God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 669

The fact that she could kill 8 high-level Evolvers while under the joint attacks of Yue Zhong, Hu-er Ran and the rest of the 60 Evolvers proved that she was strong with no doubt.

If there was no Yue Zhong, Hu-er Ran or Bai He, Lina could definitely slaughter the rest of the 60 Evolvers.

After she blocked that terrifying sniper shot, with a flash of her body, she disappeared from her original location.

A few laser beams shot past Lina’s shadow.

Other than Bai He, there were a few other top snipers amongst Yue Zhong’s subordinates. It was just that they didn’t possess the uncanny skills and abilities of Bai He. Compared to him, they were not as good, and because of that, they didn’t manage to hit Lina.

Yue Zhong watched Lina disappear, his eyes flashing with a vicious glint. He immediately channeled his Dark Dou Qi, and the dark layer of energy started to envelop his body, and he disappeared from his location as well.

At the next instant, Yue Zhong had already leaped into the air, appearing beside Lina, and sending a powerful, oppressive fist right at her.

“Seeking death!” Lina noticed that Yue Zhong had appeared and her eyes also flashed with a fierce glint. Her fair hands pointed at Yue Zhong, and multiple wind blades shot at him.

“Die for me!” As numerous wind blades blasted Yue Zhong’s body, it caused his Bone Carapace to be chipped away. Many black bone chips were shattered, however, under the protection of his twice enhanced Dark Dou Qi, his defense was still pretty tough. It withstood the multitude of wind blades, and he charged right at her, sending a fierce fist at her face.

As she was about to be blasted right in the face, Lina flipped her hands, and a white shield appeared again to block in front of her.

“Break for me!!” Yue Zhong yelled out in anger, and his right fist was enveloped by his powerful Devil Flame, slamming into the white shield.

The terrifying Second Order Devil Flame burst out, causing the white shield to shatter. At the moment of its destruction, Yue Zhong sent a sharp bone spike out from his fist right at Lina. As long as it penetrated her face, he could instantly kill this Apostle from the Kingdom of God.

Lina had never expected Yue Zhong’s attacks to be so insidious. Her face flashed with a trace of shock, and at this critical juncture, she burst forth with her terrifying strength as an Apostle. With a thought, a gust of wind slapped into the bone spike, sending it off target.

The spike was broken with that powerful gust of wind, and it brushed past her face, giving her skin a deep gash as fresh blood flowed.

Lina relied on her strength and her experience to break away from Yue Zhong’s strike when an even more dangerous premonition arose in her heart immediately after. She activated her control over the wind to dodge to another side.


Following the loud and clear sound of a gunshot, a bullet that was enhanced shot over, blasting onto her left hand.

If it were under any normal circumstances, she would have been able to dodge the bullet of snipers. However, right in front of her, Yue Zhong was an opponent she could not afford to underestimate. Her attention was wholly on him, and hence, her left hand had been taken out.

Even then, she was truly an elite of the Kingdom of God, at the first moment, she had flown even further into the sky, shooting a glare of hatred at Yue Zhong, before flying away into the distance.

Yue Zhong landed from the sky as he watched Lina fly away with a glint in his eyes, “What a pity! If only I could fly!”

As a Dark Knight, it was likely that further down the evolution line, he could possibly gain some flight-related abilities. However, as of now, it was rare for most others to gain flight. The few skills that could do so were wind-related.

The moment Lina fled, Yue Zhong turned to face Harriman, who was being beaten by Yin Shuang, as he continued to spit blood and retreat.

Harriman was truly an existence that even Hu-er Ran could not take on. However, Yin Shuang was a life form that was borne out of the Mutant Infected Womb, and she used her Strength and Agility to suppress Harriman entirely. If it wasn’t for his ability to fly, Yin Shuang would have pummeled him to death long ago.

