was the residence of someone of important. The first thing he did was to ensure that no one inside could survive.

“Get down!!” Just as he was about to leave, a chill came over his heart, and an incredible sense of danger rang in his mind. He roared and got down on the ground.

His words had just rang out when 4 large wind blades swept out from the cloud of dust, slicing 4 of the soldiers, piercing through their Type 2 Mutant Beast hide, and slicing their bodies in half.

Witnessing this, the rest of the soldiers immediately got down.

“It hurts!! It hurts!! Who is it?! Who dares to attack me! I will kill him!! I will slaughter him!!” From the dust, an enraged voice resounded out, as a figure stepped out. His head had a pair of horns, his entire body was covered in black scales, his face etched with demonic runes, and a pair of demonic wings spread out from his back. His entire frame was covered with injuries, while his bloodshot eyes swivelled around.

This demonic-like figure was Harriman, he was a Strength, Agility, Spirit and Vitality quadruple-attribute Evolver, and had the powerful Second Order ability Demon Transformation. With this skill, he had always enhanced it, reaching its Level 3 potential after spending much resources and his valuable skill points. With another 3 more skill points as well as the Third Order Skill Book, he could immediately push it to the next realm.

Activating this skill allowed Harriman to reach terrifying speeds, even faster than Lightning. In a breath, he had reached the frontlines, slashing out with his hands casually, and ripping the heads of 3 Strength-based Evolvers by Yue Zhong’s side. These Evolvers were Level 43 and above, yet they could not even put up resistance. This was the true terror of the Apostles in the Kingdom of God.

On the other side, a huge gust of wind blew out from the debris, as Lina stood up, her eyes flashing with murderous rage. The hurricane behind her blew forth towards Yue Zhong, as her hands waved and sent 2 wind blades out, instantly slaughtering 2 other soldiers wielding the laser guns.

Yue Zhong’s sudden attack had instantly decimated the 8 Divine Envoys before they could even do anything, leaving behind only Lina and Harriman.

If it weren’t for their terrifying strength, they would have also perished under the joint attacks of the RPGs and laser guns.

“Yue Zhong! Is that you? Very good! Die for me!!” Harriman roared out as he crushed the heads of 2 soldiers, pulling their entire spine out, before laughing cruelly at Yue Zhong. He flapped his wings, and charged right for Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s gaze turned cold, as he activated his Shadow Steps and Bone Encompassing Armor. With a flip of his hands, the Flaming Blade made from the claw of the Type 4 Flaming Bird appeared in his hands.

It was the sharpest weapon Yue Zhong had in his arsenal, even the Level 5 weapons he had enhanced could not match it. The only weak point was that there’s no way the weapon could absorb the experience gained from killing Mutant Beasts.

As Harriman was about to reach Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed, and he activated his Gravity Manipulation, enveloping Harriman.

Harriman’s body sunk slightly, as though he wasn’t affected at all, and he reached out with his claws towards Yue Zhong’s head, “Gravity skills? Just 2 times?! WEAK! If you want to give me some problems, it has to be at least 10 times! Fool, you can die because of your foolishness!”

After transforming into a Second Order Demon, Harriman possessed terrifying strength, his claws could rip through the hull of a tank. As long as his claws connected, even White Bones’ bone carapace would crumble.

Harriman grabbed forcefully, and Yue Zhong’s head dissipated into nothing.

“Shadow clone?” Harriman’s heart jolted in shock and he retreated backwards.

A sharp blade brushed past his chest, tearing a bloody wound. Had he been slightly slower, his entire upper body would have been sliced apart.

He retreated some meters, when suddenly, dozens of laser beams fired at him. He flashed from his position, and the laser beams shot past his original location, creating holes in the ground.

When he reappeared, there were a few more light wounds on his body, as well as a 25mm bullet hole in his right wing. Even his demonic body had no way of defending against laser beams.

“Great! Great! Yue Zhong, you’re truly someone who has gotten close to the Apostle’s strength. You even have such powerful subordinates. Seems like I need to exert more strength to kill you. Let me kill all your subordinates first, then I’ll deal with you!! Today will be the day you die!! I will capture your women, and turn them all into bitches!! Haha!! HAHA!!” Harriman’s eyes turn red, as he laughed out manically. With a single step, he managed to leap over dozens of meters. He reached out with his right hand and instantly tore the head as well as the spine of a Level 40 Strength-based Evolver. It was a horrifying sight.

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