God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 673

Many of the factions regardless of size were easily breached by the soldiers of the Tiger Wolf Army, and the leaders either submitted or were killed instantly.

The frail and weak survivors were all squatting on the ground, carefully sipping their hot porridge. There was a look of satisfaction on their face.

The hundreds of soldiers from the Scum Battalion were holding whips as they eyed the survivors. The moment any of them tried to use snatch the food of any others, they would face the wrath of the soldiers, suffering a number of whips before being to the backend support of the Scum Battalion.

Within the mountain range, many small factions had appeared due to the small time tyrants, and countless depraved deeds had been carried out. For those who had engaged in crimes too heinous, they were instantly decapitated. Those who committed severe crimes were sent to the Scum Battalion, to be reformed and trained, before becoming soldiers.

A Hummer rolled over from the distance, entering the mountain range. The moment the doors appeared, Yue Zhong, Yin Shuang, Ji Qing Wu and a few others came out.

Lie Ming Yi came forward to salute them, “Leader!”

“Leader!” One by one, the rest of the commanders also came behind Lie Ming Yi and saluted Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong waved his hands and dismissed them, “Go do your things, don’t bother about me!”

“Yes!” Most of these commanders were all soldiers that were deployed over from Guang Xi and Hunan and knew Yue Zhong’s character. They left one by one, with only Lie Ming Yi remaining behind.

Under Lie Ming Yi’s lead, Yue Zhong came to Lei Yun, and asked, “The report about a missile base in this mountain range, is it true?”

A missile base was a top secret in the country, and it was the first time Yue Zhong had heard about something like this.

If he could gain control over this base, he would gain a terrifying trump card against his enemies.

Lei Yun looked at Yue Zhong with a little fear, “It’s true! I stayed near the base for a period of time once. At the start of the apocalypse, I came across the base together with a few officials. However, the base only allowed the officials in, not us ordinary people. I’ve remembered the location though.”

In Lei Yun’s eyes, this is the leader of the mighty troops. He was extremely clear on the frightening might these people possessed, and anyone who was suspicious was dragged out to be executed. They didn’t look like some motley bunch, and he wasn’t willing to antagonize the leader of these powerful soldiers.

Yue Zhong was satisfied, “Good! You’re Lei Yun right. As long as the information is real, I will award you with a thousand dollars.”

Lie Ming Yi smiled at Lei Yun, saying, “A thousand dollars can buy you a 1,000 jin worth of rice. You’re truly lucky!”

Lei Yun immediately expressed his thanks profusely, “Thank you, Leader!! Thank you, Leader!!”

Those who did not starve would not truly understand the value of a thousand jin of rice. With it, Lei Yun could eat his fill for an entire year.

Lei Yun spoke, “Leader! I have an additional piece of information!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes were filled with curiosity, “Oh? What is it?”

Lei Yun pulled out a few items, a piece of debris that was the size of 2 fingers as well as a blue plant that had sprouted 8 leaves, handing them to Yue Zhong, “Leader, this is a Mutant Plant that I discovered, the flowers can secrete a strange liquid that is incredibly hard after drying. Based on my conjecture, the hardness of the dried up liquid is even harder than metal, and can be applied over armor.”

Yue Zhong took the items and used his strength to pinch. His Strength of 12 times a normal person exploded out, which could twist even a steel bar, but the hardened debris was fine.

His eyes brightened, and he threw the item on the ground, pulling out his Level 5 Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade and slashed the debris.

The blade landed, but the debris was still undamaged.

Yue Zhong picked it up again, and to his surprise, his blade that could slash apart the hull of armored vehicles could not even leave a mark on the debris. It was obvious that the hardness of this liquid was many times tougher than metal.

Yue Zhong turned to fix his gaze on Lei Yun, “Do you know if there are more of this Mutant Plant?”

Lei Yun pulled out 5 blue seeds, “I know!! I even collected a few seeds. Before the apocalypse, I was a botanist.”

