God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 678

With the support of the other soldiers, the Alliance paid the price of 50 lives before killing the Type 2 Mutant Beasts that had breached their defenses.

Over at Yue Zhong’s side, 300 soldiers wielded laser guns and fired from afar. The laser beams pierced the heads of the Type 2 Mutant Beasts, continuing through some of the other lesser Mutant Beasts behind them.

When the soldiers of the Alliance saw the laser guns in the hands of Yue Zhong’s soldiers, their hearts were filled with shock, “Laser guns! They had already managed to develop such weapons!”

The laser gun was a technology that many major countries were researching into before the apocalypse. However, while the technology of laser existed, converting it into a weapon was likely something that required another 20 years.

However, there were laser guns now in the hands of Yue Zhong’s soldiers, and this caused all the soldiers of the Alliance to be shocked. This meant that Yue Zhong already had a mature production line of laser guns. Furthermore, he already had the research ability.

Zhang Jian Xing watched as the soldiers fired the laser guns, turning the heads of the Type 2 Mutant Beasts into sieves, and they slumped dead after roaring in agony.

His eyes narrowed in shock, and he immediately recognized the threat and importance of such a weapon.

After the world changed, Mutant Beasts were evolving constantly. The Type 2 Mutant Beasts were already largely invulnerable to bullets, and their defenses were strong. While anti-tank missiles might deal some damage, the Type 3 Mutant Beasts were another tier higher.

Ordinary soldiers were helpless against Type 2 Mutant Beasts, but with the laser guns, ordinary soldiers could kill them. In the future battles, any side that had laser guns would have a huge advantage.

Zhang Jian Xing had already realized that be it equipment, training or battle experience, Yue Zhong’s troops were vastly superior to his own. If Yue Zhong had wanted them eliminated, he knew they would perish without a doubt.

Zheng Da Long saw how easily Yue Zhong’s soldiers were killing the Type 2 Mutant Beasts and he couldn’t help but feel a chill, “What a terrifying army!”

Although Zheng Da Long was a peak Evolver, he had no confidence that he could block the lasers. He was filled with trepidation towards the soldiers of Yue Zhong’s troops.


As the soldiers of varying ranks in the Alliance watched, their eyes were filled with a complicated gaze.

With the support of the artillery, numerous Mutant Beasts were blasted to death, and the soldiers of the Alliance and Yue Zhong continued to defend their own positions, withstanding this wave of Mutant Beasts.

After an hour, there was another earthshaking roar from behind the hordes of Mutant Beasts.

10 Type 3 Mutant Beasts appeared in the sight of everybody. One was a 6m-tall Ferocious Ape, another was a 90m-long Type 3 Green Jiao Serpent with a single horn. Another was a 6m-tall Type 3 Golden Scaled Mouse, covered entirely in gold scales. There was a Type 3 Red Panther covered with red scales, a 10m-tall Type 3 Mutant Black Gorilla, a Type 3 Mutant Dog that had thick black fur that made it look like a lion, a Type 3 Giant Turtle with a shell the size of a moveable fortress, a Type 3 Black-scaled Ferocious Boar of about 10m, a Type 3 Steel Armor Bull, 10m-tall and covered in metal, a Type 3 Black-Spotted Spider of about 2m, and finally, a Type 3 Lykoi (Werewolf Cat) that was larger than a panther, with extremely sharp claws.

On top of the Type 3 Red Panther, there was a demon-like creature who stood 3m-tall, covered in a layer of gold scales, it had a tiger head, and yet it had golden wings behind its back. This creature stared at the town coldly.

This creature with a tiger head suddenly let out a piercing howl, and all 9 Type 3 Mutant Beasts responded in kind, before charging right at the town.

Of these beasts, the Type 3 Lykoi and Type 3 Mutant Dog were the fastest, on par with Lightning, and managed to breach the sound barrier.

The Type 3 Lykoi managed to charge right into the camp of the Alliance, and with a flash of its claws, many of the soldiers were ripped apart, their organs and brains splattering everywhere. It was a horrific sight.

