God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 672

3 of the soldiers followed Xu Wei and charged into the cave.

They discovered 4 naked men tangled with 11 women, while 2 other younger girls were crouching at a corner. There was a stench in the cave.

One of the males immediately stood up upon seeing Xu Wei and his men, grabbing the blade beside him as he stared at them, “Who are you people?”

Xu Wei looked at Nangong Tian Feng coldly, “You’re Nangong Tian Feng? I’m Xu Wei from the Scum Battalion, the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Company, 3rd Platoon under the command of Leader Yue Zhong. We’ve been tasked to search for survivors in this mountain range. It’s not too late if you surrender now, otherwise, only death awaits.”

Nangong Tian Feng looked at the strong and burly men, and let out a long sigh. He threw the blade in his hands away, “I surrender.”

Tiger looked at all the naked women, as a lustful look appeared on his face, “Captain, I’ve not touched a woman in a month. There’re over 10 here. Shall we take our time to enjoy them?”

The rest of the squad also stared stupidly at the women. They were all criminals of some sorts, that was why they were banished to the Scum Battalion. Not a single one of them did not enjoy women. Being cooped up in the Scum Battalion for so long, they were close to losing control.

Xu Wei laughed coldly, “If you want to toy with them, by all means. Let me remind you though, playing around with a woman while on mission, you’ll have to kill another 60 zombies or gain 60 merit points. These 11 are free for you guys to fuck around with, but if you touch those 2 girls! I will kill you! I’d rather not have you guys drag me down. I still want to enter the Tiger Wolf Army.”

Hearing Xu Wei’s words, the rest of the squad immediately sobered up. It wasn’t easy to earn those merit points. 60 points were enough for them to get out of the Scum Battalion, and with some excess cash to boot.

10 merit points were enough to exchange for 50 dollars of the new currency. Outside, 50 dollars was enough to get a woman for a night. 50 dollars could get them a fresh and clean woman who was considerably prettier than the women in front of them. They would be able to enjoy themselves for an entire night without worrying about anything else.

The women in the cave were dirty and smelly and had traces of whatever the other men left on them. The squad immediately felt that it wasn’t worth it.

As for the 2 lolis, there was an order in the Scum Battalion, should there be any case of rape of underage children, the perpetrator would be caught and executed. The entire unit would be equally liable as well.

The Tiger Wolf Army was a unit newly set up by Yue Zhong, with plenty of Enhancers that managed to leave the Scum Battalion. They had all undergone tough training and killed many zombies. Their resolves and mental fortitude were on another level. At the same time, they were conditioned to listen to orders, and they were the best soldiers.

Many of those who earned enough merits and felt that they could not reenter society would aim to enter the Tiger Wolf Army. As a member of such an elite unit, they would regain their pride, position, and strength.

Bai Xiao Sheng was the current commander of the Tiger Wolf Army, leading them to use system equipment to continuously enhance and evolve themselves. It was a unit that was made up entirely of Enhancers, and every single soldier inside was a tough elite.

Tiger considered the matter from all perspectives and felt that giving into his lust wasn’t worth it, and a look of pity flashed in his eyes, “Forget it!!”

Nangong Tian Feng looked at them and spoke carefully, “Sirs, you’re here to search for survivors right? I am familiar with the area, I know where there are survivors!!”

Xu Wei and the rest were all strong and well-equipped, their faces ruddy. It was easy to see that they were well-fed.

Nangong Tian Feng might claim to be a leader of this cave, he had to starve frequently. Not to mention his subordinates, most of them were barely skin and bones. That was why the moment Xu Wei and the rest appeared, they instantly surrendered. They were simply not in a position to resist.

Xu Wei’s brows arched slightly, as he threw a chocolate bar to Nangong Tian Feng, “Oh! That’s great, this is your reward!”

Nangong Tian Feng’s eyes flashed with delight the moment he received the chocolate bar, and nodded profusely to express his thanks, “Thank you, sir! Thank you, sir!”

The rest of the survivors within that cave looked on with envy and hope. They had not eaten anything sweet in a long while. This simple chocolate bar was even more appealing than lobsters and luxury food.

Nangong Tian Feng walked out the cave and pointed to a direction, “Sir, after you cross this hill, in about 1 km, there’s a camp, with over 300 survivors. Their leader is a pretty strong Evolver.”

Nangong Tian Feng looked towards Xu Wei after he finished. Evolvers were a terrifying existence, and they had incredible abilities. Even special forces from before the apocalypse weren’t a match for them. To him, this squad of 5 were not a match for that Evolver.

