God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 675

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “The Greater China Alliance? Whatever your motive, just say it.”

Dong Han’s gaze turned fervent as he spoke, “Leader Yue Zhong, our Leader Ximen Tian Xiong was a minister before the apocalypse. Our Greater China Alliance is orthodox. I’m here on official orders, representing the country and citizens, hoping that you’ll join us. We can work together to kill the zombies and restore the glory of our country. As long as you’re willing to join us, Leader Ximen is willing to confer upon you the position of a Chairman of the China Development Committee. You will receive plenty of benefits. In the future, if we successfully reclaim the entire country, based on your contributions, you can become one of the 10 great founding fathers, and receive the respect and admiration of our people.”

After the apocalypse, Ximen Tian Xiong had been one of the few surviving ministers and was also one of the most powerful politicians in the past. Because of his status, he had easily gained control over a surviving troop near the capital, at the same time, many factions decided to join him.

The military only served to obey, and since Ximen Tian Xiong was one of the ministers, many soldiers were willing to follow his command. Thus, his rate of expansion had been naturally smoother than Yue Zhong.

Dong Han looked at Yue Zhong with a look of confidence. Using those previous words about the country and orthodoxies, he had managed to persuade countless factions. Most of Ximen Tian Xiong’s troops were in fact won over by Dong Han’s words. As long as he brought out promises of glory and riches, those commanders naturally gave in and joined Ximen Tian Xiong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a strange light, as he replied mildly, “Chairman of the China Development Committee? You want me to hand over the control of my troops?”

Dong Han continued to persuade, “That’s right! Leader Yue Zhong, whatever you’ve been doing is considered privatization, and if we’re to pursue matters, your actions have already violated several laws and regulations. However, as the times are different, you have saved many people. As long as you surrender your military might, the government would not fault you for your actions and allow you to continue to contribute to the country. In the future books, you will be known as a hero, for everyone to learn from.”

Yue Zhong looked at Dong Han with a sardonic smile, “Enough of your bullshit. This has all been established with my own efforts. Do you want to take it away from me? Fight me for it. If you’re here to talk nonsense, you can scram! Just a little minister and he wants to represent the country and citizens? What a joke!”

Currently, Yue Zhong had over 2 million survivors under him, with over 40,000 elite troops, and Dong Han actually intended to try wrestle control with just words. It was impossible for Yue Zhong to give in.

The moment Yue Zhong gave up his military command, his subordinates would be purged. Even his own life would be threatened. If he gave up his military command, his life, possessions, and women would end up in the hands of others, and his fate would no longer be his to control. How could he agree to such conditions?

Even if he agreed, his subordinates would not. They had vested interests, and would definitely not agree to surrender to this Greater China Alliance.

One bespectacled man beside Dong Han had a furious expression as he barked, “What guts! How dare you speak in this manner? You’re going against the country and people!”

Yue Zhong frowned, and one of the soldiers by his side, Niu Guang Ming shot forwards and slapped the bespectacled man harshly. His teeth were knocked out, while Niu Guang Ming spat, “Shut your dog trap! Leader didn’t get you to talk, you guys better be obedient!”

Seeing how ferocious and violent Niu Guang Ming was, Dong Han and his men were frightened.

Dong Han knew that his words had no meaning anymore. He hesitated a while, gathering his thoughts, “Our Greater China Alliance would like to form an alliance with you, and join forces to take down a granary of the capital! Are you interested?”

When Yue Zhong heard this, his eyes flashed with bewilderment, and he asked with suspicion, “The granary is such a precious resource, how would you guys be so kind as to share with us?”

The strategic granary of the capital had the ration to feed over 10 million people. It was truly a precious resource. Its important was on par with most armories, and if Yue Zhong himself came in possession of it, he would definitely not share.


Dong Han continued, “There’s a huge Mutant Beast horde there, with Mutant Cats, Mutant Dogs, Mutant Snakes, Mutant Cockroaches and all sorts of strange beasts. Our Greater China Alliance is unable to breach through, therefore they have sent me to contact you to recover this granary.”

