God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 668

Yue Zhong pointed at Harriman and bellowed, “Yin Shuang!! Kill him!!”

Yue Zhong’s strength was tyrannical, but his speed could not compare to a quadruple-attribute Evolver with a Second Order Demon Transformation. If Harriman attacked him, he could still endure and take on the blows, but he had no way of preventing him from killing his subordinates.

“Yes! Father!! Yin Shuang will go kill him now!” Yin Shuang smiled brightly at Yue Zhong, before shooting forward with the speed of sound, aiming for Harriman.

In just a short breath, Yin Shuang had appeared in front of him, her eyes radiating with a cold and cruel killing intent. Her pale little fists exploded towards his brain. Harriman’s preferred method of killing was to grab the head and pull out the entire spine of his victims, while Yin Shuang caused her opponents’ heads to explode with her strength.

Harriman looked at Yin Shuang with a hint of excitement as he grabbed out with his massive claws, “Haha!! What an outstanding little girl!! Good!! Good!! This trip to China was worth it!! After I capture you, I will train you properly!!”

Harriman’s claws could tear apart even a tank, he would obviously not fear the fists of a little girl, even if she was an Evolver.

Yin Shuang’s little fists brought about a terrifying whistle as it shot through the air and landed on Harriman’s claws. With a loud blast, Harriman’s entire right arm was blasted apart, along with his entire shoulder.

Harriman himself was sent soaring through the air for about 70 and 80 meters as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

As he got up, he spat out more blood and stared at Yin Shuang in shock, “How?! My defense in this form is absolutely invulnerable. Even heavy caliber bullets can do nothing to me!! How could I have been injured by a little girl?!”

After transforming into a Second Order Demon, Harriman’s strength was at least 5th amongst the Apostles. Even the 1st ranked Apostle could not blast his arm apart with a single blow.

Yin Shuang’s feet dug into the ground after sending Harriman flying, then shooting right for him immediately, her little fists flying towards his head.

Harriman no longer dared to face her, and flapped his demonic wings and flew into the sky. In his transformed state, he could fly for a short while.

Yin Shuang continued to chase after him, leaping up into the sky with the speed of a cannonball, appearing in front of him, and her eyes flashed with a cold light as she brought her fists towards him again.

“Dark Dou Qi!!” Harriman’s eyes flashed in response, as a dark energy surged out of him, covering his entire left arm, blocking in front of him.

Yin Shuang’s fist blasted the Dark Dou Qi that enveloped Harriman’s left arm, and he was sent flying once more, spewing out blood.

However, under the enhancement and protection of the Dark Dou Qi, Harriman’s left shoulder was not destroyed by Yin Shuang’s strength.

“I’ll kill you! Then Father will reward me! You can die!” Yin Shuang continued to smile sweetly, yet evilly at the same time, as though she was a raptor eyeing her prey.

“Yin Shuang is truly formidable!” Yue Zhong watched how Yin Shuang was dominating one of the powerful Apostles, and his eyes flashed with a complicated gleam. He then turned around and discovered the other Apostle, Lina, currently slaughtering his subordinates.

Lina was an Apostle that controlled the wind, and she was also a quadruple-attribute Evolver with Stamina, Spirit, Agility, and Vitality as her stats. She wore a set of equipment that was all based on the wind, and her combat strength was on another level. In the time that she lifted her hands, she could fire multiple wind blades of various sizes that sliced up the soldiers.

When Yue Zhong was engaging Harriman, Lina had already killed 7 Evolvers who were Level 40 and above.

“Go to hell!!” Just as Lina was about to continue killing, Hu-er Ran bellowed, his entire body covered with his Blood Dou Qi, as he slashed towards her.

“Seeking death!” Lina’s eyes flashed with a cold light, as she retreated slightly, pointing at Hu-er Ran and sending multiple invisible wind blades towards him.

Although Hu-er Ran could not see the wind blades, his experience was abundant, and he could discern the directions they were flying from. He broke through the onslaught and charged towards Lina like an enraged lion.

Lina continued to send out wind blades at him, and the sheer numbers managed to slice and injure Hu-er Ran in many places.

As one of the Apostles, her control over the wind blades was exceptional. Even Type 3 Mutant Beasts would have difficulty preventing her from slicing through their hide.

Hu-er Ran’s eyes flashed with a vicious light as he bore through the wind blades, charging right for Lina, and activated his ability Giant Cleave together with his Blood Dou Qi, slashing at Lina.

As the Mongol King in the past, Hu-er Ran was also a peak level Evolver, and his combat experience was not lacking. While he might not reach the power of an Apostle, he was not to be underestimated.

Lina watched the incoming blade, her face finally showing an expression of shock. With a flash, a white shield materialized and blocked in front of her.

Hu-er Ran’s earthshaking strike slammed into the white shield, and with a loud shatter, the white shield broke apart, not impeding the cleave of the blade in the slightest.

However, the shield brought a sliver of time, enough for Lina to conjure a gust of wind, sending her body soaring up in the air. She flew above Hu-er Ran and made to claw at his head with her blades.

As long as she activated her skill, countless wind blades would turn Hu-er Ran into meat paste, that was the difference between Hu-er Ran and an Apostle.

Just as she was about to activated her skill, her face fell and conjured her wind to bring her higher.

At the next instant, a laser shot past her original location. Had she continued to use her ability to kill Hu-er Ran, she would be blasted in two herself.

Hu-er Ran heaved a sigh of relief, and retreated a few steps, staring at Yue Zhong with a complicated gaze as he said, “Thank you!!”

Yue Zhong had saved his life again. Had he not acted, Hu-er Ran would have been dismembered.

Every single Apostle had a lot of resources at their disposal and went through countless battles. Even Yue Zhong did not possess the confidence to win every single one of them.

“Let’s work together to kill her!” Yue Zhong barked out as he aimed his laser gun again to fire at Lina.

On the other side, the rest of the soldiers continued to fire their own laser guns, and many beams rained upon her.

Lina’s eyes flashed, and she pointed, causing a tornado to appear out of nowhere, blowing towards the rest of the soldiers.

Under that intense gusts, most of the soldiers could not open their eyes.

Yue Zhong fired the laser gun in his hands continually, but she dodged them easily.

After evading 3 shots, she looked at Yue Zhong coldly, and pointed, sending her signature wind blades at him.

A moment of danger arose in his heart, and he activated his Shadow Steps, before he rolled to the ground, and sought cover.

Those dense wind blades tore into Yue Zhong’s original location, causing many scars on the ground

Under Lina’s skillful control, the blades seemed to have their own lives as they chased after Yue Zhong.


Just as Yue Zhong was about to be sent fleeing by Lina, the clear sound of a gunshot sounded from afar, as a bullet made straight for Lina’s head.

The bright bullet that was enhanced blew through the countless wind protected and shot for in between her eyebrows.

Just as she was about to have her head explode, the treasure Bronze Necklace of Protection flashed with a profound light, enveloping here.

The bullet landed on that green shield and blasted apart the huge green shield.

A gust of wind blew past, and the smoke was blown away, revealing Lina whose hair had been split apart, her face bearing 2 new scars and her clothes in shambles.

From afar, the number one sniper Bai He under Yue Zhong’s forces eyed Lina coldly from atop a tree in the distance, leaping down as he moved towards another location.

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