When Xu Wei heard those words, he frowned, “Evolver? Seems like this is beyond us! I need to notify the Tiger Wolf Army and request for reinforcements!”

Xu Wei pulled out a walkie-talkie and reported, “Hey! It’s me, Xu Wei! My squad has discovered a large survivor base, there should be about 300 people inside, and there’s an Evolver. Requesting backup from the Tiger Wolf Army!”

“300!! Damn! Well done! Xu Wei, you guys have contributed greatly!! Stay where you are, I’ll immediately get the guys from the Tiger Wolf Army to head over.” From the other end, an excited voice sounded.

Soon, a unit of about 50 people with helmets, camouflage uniforms, and assault rifles arrived in front of Xu Wei and the rest.

“Strong!! This unit is strong!! They have so many guns!!” Nangong Tian Feng looked at the 50 soldiers and his eyes flashed with shock.

Within the mountain range, as long as someone had weapons, they could establish a small force. 50 gun-toting militants were enough to eradicate and crush many other factions within the mountain range.

The leader of this unit, Liu Niu slapped Xu Wei on his shoulders and exclaimed, “Well done, Xu Wei! As long as we can rescue those 300 survivors, you’ll definitely be able to enter the Tiger Wolf Army!”

Xu Wei’s eyes flashed with a resolute light as he responded, “Yes! This battle, your subordinate Xu Wei hopes to follow commander in, and pleads commander to grant this request!”

Liu Niu eyed Xu Wei and chuckled, “Fine!! Follow us then, we’ll show you the strength of the Tiger Wolf Army!”

Led by Nangong Tian Feng and Lei Yun, Liu Niu brought his 50 subordinates and arrived silently on the opposite hill.

They discovered that the peak was surrounded by a wooden fence, with 4 sentry posts, with 2 soldiers at each post. There were also 8 soldiers at the main entrance, and within the camp, there were many simple wooden houses.

Liu Niu brought 8 soldiers and walked out from the grass, firing his gun at the sky as he hollered, “The people inside listen up! Throw down your weapons and kneel to surrender, otherwise, everyone will die!”

The moment the gunshots rang out, the soldiers turned pale and ran into the camp.

“A bunch of fools! Open fire!” Liu Niu’s eyes flashed with unhappiness as he raised their weapons and fired at the fleeing soldiers.

Following the dense gunfire, of the 8 fleeing soldiers, 6 fell to the ground, while the remaining 2 got down on the ground and trembled uncontrollably.

The intense gunfire alerted the leader within the camp, and a skinny Evolver, Shen Tu Yi led 30 subordinates and rushed out the camp.

Shen Tu looked at Liu Niu and his party, his face full of shock and anger, “This brother, I’m Shen Tu Yi, the chief of this Tian Yang Camp, we have no enmity between us, why did you kill my men?”

Liu Niu stared at Shen Tu Yi, barking, “I’m Liu Niu, the Commander of the Tiger Wolf Army 2nd Battalion 3rd Company, 1st Platoon. We’re under the command of Leader Yue Zhong, here to extract your people. Shen Tu Yi, you can surrender now, and we can let you live, or, choose to resist and die. You only have 3 seconds to consider. 3…2…”

A ferocious glint appeared in Shen Tu Yi’s eyes as he roared, “Brothers! Prepare for battle!”

Shen Tu Yi was happy with his life as the ruler of his small camp and wasn’t willing to submit to anyone else, nor give up his authority.


Right after Shen Yu Yi had shouted, 4 sniper bullets fired out. 1 pierced the head of Shen Tu Yi. Although he was a Strength-based Evolver, he could not withstand a single shot from a sniper.

“Those who resist will die! Everyone get down! Otherwise, we’ll kill without mercy!” Liu Niu roared out as he pointed his gun at the subordinates of Shen Tu Yi.

Another 10 fully armed soldiers walked out from the forest behind, their guns trained on the men of Shen Tu Yi.

The men from the camp were all afraid, as they threw their guns down and kneeled to surrender.

The entire camp was thus easily conquered by the Tiger Wolf Army.

“Powerful!” Nangong Tian Feng watched how Liu Niu easily smashed the resistance of Shen Tu Yi, and he was filled with even more fear and awe towards them, even more so, the mysterious Leader Yue Zhong behind them.

After they took down this camp, with Nangong Tian Feng’s help, the Tiger Wolf Army continued to bash a few more camps around the area and rescued a total of 2,000 survivors.

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