God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Level 1 Protective Garment

“So heavy!”

Yue weighed his backpack and frowned, taking two thirds of the items out and placing them on the ground.

This small supermarket was not a place to stay for long in . The outside of the supermarket was only made from ordinary glass. It would not be able to stop the zombies. Only those larger supermarkets might be able to withstand the force of them.

Yue wanted to escape from the school but having adequate strength was essential. Carrying heavy stuff would affect his stamina.

When Yue had levelled up earlier, he had increaseed his power and stamina, all in order to be able to escape to a safe place.

Yue picked up the large water bottle and drank a few mouthfuls of water, before casually tossing the bottle away and rushing outside.

White Bones was outside guarding the entrance. 20 zombies staggered toward Yue, bringing a hugely oppressive feeling.

Looking at the group of 20 zombies, Yue frowned since the space for him to maneuver was limited with 20 zombies huddled together. He would not be able to force his way past.

“Help! Save us!”

At this moment from the top of the tree, Chen Gang shouted loudly.

Attracted to the shout by Chen Gang, the 20 staggering zombies split up, with 10 zombies staggering towards the direction of the 3 boys.

By Chen Gang’s side, a boy named Sun Yu complained,

“Chen Gang, are you crazy? Leading the monsters over here again?”

Cheng Gang replied,

“I’m not crazy, there are so many zombies below, so if no one come to rescue us, how long can we stay up on this tree? Can you escape from the encirclement of the pack of zombies?”

Sun Yu immediately became silent: the zombies were slow, but too many in number. These dangerous undead were dotted throughout the entire campus, making it impossible to escape. Even more frightening was that as most people knew, as long as the zombies scratched the skin, it would get infected and you would become a new zombie, the infection incurable.

After the 10 zombies separated, the pressure on Yue had greatly lessened.

White Bone took a long stride forward, swinging his axe and beheading the first zombie, sending the head flying.

Yue followed right behind White Bones and commanded,

“Cut off their left arms, White Bones!”

White Bones slaying the zombies meant that Yue couldn’t get any experience to increase his strength. Only when he personally killed the zombies could he then be able to level up and get stronger.

White Bones received the command and took a step forward, swinging his axe and cutting off the left arm of a zombie.

Yue came forward wielding his Novice Stick and firmly smashed the zombie’s head, breaking the zombie to the side.


Hiding in the trees above, Chen Gang saw Yue and White Bones working together to slay the zombies. His eyes flashed faintly with praise.


After killing 2 zombies, Yue shouted towards White Bones.

At this point the remaining eight zombies had slowly gathered around; once surrounded again, Yue would be killed.

After the sound, Yue and White Bones suddenly moved and rapidly escaped from the encirclement of zombies.

8 zombies continued to stagger towards the two of them.

The speeds of the 8 zombies could clearly be divided into fast and slow as they advanced forward.  A zombie then promptly burst out.

“Go! Its left arm!”

Yue shouted an order.

White Bones quickly stepped forward, using his axe to cut off the zombie’s left arm, Yue took the opportunity to use his Novice Stick and smash the zombie head askew.

After killing the zombie, White Bones and Yue retreated, once again distancing themselves from the small group of corpses.

Just like this the zombie was slain by White Bones and Yue working together, and the small group was soon dealt with by them as well.

[You have advanced to level 4, please assign the 2 stat points!]

After Yue finished off the last zombie, that nice levelling message sounded in his ear.

“Assign to Power and Stamina!”

Yue stated as he heavily panted. He had used up a lot of stamina from slaying the 10 zombies and only had 3 points left.

A surge of warmth flowed inside Yue’s body, and he had once again gotten stronger.

In front of Yue, White Bones had also been promoted to level 4 and its overall strength was now 30% stronger than the average person.

Yue had caused some commotion by killing the 10 zombies, for the 3 zombies scattered nearby staggered towards him.

“Kill them! Then come back on guard!”

Yue took a glance at the 3 zombies and ordered White Bones. He was very tired and needed to rest in order to recover his stamina.

White Bone received the order and advanced forward, using his axe to easily slay the 2 zombies.

“Hey, what’s that?”

After White Bones had killed the last zombie, a white box 30cm in length emerged from the zombie body, lying quietly beside it. Yue saw this and immediately walked over, picking it up.

[White Treasure Box: inside of this treasure box there may be a treasure you can use, but there may be nothing. Gamble on your luck!]

Yue had just picked up the box when a message appeared in his head.

Without hesitation, Yue immediately opened the white box: a white light flashed and then a white garment appeared in front of him.

[Level 1 Protective Garment: able to block 3 preliminary infections that are level 5 and under. Cannot resist the preliminary infection above level 5.

Bonus: Power +1, Agility +1, Vitality +1, Stamina +1, Spirit +1, Strength +1.

Can be worn with other protective garments with no stacking of bonuses.

Durability 3/3. This can be sold to the system store for 50 Life Coins!]

“Nice one!”

Yue quickly put on the protective garment, which was essentially the equivalent to becoming an extra 10% stronger than a normal person and was able to fend off 3 zombie attacks, the equivalent of 3 lives.

Yue still had to be careful when fighting a zombie 1 on 1, because the slightest mistakes would make him become infected; with this protect garment, he only had to be careful to not be surrounded by zombies. It really was the equivalent of having 3 more lives.

The white protective garment suited his body size just right.

Putting on the protective garment, Yue glanced over at the tree, gave a thumbs-up and retreated into the small supermarket to have a rest.

“Chen Gang, what does he mean? Why did he retreat into the supermarket?”

Sun Yu looked at Yue retreating into the supermarket and asked in wonder.

Chen Gang speculated,

“Maybe he used up too much stamina.”

Fighting would drain your stamina and simply couldn’t be sustained for too long.

After Yue retreated into the supermarket, he remained alert and observed the surrounding environment while quietly resting.

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