God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 674


Following the gunshot, the Colonel slumped to the ground slowly. He wasn’t willing to betray his own principles and hand this base to Yue Zhong. However, he could not bring himself to kill his subordinates. Furthermore, he had already lost his loved ones to the zombies, there was nothing holding him back. Thus, he committed suicide.




Seeing that the Colonel had committed suicide, the soldiers under him could not help but shed tears. This superior of theirs had treated them well and fairly through the years, and they were upset that he had chosen to die.

“Colonel, we’re sorry!” Nangong Yang came up to the body and saluted, before going to the monitors and spoke into the mic, “I’m the one in charge of this nuclear base, Nangong Yan. Who are you people?”

Yue Zhong replied, “I’m the leader of the Central Plains, with over a million people under me. I hope to receive this nuclear base peacefully. As long as you hand the base to me, whatever requests you may have, I can grant them if they’re not too overboard.”

When negotiating, both sides had to display their might. Without it, who would be willing to yield? With a million survivors under him, he had the qualifications to persuade the soldiers to submit to him.

After being silent for a while, Nangong Yan asked, “What’s the situation with the Central Government?”

Yue Zhong replied, “THe capital had already fallen, and it is a land of zombies now.”

If the capital hadn’t collapsed, and the government had not crumbled, the situation wouldn’t have been so bad. In fact, in the first half of the year during the apocalypse, many places were still waiting resolutely for the orders from the government. However, with the flow of time, since there was no communication, the various leaders started to get their own ideas.

Even after a year, there were still many loyal old guards who were still believing in the government, unwilling to hand the state’s resources to private mercenaries like Yue Zhong.

Nangong Yan contemplated for a moment, before replying, “I need you to promise our safety. Furthermore, I hope you’ll allow all of us here to remain as a troop. If within a year, we find that it’s hard to integrate with your troops, we hope that you’ll allow us to leave with a certain amount of rations then.”

Yue Zhong thought for a while, “I promise you! However, I need you to teach my troops how to use the equipment here!”

Nangong Yan heaved a sigh of relief, “Ok!!”

Both sides came to an agreement, and the huge iron gate was finally opened. A number of survivors in tattered clothes, as well as a putrid stench, came out.

There were over 200 survivors inside the base, with 60 soldiers, the rest of them were their families and other high-ranking officials.

Nangong Yan came up to Yue Zhong and saluted, “Nangong Yan greets Leader!”

Yue Zhong did not stand on ceremony, and immediately ordered, “Give me a detailed report on the situation inside!”

“Understood! Currently, there…” Nangong Yan immediately reported everything he knew to Yue Zhong.

Inside the base, there were at least 15 intercontinental missiles armed with nuclear warheads within the base, instantly giving Yue Zhong a terrifying trump card.

When Yue Zhong heard this, he was instantly overjoyed but managed to calm himself down.

It was something he could only use as a last resort when things seemed bleak. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even consider it against the zombies.

The moment those missiles were launched, the earth would be plunged into a radioactive environment. He would have to worry about the possibility of the zombies and Mutant Beasts further evolving.

However, with them, he at least had a trump card. Should there be anyone who dared to threaten him with missiles, he would be able to retort.

After obtaining this base, Yue Zhong quickly assigned his most loyal subordinates over and began the training under Nangong Yang.

Having made his preparations, Yue Zhong went back to Hohhot City.

Lei Yun had obtained a large number of the 8-Leaf Blue Flowers with Lie Ming Yi’s help, and after returning to Hohhot City, they established a research center to began research into the Mutant Flora.

At the same time, Li Guang and Hu-er Ran led 2 troops to continue pushing towards the east, annihilating many zombies, and recovering countless cities and towns.

The main bulk of the zombies had already been collected by that mutant zombie, leaving behind very few that could not withstand the assault of the 2 well-equipped forces.

As the rate of reclaiming cities grew, more facilities and some military bases were discovered, and the resources were distributed to the 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, and the 4th Brigade.

Hu-er Ran’s 3rd Brigade was armed with plenty of firearms, and the amount was just sufficient. As for tanks, armored vehicles, unmanned drones, IFVs, and assault helicopters, they weren’t provided any yet.

However, even without all those, the 3rd Brigade was still able to make use of their tools and wits to wipe out small zombie hordes. At the same time, Hu-er Ran made use of his system equipment to train up a decent number of Enhancers.

On this day, Hu-er Ran was leading 3,000 riders into a county to lure out the zombies. They prepared some traps and managed to lure the zombies into the traps, before killing them.

Hu-er Ran watched his troops struggling to perform the old-fashioned way, his heart feeling slightly sour, “Our equipment is still lacking. Compared to the 1st Regiment and 2nd Brigade, there’s no way to compare.”

The 3rd Brigade had the lousiest equipment, and while everyone had a gun, they were all old antiques. They couldn’t even compare to their melee weapons. As to the melee weapons, Yue Zhong was generous, whatever the 3rd Brigade needed, the factories would churn them out and deliver to the 3rd Brigade.

Hu-er Ran was clear that the 3rd Brigade was no match for the 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade and 4th Brigade in terms of weapons. If they were to revolt, even the 4th Regiment that was comprised of ex-Scum Battalion members would be able to take them down easily.

Right as Hu-er Ran was thinking to himself, 13 soldiers in military clothing suddenly appeared from a corner.

The 13 soldiers had just appeared and immediately, rifles were trained on them. The aura exuding from the numerous Enhancer experts caused them to not dare make rash moves.

“Is this Yue Zhong’s troops? They don’t seem to be much?” The leader of the 13 soldiers assessed the equipment of Hu-er Ran troops and sighed.

Hu-er Ran glanced at them and asked, “Who are you?”

The leader replied solemnly, “I’m Dong Han, and I’m the envoy sent by the Greater China Alliance, we hope to meet Leader Yue Zhong.”

Hu-er Ran summoned a decent Evolver and gave an order, “Oh! Got it, Zhali Mu, send them to Hohhot City!”

“Understood!” Zhali Mu responded, and led 100 soldiers to escort Dong Han and his party towards Hohhot City.

“Is this Hohhot City? They already reclaimed it?” The moment Dong Han and his men entered and saw the bustling streets, their hearts were rocked and their eyes filled with shock. They didn’t dare believe their eyes.

Dong Han came from the Greater China Alliance, and they had already conquered a few counties, but they didn’t dare touch the major cities. In the past, they had tried to attack a city once, and the wave of a million zombies enveloped their troops. Those alive managed to flee, but they had suffered a great loss then.

Hohhot City was a major city and had over 2 million zombies in the past. Such a city was actually reclaimed by Yue Zhong, this caused Dong Han and the rest to feel astonished. What was even more shocking, the streets were filled with food stalls and vendors. Food was precious in the apocalypse, and even in the territories of the Greater China Alliance, there weren’t such scenes. After all, the moment there was a display of food, countless people would go crazy.

And yet, since Yue Zhong had reclaimed many cities, and obtained a huge amount of resources, adding on to his research of the Mutant Rice Tree, his food output was enough to support his territories. Since the other factions had not reached his level, they could not do what he did.

Dong Han and his men watched the look of bliss and contentment on the faces of the people here, they couldn’t help but feel envious, “This place of Yue Zhong is truly prosperous!! Hohhot City seems to already regain its former stability!”

The Greater China Alliance claimed to have a wide reach, but each of their territories was governed by some small time characters, and they came together to form the alliance. All of their places had not yet recovered to a degree of stability, and the weak were still preyed on by the strong, and there was still lawlessness everywhere.

If it weren’t for their own convictions, Dong Han and the rest might have been tempted to join Yue Zhong already.

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