God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Explosive Killing Mutated Fierce Ape

It was like the mutated fierce ape blasted when it moved. It was just a trace slower than the speed type S2 zombie. It avoided Yue Zhong’s shot, and it appeared before Yue Zhong like the wind carrying a biting cold fishy smell. The fierce ape ruthlessly clawed, booming towards Yue Zhong’s body.

Yue Zhong raised his Imitation Tang Sword to block the path of the fierce ape’s fist.

The fierce ape’s eyes flashed blood red. Its fist didn’t slow, and the ape tightened up its muscles, booming onto Yue Zhong’s sword.

The sword and fist clashed. Yue Zhong felt an enormous power that flooded without end from the sword. The Imitation Tang Sword in his right hand was shaken and sent flying into a faraway tree by the fist of the fierce ape.

“So extreme!” At the first moment Yue Zhong activated the skill Shadow Step, and his image suddenly retreated. The numb right hand flipped over, and another Imitation Tang Sword appeared in his hand.

White Bones immediately saw the situation while protecting Guo Yu, and it shot out two extremely sharp bone spikes towards the mutated fierce ape.

The fierce ape used its large hand to grab onto a bone spike shot out from White Bones. Then it put forth its strength to ruthlessly fling White Bones into a large tree.

Yue Zhong’s speed was just about as fast as the fierce ape after he started the Shadow Step skill. He took advantage of the fierce ape dealing with White Bones, and he shot forward like an arrow. A sword followed by a cold howl chopped into the waist of the fierce ape.

The sharp Imitation Tang Sword under the excessive power from Yue Zhong’s strengthening chopped open the mutated fierce ape’s flesh, tearing a shallow wound.

After the ape was wounded it became even more frantic. It’s whole body flexed on the wound, unexpectedly locking Yue Zhong’s Imitation Tang Sword in place. Then it took advantage of the opportunity and sent a fist at Yue Zhong.

“Truly a monster!!” Yue Zhong released the sword and suddenly withdrew. He used his left hand and aimed the Stinger up to the mutated beast.

As soon as Yue Zhong aimed the stinger at the mutated fierce ape, the extremely murderous beast felt a sense of intense danger coming. It kicked and moved to the side several meters. Its instincts could feel Yue Zhong’s stinger had enough terrifying power to kill it.

“What a cunning animal!” Yue Zhong’s brows wrinkled. His right hand flitted about and a type 79 assault rifle appeared. He directly aimed at the mutated fierce ape with the type 79 assault rifle and laid down fire like a madman.

The beasts body was hit by several bullets at such a short distance under concentrated fire. But the bullets were unexpectedly unable to pierce into the body. They only broke into the the skin. The fierce ape’s muscled could be compared to steel when it flexed its muscles. Were it not for this, Yue Zhong’s sword attack just now would have chopped its waist.

The mutated fierce ape became even more frantic after having its skin pierced by the bullets. Its eyes flashed a fierce light, and it rushed through the bullets like a cannon towards Yue Zhong. After a few steps it appeared before Yue Zhong, and it clawed out to grab him.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed a cold light. He extended out a finger. He lightly bent it and aimed the fireball ring right at the rushing mutated fierce ape.

A fireball shot out from the ring towards the mutated fierce ape when it was only two meters away.

The beast wasn’t prepared for Yue Zhong’s fire ball ring. It could only raise a claw to block in front of its body.

The mutated beast’s hand exploded and broke when the tyrannical fireball boomed onto its fist.

White Bone’s took advantage of the opportunity and ruthlessly shot out a bone spike into the mutated fierce ape’s knee. The beast lost its balance and collapsed to one side.

Seizing the moment, Yue Zhong used his left hand and aimed the Stinger at the beast’s body, firing off three shots.

The fierce ape’s fighting skill was truly extraordinary. As soon as it stumbled, it rolled to the side, avoiding certain death. Only one Stinger bullet hit near its right chest area making a fist-sized hole

After the ape rolled to the ground, it climbed up and jumped to the side towards a large tree. He already felt the threat of death which gave birth to the idea of fear.

White Bones extended both hands and shot out bone spike after bone spike at the tree the ape escaped to, forming a White Bone’s prison.

The mutated fierce ape wildly waved its claws, cutting open the White Bones prison like tofu.

Yue Zhong took advantage of the fierce ape being tied up with White Bones, and he advanced forward while reloading the Stinger. He raised up the stinger and the ape and continuously bombarded from close range.

Each bullet left a fist sized bloody-hole in the ape’s body. The six bullets all landed into the fierce ape, and it powerlessly fell to the ground, completely losing its life.

An experience orb floated out and landed on Yue Zhong.

“Congratulations, you have leveled up to 24……”

“Congratulations, you have leveled up to 25……”

Yue Zhong heard two sweet sounding level up noises in his inner conscious as soon as the experience orb entered his body.

“Add everything to stamina!”

Yue Zhong immediately chose.

A light within his body shattered, and it re-nourished his body, making it even more tyrannical.

Yue Zhong quickly took all the dropped skill books and white boxes from the mutated monkeys and fierce ape into his bag. Then he used an Imitation Tang Sword to break open the fierce ape’s skull. Inside he found the thing he wanted to find.

“Found one!” Yue Zhong searched around within the brain of that fierce ape and found a small white bead. He was extremely happy, and he quickly took the white bead and put it inside his storage ring.

Just when Yue Zhong thought to leave, the looked at the two 20cm long paws of the mutated fierce ape. He thought for a moment, and then Yue took the two paws and placed them into his storage ring.

“Quick let’s go!” Yue Zhong finally said to Guo Yu and the other three in a low voice after finishing everything.

The succession of using two shadow step skills in a row, encountering the group of monkeys, and fighting the fierce ape caused Yue Zhong’s stamina to fall to and extremely dangerous level. Yue Zhong would be in danger if he encountered another fierce ape or group of monsters. But, delaying for treasure is a necessity.

Guo Yu and the others closely followed behind Yue Zhong.

Yao Yao looked at the monkey corpses surrounding the forest and then looked at Yue Zhong. Her eyes flashed a strange light, and she followed behind Yue Zhong.

Along the road they didn’t encounter another mutated beast. Yue Zhong’s group smoothly returned to the vehicle. Guo Yu started the car and took them back towards Always Bright Village.

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