God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 677

Having secured the control of Zhang Kou City, Yue Zhong then led the 1st Regiment and its armored division, the 2nd Brigade, the 3rd Brigade and stationed them in Zhang Kou City.

After resting for a few days, Yue Zhong personally led the 2nd Brigade and 3rd Brigade, together with the 10,000-strong army of the Greater China Alliance, as they made their way towards the granary in the city.

The Greater China Alliance also sent out their long-time commander Zhang Jian Xing, their strongest Evolver Zhen Da Long, as well as the crafty Evolver Su Xing He.

Along the way, although both troops maintained their guard against each other, both sides had the common goal of taking down the granary. Hence, while tension was high, there wasn’t any exchange of fire.

Under those conditions, both armies entered Nan Min Town.

The zombies in Nan Min Town had already been cleared out by the recon soldiers sent to investigate the granary previously.

By the time they entered the town, it was in the evening. Both armies occupied half the town each and began to prepare their dinner.

Yue Zhong’s troops ate rice, as well as broth, together with their luncheon meat, Mutant Beast and Mutant Fish meat. Whereas the soldiers of the Greater China Alliance only ate bland cornbread.

The Greater China Alliance had managed to gain a large amount of corn and cornflour after obtaining 2 cities. Thus, their meals became cornbread. As for canned meat, luncheon meat, and all sorts of nourishing food, these were only issued to the higher command, and the ordinary soldiers could not eat them.

“Shit! They got some really good food there!” One of the Alliance soldiers came back to his own camp, looking at the 2 cornbread in his hands, and thought back to what Yue Zhong’s side was eating. He could not help but curse in envy.

Another soldier bit into his cornbread and spoke, “Be content! One month ago, we didn’t even have enough to eat, it’s already good that we could eat our fill now.”

Not so long ago, the Greater China Alliance was facing a food shortage, and few among their troops could eat their fill. Compare to then, they were truly in a better position.

Another soldier looked around before speaking in a low voice, “Did you guys hear? The leader over there is called Yue Zhong, he had already led his troops to conquer Hohhot City, Bao Xi City and Zhang Kou City, and many other places.”

One soldier grumbled, “I should have known! We stayed so long in those lousy places, how can we compare with others?”

On one side, there was a valiant leader who had gone to conquer the whole of Central Plains, while the other had kept themselves holed up in a few broken cities. The soldiers were naturally unhappy. They were after all humans with their own thinking and not undead zombies that only knew to follow orders.

That same soldier spoke softly, “Then do you know? It seems that if any of us were to go over and pass their questioning, we could become one of them. As a soldier there, not only is there meat to eat, if one gains enough merit, they can get their own wives and form a family again!”

The soldiers were immediately stirred, as they crowded around in a bid to make things clear, “Is that for real?”

In the camp of the Greater China Alliance, many small groups started their own conversations, and many were tempted to join Yue Zhong.

There were over 10,000 soldiers in the Greater China Alliance, and they comprised of the survivors that had joined in the past year. Their sense of belonging wasn’t as strong. Especially with a situation where they couldn’t eat their fill, they were naturally dissatisfied.

In the dark of the night, as night fell over this town, many pairs of eyes lit up in the distance.

A sea of Mutant Rats came rushing towards the town.

“Mutant Beasts!! The Mutant Beasts are here!”

Both Yue Zhong and Zhang Jian Xing had been cautious and deployed many experts to be on sentry. The moment the Mutant Rat horde came close, the alarm was sounded.

The moment the alarm rang out, all the soldiers got ready and gathered in their positions.

After they got in position, there was a huge difference in the troops. Yue Zhong’s soldiers had been through countless battles with zombies and Mutant Beasts. After the battles, their experience had groomed them into elites. The moment they heard the alarm, they had swiftly gathered under their respective commanders. As for the Alliance troops, many were just living meal to meal and had not undergone any formal training. They gathered in a messy manner, some even began to panic. That was the difference between a well-trained troop and a motley bunch of people.

