God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 670

However, this time, they had suffered such a loss because the 8 Divine Envoys had died before they could even exhibit anything.

The original number of Judges by their side did not number more than 50, and before they had even reacted, they had been assassinated one by one by Tenpyo Saka. Because of this, Lina and Harriman were ambushed by Yue Zhong’s forces.

Harriman thought of Yin Shuang and his eyes flashed with trepidation, “What was that little girl by his side? How is she so terrifying? Even after my Demon Transformation, I could not even compare with her!”

Whenever Harriman shifted to his Second Order Demon form, he was extremely tough, even heavy caliber bullets could not pierce him. Grenades would just cause him to be scratched slightly. Yet, his resilient body could not even withstand a single hit from Yin Shuang, and he could not help but feel some fear towards her.

Lina replied softly, “There was nothing in the intelligence report. At first, it seemed like she was one of his favorites that he kept around him. Seems like it is more than that. If she isn’t a powerful Evolver, she’s likely an intelligent biological life form from the apocalypse.”

Harriman’s eyes flashed with shock, “Highly intelligent being? Like that strange thing in South America? She’s actually something like that?”

Since the Kingdom of God was active all around the world, they knew many things.

Lina’s reply was solemn, “That’s right! 3 of our units had been wiped out by such a being over at South America. It seems that everything had collapsed over there, and there’s no human resistance any longer. It’s a playground for the zombies.”

South America was originally an important location to the Kingdom of God, and yet, it had actually become a zombie-land. Hearing this, Harriman frowned.

As one of the Apostles, he had always gained his intelligence easily. Therefore, he would rather focus on drugs and women.

In the end, he was only aware of little things that were going on. He knew that there were biological entities similar to Yin Shuang over at South America, but did not know that the forces of the Kingdom of God over there had already fallen.

With the flow of time, zombies and Mutant Beasts would evolve constantly. The Kingdom of God had made use of their intelligence and people to expand quickly. However, they discovered that their enemies grew, and were stronger as well.

Some of them were the local hegemons, like Yue Zhong or Hu-er Ran. However, some were zombies and Mutant Beasts. Even a horde of over millions in numbers would give the Kingdom of God a headache. Many of their troops had been run over by the terrifying zombies.

Harriman looked up at the sky, “Regardless! We have to head back first! I would need to spend at least a month in the Recovery Pod.”

There were the sounds of helicopter motors roaring, as a Thunder Fighter arrived at their location.

Both of them had GPS capabilities in their suits, as long as they did not lose them, they could receive reinforcements easily.

Harriman and Lina had not gone long, but the results of their battle had traveled to the headquarters in Europe.

This news caused a tremor amongst the upper echelons of the Kingdom of God. After all, in order to ensure success, they had not sent any troops directly, but they had still provided a hefty amount of resources and equipment on the Outer Mongolians.

After losing their weapons, their military might suffer by about 70% over at Outer Mongolia and Russia. Furthermore, there was no other chess piece they could utilize against Yue Zhong anymore.

“Those damn Outer Mongolians, what a bunch of fools!! We’ve given them so much help, yet they lost so badly! What trash!”

“They’re worse than the Vietnamese. Why did we work together with them in the first place?! We must have been blind!”

“With their defeat, our power in the East has already suffered. How can we prevent that tyrant Yue Zhong from expanding?”

“I feel we should deploy our elite troops in India, and send at least 5 army corps over to the Central Plains. There’s already such enmity between us, it is the best chance to eradicate him!”

“No way! We’re still consolidating our power at India! Furthermore, it’s a haven of resources there! If we were to deploy so many of our troops, the local powers will rebel!”

“Then do we just let Yue Zhong do as he wants? Based on the satellites, he had already conquered Ba Yan City and Bao Xi City in Mongol! If he continues like this, his power would only grow, he already has a quarter of the entire China in his hands! Sooner or later, he would become the only power of the entire China. It won’t good news to us by then!”

“Yue Zhong’s power has already consolidated, I feel we shouldn’t invest any more troops over there. If it’s too little, there’s no way to fight, too many, and our other locations will suffer. We need to focus our strength and eradicate the zombies over at Germany. We haven’t fully dealt with the situation over there.”

Germany had about 80 million zombies, and such a number was basically a nightmare to any power. The Kingdom of God had established plenty of bases everywhere, however, they only managed to conquer a few industrial cities locally.

It was not that they didn’t prioritize their local area, but that the Kingdom of God was originally a worldwide conglomerate. Due to that, after the apocalypse, they had swiftly utilized their different divisions to obtain resources and build up their bases. Since then, while they had responded and expanded the fastest, their power was still too widely spread out, and their strength was being chipped away little by little.

In truth, many of the Elders hoped that they could tighten their circle, and redeploy some key personnel to deal with the 70 million zombies in Germany, having lowered the number from 80 million.

However, by transferring personnel, not only did it require the necessary equipment and fuel, the various bases would also be affected. Some locations might even be wiped out the moment their people were transferred out.

This caused the head of the Kingdom of God to be in a dilemma. Every location could provide a huge amount of resources and people to the main base. That was how the entire faction had grown so powerfully in their research and grooming of their Apostles.

If Yue Zhong had not meddled, the laser gun design would have landed in the hands of the Kingdom of God. With their technology, they would have developed the laser guns much faster and armed their troops, propelling the might of their soldiers.

If the Kingdom of God lost their bases outside of the country, after Harriman and Lina were injured, they would not have gotten their support.

Thus, every single base was important to the Kingdom of God.

“No, I think it should be possible to bargain with him. Benefits of trade between countries. Since he already has the qualifications to negotiate with us. The Outer Mongolia and Russia have no way of recovering from this defeat. We need to allocate the resources back to our main base.”

Erek roared out with fury, “No!! We must wipe him out! We have to kill this bastard. I recommend sending 4 Apostles as well as 2 Judges Corps to deal with him. It would definitely be enough to eradicate him. He’s too dangerous, we cannot let this guy continue to live any longer.”

Erek was a staunch supporter of a single power. He wasn’t willing for another hegemon to appear in the East, it would not be beneficial to their Kingdom of God.

After the apocalypse, the current period was where the humans fought to evolve. Erek believed that humanity would win the zombies and Mutant Beasts with their intelligence and strength, after that, they would then regain their cities and seas. By that time, it would be a struggle between humankind, and he did not wish for another contender to rise.

The Elder Jonas listened to everybody, thinking long and hard before replying, “Erek, you shall head to China and work with the Greater China Alliance, and eradicate Yue Zhong. 10th Apostle Wade, 11th Apostle Wilson, 12 Divine Envoys, 36 Divine Envoys-in-waiting, a battalion of Judges and 3 battalions of Adjudicators will follow you to China. I want Yue Zhong dead!”

Erek replied in delight, “Yes! Great Elder, I will definitely kill Yue Zhong!!”

2 Apostles, 12 Divine Envoys, 36 Divine Envoys-in-waiting, a battalion of Judges and 3 battalions of Adjudicators was a force that could decimate an entire country. Erek thought of the command of this elite troop under him and he trembled with excitement.

Jonas stared at Erek and spoke coldly, “4 months, if you can’t take him out in 4 months, you can kill yourself.”

Erek’s face turned pale, before he regained the ferocity in his eyes, “Yes! Great Elder!”

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