God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 676

The President of the Alliance was Ximen Tian Xiong, and he had gone to Xie Le County to do a routine inspection. He managed to avoid the initial devastation of the apocalypse and made use of his position to gather troops, establishing the Alliance.

The survivors of the entire alliance were definitely in the millions, but they were all spread out and thus, the actual number in Xie Le County was only about 200,000.

Inside a lavish mansion, 5 men sat on a sofa and stared at Dong Han.

“You’re saying that he wants experts in the optoelectronics, mechanical engineering, and medical fields?” One elderly man frowned, his face flushed.

This was the President of the alliance, Ximen Tian Xiong.

Dong Han replied, “That’s right!”

A middle-aged man of about 35 to 36, dressed in a suit, asked slowly, “Seems like his ambitions are big. He has already considered the future as a governing body. He isn’t simple.”

This was one of the 5 heads of the alliance, Chan Wei Hua. He had been a boss figure in the past and awakened as an Evolver. He relied on his own power to become one of the top figures within the alliance.

Another man with a thick gold chain around his neck and branded clothes, with system rings as well as jewelry around his fingers spoke out, “You guys are overestimating him. The fact that he wants so many women proves that he’s just some lustful person. He won’t amount to much.”

This particular man was called Zheng Da Long, and he was a farmer in the past, awakening during the apocalypse with immense strength. He was one of the rare triple-attribute Evolvers and made use of his strength to carve out a territory for himself, before being inducted into the alliance.

A neat and handsome man with gold-rimmed glasses and a slicked hairdo spoke out coldly, his gaze icy, “He doesn’t want just women, he wants to populate.”

This man was called Su Xing He, a low-level cadre from before the apocalypse. After awakening as a peak level Evolver, he used his wits and abilities to climb up the ladder, ending up as a head figure. He could tell Yue Zhong’s motive.

There was a remaining military personnel with sword-like brows and a strict demeanor. He was called Zhang Jian Xing. He was the commander of the army, and although he and Ximen Tian Xiong were ordinary people, he had the command of the army and was one of the head figures of the alliance.

Zheng Da Long squinted, and asked with an honest look, “Oh? Why population? He already has a million survivors, he shouldn’t be lacking in manpower.”

Su Xing He had seen through Yue Zhong’s objectives, and replied slowly, “His ambition is huge. He wants us to exchange experts because he lacks those talents. He wanted women because he wants to promote childbirth. Without women, how could he grow his population? As for the children, he could groom them and they would rely on him and become his loyal supporters in the future. He doesn’t have to worry about men because as long he implements his plans, he could win the men from our hands. He’s truly crafty and hard to deal with!”

Hearing his analysis, the rest of the heads fell silent, their brows furrowed, and found themselves agreeing with his words.

Chan Wei Hua asked Su Xing He, “Xing He, what should we do then? We don’t have enough resources!”

Xie Le County had 200,000 people, and every day, their consumption was huge. Ximen Tian Xiong had already tried restricting the outflow. Other than the 10,000-strong army and 4,000 subordinates of the 5 heads who ate half their original meals, the rest of the survivors could only get gruel. Even then, it was still an astonishing dwindling of their rations. If it weren’t for their scavenging troops heading out to look for food, they could not support themselves.

Yue Zhong’s power had already reached the borders of the Greater China Alliance, and they found themselves stuck, between Yue Zhong’s harsh terms of exchange and their own resources. Even if there weren’t any major operations, they could at most hold out for another week.

Zheng Da Long continued squinting and suggested, “Why don’t we try attacking the granary first. Since there’re Mutant Beasts there, we should be able to gain some meat from there.

Su Xing He shook his head and rejected, “There should be at least 10 Type 3 Mutant Beasts. If we don’t send all our forces, we will definitely lose. But then, if we did so, Yue Zhong would take the chance to attack us. Then whatever we have built up, we would lose.”

Type 3 Beasts were no joke, each of them was terrifying existence.

Yue Zhong had 10 Type 3 Treants with him, and each time he launched a night raid, their rate of slaughter was extremely terrifying.

Chan Wei Hua asked, “Then what?”

Su Xing He’s eyes flashed with fervor, “We can only exchange the people. Once we hold out for this period and implement that plan, we will recover whatever we’ve lost.”

Ximen Tian Xiong turned silent, before his gaze also turned resolute, “Alright, let him be smug for a while.”

Ximen Tian Xiong had made his decision and sent over a thousand experts and professors in various fields as well as a large number of women towards Hohhot City. Yue Zhong also kept his word, sending the rations over.

Without his support, Xie Li County would have faced a catastrophic food shortage.

In this exchange, Yue Zhong gained a large number of talents, as well as a huge pile of precious stones, diamonds, and Mutant Beasts nuclei. Of which, he had obtained 13 Type 3 Nuclei, 60 Type 2 Nuclei, and over 200 Mutant Beast nuclei.

After the Greater China Alliance received the food, they began to send envoys to urge Yue Zhong to join forces with them to attack the granary.

Yue Zhong wasn’t particularly in a rush, instead, sending Hu-er Ran and Lie Ming Yi as well as their 2nd Brigade and 3rd Brigade to continue on their mission to wipe out the zombies in the surrounding counties, before reclaiming those territories.

The horde controlled by the mutant zombie had continued northeast, and although they weren’t moving towards the capital, there were still a lot of zombies in the nearby counties making their way to congregate. However, these zombies were slowly being cleared by Yue Zhong’s troops before they could join up with the rest.

The Greater China Alliance watched as Yue Zhong continued to reclaim territory after territory, and they couldn’t sit still, feeling the pressure, and they started to deploy their own troops to conquer the other towns.

There were over 14,000 soldiers in the Greater China Alliance. Although they had no way of contending with a million-strong horde, they could still deal with tens or hundreds of thousands in those small counties.

Yue Zhong watched them and didn’t send any troops to attack them. After all, the zombies at the capital were too many, over 2 million. At the same time, there were too many people in the surrounding towns and counties. With just Yue Zhong’s factions, even using 15 missiles would not be able to wipe out the zombies fully. Thus, as long as the Greater China Alliance attacked the zombies instead of him, he could still tolerate their existence.

Just as both factions went on their tacit understanding in clearing the zombies, there was a sudden movement from the 3 million zombies in Zhang Kou City. They left the city and formed a wave that made its way towards the capital.

Yue Zhong sent many unmanned drones to conduct reconnaissance on the zombies, and the moment the zombies left, he immediately deployed the Tiger Wolf Army to head there and clean up the remaining zombies. He reclaimed the city before the Greater China Alliance even had a chance to react.

The Greater China Alliance was plunged into a sudden disadvantage. They realized they were suddenly surrounded on 3 sides by Yue Zhong’s factions.

Left with no choice, they could only continue towards the northeast direction and conquer 2 cities, and other smaller villages.

Although they conquered the 2 cities and annihilated over hundreds of thousands of zombies, they lost hundreds of soldiers and wasted a large amount of ammunition. Their military strength suffered a huge loss.

Under their efforts, Zhang Kou City was jointly shared by Yue Zhong and them. Both sides maintained an impasse. They didn’t dare to attack Yue Zhong, and Yue Zhong wasn’t willing to wipe out this ‘ally’ that could help kill the zombies.

Yue Zhong knew that if he wanted to swallow them, he would have to pay a huge price as well. In the end, forcing them to fight the zombies wasn’t a bad choice.

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