Harriman saw that Lina had fled, and his eyes flashed. He gritted his teeth and spat out a mouthful of his blood essence, as his wings shone with strange runes. As he flapped them, his entire person turned into a terrifying beam of black light that shot through the clouds and disappeared.

The skill he used was a Level 4 Blood Escape skill, which only those with demon blood or dark-related classes could use. When used, the person could immediately get away from the battlefield with insane speed, likewise, the aftermath of the usage was horrendous, causing the user to only recover his or her optimal fighting strength after half a year.

“Shit!” Yin Shuang watched Harriman escape, as she sighed in frustration. Although her power was beyond imagination, she could not fly, and could only watch as Harriman fled.

Yin Shuang returned to Yue Zhong’s side, her face slightly downcast as she spoke somewhat dispiritedly, “Father, sorry, Yin Shuang did not manage to kill the bad guy.”

Yue Zhong reached out to ruffle her head and chuckled, “It’s alright! Yin Shuang has done well!”

Yin Shuang immediately broke into a bright smile, “Hehe! Father has praised me!”

Under this strange education by Yue Zhong, Yin Shuang had become even more fearsome, to the point of not blinking when she took lives.

Bai Xiao Sheng came up to Yue Zhong, his face contorted in grief, “Leader! We lost 23 brothers!!”

Harriman and Lina were simply too ferocious, under the crazy assault, they were still able to kill 23 of Yue Zhong’s Evolvers. Many of them were old comrades that had followed Yue Zhong for a long time, through Japan, Country A, Guang Xi, the Central Plains, and they were sadly killed by Harriman and Lina.

Yue Zhong was filled with rage, as he gritted his teeth, “They will not die in vain! I will make those bastards pay the price of blood!”

The moment the 2 Apostles fled, the rest of the Outer Mongolia crumbled, and the soldiers fled in different directions, while many others surrendered.

They weren’t fighters in the first place, and after the apocalypse, they were even more untouched and had not really experienced any battles. With Yue Zhong’s night raid, they had killed over 6,000 soldiers, with 3,000 that escaped, and another 20,000 that surrendered.

They had 30,000 assault rifles, a dozen tanks, a hundred over machine gun-mounted vehicles, and some tens of assault helicopters. All these fell right into Yue Zhong’s hands, together with their resources and flocks.

Regardless of how advanced the weaponry was, the users were still humans. If the 30,000 Mongolian soldiers were like the elites of Kingdom of God, they would have given Yue Zhong some trouble.

“Damn it!! Damn Yue Zhong, you actually injured me to this extent!! I will not let you off!!” Within a forest of the Central Plains, Harriman’s face was pale, as he cursed out. By now, he had dissolved the Demon Transformation, and he looked extremely weak.

Lina looked at her disembodied left hand, bearing the pain as she cursed, “He has already defeated the troops and gain all their equipment. In this region, no power could possibly stand up to him. What other means can we use?”

Harriman could not help but burst out in unhappiness, “Those Outer Mongolians were a bunch of trash!! 30,000 and they were actually defeated so easily! Fools!! Useless!! What were the Elders thinking, using those clowns?! To even give them the resources from Russia as well. Now they are all in Yue Zhong’s hands, it’s going to be tougher!!”

No one could have expected the Outer Mongolians to crumble so easily. Even Yue Zhong who had launched the night raid did not think he could have won so easily.

After the night battle, with the resources in hands, Yue Zhong was truly like a tiger that grew wings. Since he had expended a lot of resources in the battle with the zombies, he had suddenly gained a refill.

Since the Kingdom of God controlled a large part of the Earth, their resources were truly magnificent. In order to defeat Yue Zhong, they had deployed a lot of resources and weapons. Now they had ended up in his hands, and he could arm 3 regiments with them.

Lina’s face was sullen as she replied slowly, “There’re many experts by his side. It would be hard for the 2 of us to deal with him. We definitely need to activate at least 12 Divine Envoys and 36 backup Envoys. Maybe an additional Adjudicator troop as well.”

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