Yue Zhong pondered, before asking, “After we reclaim it, how are we splitting it?”

Dong Han responded smoothly, “50/50!”

Without missing a beat, Yue Zhong retorted, “70/30, 70 belongs to me, you guys take 30!”

Dong Han frowned, “45/55.”

“60/40, 60 me, 40 yours!”

Dong Han immediately broke into a smile, “Deal! 60/40 it is, in any case, there are enough rations there. 40% will suffice for us!”

“You’re truly easy to work with.” Yue Zhong eyed Dong Han with appreciation and asked curiously, “Dong Han, you’re a smart person, why did you start off with that bullshit?”

Dong Han responded with a strange glint, “It’s not. Leader Yue Zhong, I have used those words to persuade countless people. Some words, if I don’t use them, how would I know what the other party thinks? If I wasn’t that forthright, who knew if you were actually willing to join us or not?”

Yue Zhong’s eyes lit up and he assessed this man again, his respect and admiration growing, “Dong Han, I appreciate your skills, how about working for me?”

Dong Han was smart and knew when to retreat. His reaction was smooth, and he was truly a professional at communications. Yue Zhong had gathered a number of experts beneath him, and the closest he had was only Lian Da Zhong.

Dong Han chuckled, “Thank you for your praise, Leader Yue Zhong! I’m still a person of the Greater China Alliance, and have no intentions of leaving it as of now.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with disappointment, “What a pity!”

Dong Han replied, “Other than joining forces to take down the granary, our Greater China Alliance also hopes to buy rations from you.”

Yue Zhong asked, “Oh! What do you intend on using to purchase?”

Dong Han replied, “Pearls, gold, diamonds, antiques.”

Yue Zhong’s face turned sullen as he replied coldly, “We only use weapons, Mutant Beast meat, Mutant Beast materials, and fuel. 1 jin of Mutant Beast meat can exchange for 3 jin of rations. The weight of military weapons shall be the weight of the food exchanged. Mutant Beasts materials will use another form of trading value, for now, the hides are our priority. 1 jin of fuel can exchange for 1 jin of food.”

Dong Han immediately chuckled bitterly, all these that Yue Zhong was asking for were what the Greater China Alliance also sorely needed. It was especially so for the military firepower. They were stringent even on ammunition.

Although the Greater China Alliance had opened a few weapons facilities, they were still lacking in factories. Every bullet they spent was a bullet gone. Fuel was also a precious resource now, without it, tanks and other vehicles could not move. As to the Mutant Beast parts, they were all vital materials in armor and weapons. They were obviously reluctant to give them up.

Dong Han pondered before gritting his teeth, “Leader Yue Zhong, we’re willing to exchange 4 top beautiful virgins in exchange for 400 tonnes of rations. I can assure you, they’re definitely on par with top models. You’ll definitely like them. After we take down the granary, we’re willing to give you 4,000 tonnes of rations.”

Yue Zhong’s gaze turned savage, “No! If you want to exchange manpower, it’s possible, I want experts in the fields of optoelectronics, machine manufacturing, computing, doctors and any other professional fields. Every expert will be exchanged for a set amount of rations. Other than those, I want all beautiful virgins and a large number of them. Everyone of them will be exchanged according to my standards as well. Many of my subordinates are still single. You can also exchange with children, every child for 2 jin of rations. As to other women, 1 jin for 1.”

Dong Han heard this and his scalp turned numb, he could only agree, “Alright!”

Yue Zhong then embraced Zhuo Ya Tong beside him, planting a kiss on her cheek, as he spoke, “Oh right, I’m still lacking some precious stones. My darling here loves them, as well as pearls and the Mutant Beasts nucleus. This time, you may use those nuclei to exchange. The bigger they are the better, the more value in the trade. If you do this well, I’ll treat you well.”

Dong Han looked at Yue Zhong somewhat enviously, “Understood!”

After both sides had come to an agreement, Dong Han left the place, returning to the Greater China Alliance.

Xie Le County was a small town near Zhang Kou City. There were people within the town, and from afar, one could tell that there were survivors gathered in the town. This was the headquarters of the Greater China Alliance.

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