“What an elite troop!!” Zhang Jian Xing saw the soldiers under Yue Zhong responding so efficiently, and he looked at his own subordinates, his lips pursed and a chill overcame his heart.

It was not that Zhang Jian Xing did not know the importance of training. However, the Alliance had always been lacking in food, and if they trained without proper nutrition, it would be dangerous. Their previous food shortage simply did not allow them to.

However, it was not that they lacked elites. 1,000 elite soldiers got into position with a similar speed to Yue Zhong’s troops and followed their orders to take up their defenses.

Yue Zhong came to the front lines of the town.

At this time, a number of flares lit up the night and area, and everyone could see the sea-like horde of Mutant Rats making their way towards the town.

“Open fire!”

Bullets flew from the Alliance, blanketing the Mutant Rats.

Yue Zhong watched them and did not issue any order to fire, instead, turning to Bi Lǜ and commanded, “Do it! Eliminate them!”

Bi Lǜ closed her eyes, and like a goddess, she waved her hands and a spiritual wave spread out towards the nearby Treants.

3,000 Treants charged towards the Mutant Rats the moment they were touched by the spiritual wave.

The 3,000 Treants charged right into the horde of Mutant Rats, using their sharp claws to tear the Mutant Rats apart. These were all creatures of above Level 20, their barks were tough, and the claws of Mutant Rats could not pierce through easily. The claws of the Treants were much sharper in comparison.

The 3,000 Treants had stood guard outside the town like rocks, and faced the incoming wave of Mutant Rats, tearing them apart and gobbling up their corpses.

These Treants still had room for evolving, as long as they consumed enough flesh, blood, and essence, they could become stronger.

The commanders of the Alliance looked at Yue Zhong and his 3,000 Treants, their eyes flashing with envy, “Strong! They could actually command such freaks!”

Over at their own side, while their soldiers were firing at will, many of the Mutant Rats managed to breach their defenses and bit their soldiers to death.

However, they made a swift reaction, as a number of firetrucks drove forwards and fired a few arrows with oil into the rats, and lit them up.

Long walls of flames instantly appeared, separating some of the Mutant Rats, and forcing many of them towards Yue Zhong’s direction.

The Treants managed to hold off the huge horde of Mutant Rats, as any of them that managed to reach the Treants were instantly sliced apart.

Soon, there was a mountain of Mutant Rats corpses in front of the 3,000 Treants.

As for the human soldiers, they watched quietly as the 2 opposing sides of mutant creatures tore each other apart.

From time to time, one or two of the Treants would be broken down by the combined attacks of the countless Mutant Rats, however, many more Treants would retaliate.

The intense battle continued for an entire half hour, after which, there were suddenly terrifying roars that resounded from behind the Mutant Rats. A number of Mutant Dogs, Mutant Cats, Mutant Lizards, Mutant Snakes, Mutant Scorpions, Mutant Tigers, Mutant Apes, Mutant Gorillas and other variants all appeared, bringing a terrifying pressure.

“Fire the cannons!! Fire the cannons!”

Yue Zhong watched the swarm of Mutant Beasts and his eyes narrowed as he gave the order.

Among the sea of Mutant Beasts, there were many Type 2 Mutant Beasts and giant ones. They were not something that the Treants could handle.

Should the Type 2 Mutant Beasts charge through, the 3,000 Treants would be immediately ripped apart.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Yue Zhong’s troops and the alliance troops brought their own heavy artillery, and both sides began to fire, as powerful missiles rained down upon the Mutant Beast horde, blasting large patches of them into oblivion.

Heavy firepower was the answer to dealing with Mutant Beasts hordes. As long as the missiles landed, even a Type 4 Mutant Beast would be heavily injured. Of course, a single round could instantly kill a Type 2 or Type 3 Mutant Beast, but it was not the case for a Type 4 Mutant Beast.

Under the rain of heavy artillery, many of the Mutant Beasts were killed, but much more managed to evade the rain of heavy fire, and charged towards Yue Zhong and the Alliance.

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