Zheng Da Long eyed the Type 3 Lykoi and shouted out in a solemn voice, “Su Xing He, let’s charge together!”


Su Xing He followed behind Zheng Da Long, leading a dozen Evolvers as they rushed towards the Type 3 Lykoi.

Zheng Da Long activated his Second Order Werewolf Transformation, and his muscles rippled, as he transformed into a 3m-tall werewolf. After he transformed, he activated his Second Order High-Speed Movement, and pushed his speed to the limits of the sound barrier, rushing right at the Type 3 Lykoi. With a swipe, he managed to rip a huge chunk of meat from the body of the beast.

The Type 3 Lykoi roared out in anger and slashed back at Zheng Da Long. However, before it could reach his body, a powerful psychic barrier appeared in front of Zheng Da Long.

The Type 3 Lykoi slapped the psychic barrier, causing it to disintegrate.

Zheng Da Long took the opportunity to escape the attack range of the Type 3 Lykoi.

Su Xing He was a psychic Enhancer, and his barriers were all well-controlled. By working together with Zheng Da Long, they had killed many Type 3 Mutant Beasts before.

A dozen Evolvers quickly reached the battlefield, unleashing their skills at the Type 3 Lykoi. If any of them were to go against the beast alone, they would definitely be killed in an instant. However, working together with Su Xing He and Zheng Da Long who held it down, they could quickly unleash their abilities and injure the Type 3 Lykoi heavily.

On the other side, the Type 3 Mutant Dog had reached Yue Zhong’s camp, however, it was met with a flash of a pale-white fist. Yin Shuang burst forwards with a terrifying strength.

Although the Type 3 Mutant Dog wasn’t a Strength-based Mutant Beast, its strength was still higher than humans, and most Strength-based Evolvers could not match it. It slashed viciously at Yin Shuang, intending to turn this little human into meat paste.

A powerful explosion happened as the 2 parties brought forth their terrifying strength.

With a loud ‘hong’, the right claw of the Type 3 Mutant Dog was blasted apart, its bones disintegrating. A large amount of blood sprayed out, and the ferocious dog was also sent tumbling back in a pathetic manner.

“Strong!!” Yue Zhong watched how Yin Shuang had sent it flying and praised. A single fist could actually send a Type 3 Mutant Beast flying back, her strength was truly terrifying.

Among the intelligent life forms Yue Zhong had, Yin Shuang did not have the ability to summon other Sea Mutant Beasts like Hai Lan, nor the ability to control a Mother Tree or other Treants like Bi Lǜ. She didn’t seem to have any special skills, except her pure strength and speed. Even Yue Zhong with his Steel Body would be gravely injured if punched by her. She was truly an intelligent life form meant for combat.

“Enemies of Father, die!!” Yin Shuang’s eyes shone with a bloodthirsty light, and her entire body shot forwards like a cannonball, her fist blasting towards the body of the Type 3 Mutant Dog. It caused the entire body to cave in, and a number of bones broke.

The pitiful Type 3 Mutant Dog flew through the air, spitting out blood.

Yin Shuang continued to give chase, forcing it to retreat further.

Yue Zhong looked at the other 7 incoming Mutant Beasts, and pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun, firing at the 10m-tall Type 3 Black Gorilla.

Although it was a large beast, its reaction was swift. Yue Zhong had just fired, and it already dodged to the side.

Yue Zhong cocked the gun once more, and a beam shot out, penetrating the body of the Black Gorilla, leaving a large, smoking hole.

The Type 3 Black Gorilla roared out in rage and pain and charged at Yue Zhong as though nothing had happened. Its wound from the Electromagnetic Gun was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The Type 3 Black Gorilla wasn’t exactly fast, but it was still at least 18 or 19 times faster than an ordinary human. However, its defense, recovery rate and strength were among the strongest of the Type 3 Mutant Beasts. As long as its head was not damaged, or its heart pierced, it could quickly recover.

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