Yue Zhong looked at Lei Yun and his eyes flashed with a look of appreciation, “Good! Lei Yun, I now appoint you the head researcher over the Central Plains Mutant Research Institute, your responsibility is to conduct research on the various Mutant Plants of Yin Shan Mountain Range. Your rank is Captain, and your first task is to collect more of this 8-leaf Blue Plant.”

Lei Yun thanked Yue Zhong excitedly, “Yes!! Thank you, Leader!! Thank you, Leader!!”

Lei Yun knew that once he entered Yue Zhong’s group of personnel and become an officer, as long as Yue Zhong did not fall, he would not have to worry about his future.

Yue Zhong turned solemn, “Lie Ming Yi, send an experienced soldier to protect Lei Yun. The matter of this 8-leaf Blue Plant is top secret, do not let anyone else know about it.”

The secretion of this plant could harden to become a material even tougher than metal, yet so much lighter than it. It had a wide variety of usage, it could be made into Defence Vests, airplanes, tanks, and much more. If it had landed in the hands of any faction before the apocalypse, it would have become a precious resource. If it were in the hands of any ordinary person, it would be useless, but in Yue Zhong’s hands, with his many facilities, it could be exploited fully, just like that laser gun and the Sky Fortress design.

Lie Ming Yi immediately replied, “Yes! Leader!”

Yue Zhong then replied, “Before that, Lei Yun, take us to the missile base!”

“Yes!” Lei Yun replied respectfully.

Under Lei Yun’s guidance, Yue Zhong deployed a battalion of Tiger Wolf Army soldiers and headed up

“It’s right there!!” From afar, Lei Yun pointed towards a tall mountain.

Yue Zhong looked towards the direction, noticing a long road extending all the way up the mountain. It was obvious that this road was the only road to the missile base.

Yue Zhong and his troops followed the road all the way, eradicating about 20,000 soldiers, and came to a large iron door.

Outside the door, there were 4 security cameras, sweeping across his party.

Yue Zhong came to the gate and his voice rang out, “My name is Yue Zhong, I hope to talk to your Leader!

Behind this door was one of China’s missile base, and there were all sorts of missiles and rockets inside. Although Yue Zhong had the confidence to blow down the door, he didn’t want to take the risk.

Right now, within the compound, inside the command center, 20 men in uniform were arguing.

One of the officers looked at the display, his face scowling, “This bunch of militants actually dare to set their sights on the country’s property, what galls!”

To many of these old-timers, they weren’t willing to let the weapons of the country fall into the hands of private individuals. Yue Zhong and his people were obviously not here in any official capacity.

Hearing the words of the officer, the rest of the military men exchanged glances, before a young officer spoke up, “Colonel, I think that we should talk to them.”

THe colonel turned and rebuked, “Nangong Yan, what are you thinking of? What is there to discuss with these bastards? Don’t tell me that you want to betray our country and our citizens?”

Nangong Yan stared right back at him and retorted, “Colonel!! It has already been a year since we last heard from the central government! What does this mean? The central government has already most likely fallen. If we continue like this, we will only starve here. We should go out and interact with them, and find out who they are! If they’re reliable, I feel that we should the base over.

The colonel was utterly enraged by Nangong Yan’s words, and he pulled out the gun at his waist, his body trembling as he roared, “You! I will execute you, traitor!!”

Nangong Yan closed his eyes and said softly, “By all means! Colonel! Holing ourselves up here is no solution. There’s no entertainment, nor hope. I’m going insane! If you want to kill me, do it, please. I hope that you can retain some consideration for the rest of the people.

After the world changed, many people had holed up within this missile base. Many could not take the life anymore and they committed suicide. Even within the military, many killed them. The rest who remained were slowly losing their rationality.

The Colonel looked at Nangong Yan and the rest, “What are you doing?! You want to surrender to those people?!”

“I want to live on!”

“I want to eat my fill!!”

“I want to see the sunlight!”


After a moment’s hesitation, most of the military men stood up one by one.

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