God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Attack Stone Horse Village

Yue Zhong carefully inspected the equipment dropped by the fierce ape inside the car.

The mutated monkey group and the mutated fierce ape dropped four skill books and eight white treasure boxes all together.

Among the skill books there was a Rank 1 fireball book, a Rank 1 Ice Cone technique book, a Rank 2 High Speed Movement book, and a Rank 3 Enormous Power Solidification book.

“Rank 3 skill: Enormous Power Solidification. This is a passive skill. After studying, you will permanently receive an 8 point increase to Power.”

Yue Zhong immediately learned the Enormous Power Solidification skill book. A flash of light, a new rune formed in his sea of knowledge. As soon as the rune formed, he felt his power increase several points.

In the eight white boxes, he opened a set of strength Clothes, a pair of strength shoes, power gloves, and two Imitation Tang Swords. The rest of the three boxes were all empty.

Yue Zhong directly gave the rank 1 fireball and rank 2 high speed movement skill books over to Guo Yu saying: “Little Yu! This is yours!”

Guo Yu’s big beautiful eyes flashed with joy and excitement as soon as she received the two skill books. She revealed a sweet smile to Yue Zhong saying: “Thank you master!”

Being the person at Yue Zhong’s side, Guo Yu naturally knew the preciousness of a skill book. A skill book had the ability to make one far exceed ordinary evolvers. Her receiving this skill book signifies her receiving Yue Zhong’s trust, becoming one of his people.

“Such a cute little fox.” Yue Zhong’s heart couldn’t help but slightly sway looking at Guo Yu’s cute lolita smile. His vision moved away from Guo Yu’s body. If he kept staring at the beautiful Guo Yu, he couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t push himself onto this lolita. No matter the time and place, this wouldn’t be the least bit decent.

“Hehe, looks like my charm really hasn’t gone down.” Guo Yu looked at Yue Zhong who was a little displaced. She thought a moment and revealed a crafty smile, feeling good.

Yue Zhong looked at the little Yao Yao covered in dirt in the rearview mirror. He thought a moment and gave her the other High Speed Movement skill book saying: “This is a High Speed Movement book, can you learn it?”

Yao Yao took the High Speed Skill book tossed to her by Yue Zhong and turned it over left and right. Then she tried to open it to look at the pages, but it wouldn’t open. Her brows wrinkled, she asked Yue Zhong using her sweet lolita voice: “How do I open the book?”

Yue Zhong directly said: “Don’t open it! You only need to say in your mind I want to study this book. Then you will naturally learn it.”

Yao Yao shut her eyes. A brilliant light flashed, and the skill book in her hands disappeared.

Yue Zhong looked at Yao Yao and curiously asked: “Yao Yao, what level are you in God and Devil World?”

Yay Yao opened her eyes and grabbed the Chocolate Yue Zhong had given her. Eating and speaking at the same time she said: “Level 1!”

Yue Zhong continued to ask: “What level is your agility?”


Yue Zhong was a little startled hearing this number. His agility was half of Yao Yao when he was level one in the God and Devil World system. Her maturity is much larger than Yue Zhong’s at that time.

Returning back to Always Bright Village, Yue Zhong took a bath and laid down on the bed. Lu Wen slept on his left hand side, and Guo Yu slept on his left. They traveled through the night to return to Always Bright village, so Guo Yu and Lu Wen both fell asleep as soon as they hit the pillow.

After the two lolitas fell asleep, Yue Zhong finally grabbed the white bead from the mutated fierce ape and swallowed it.

As soon as the white bead entered Yue Zhong’s stomach, a heat instantly spread throughout Yue Zhong’s body, continuously strengthening him.

“Congratulations, you attained 8 stamina.”

A pleasing announcement sounded in Yue Zhong’s sea of knowledge after the flowing heat disappeared.

“Awesome!” Yue Zhong heard the announcement sound, and the corners of his mouth slightly lifted revealing a satisfied smile. Finally he went to sleep.

The next day, Chi Yang stayed behind. Yue Zhong brought a large group of people and an IFV towards Stone Horse Village to clear it out.

Although Stone Horse Village has mutated beasts living there, as soon as they kill the beasts, that piece of land will be the best fit for Yue Zhong’s group to establish a base.

Furthermore, mutated beasts are a resource. Evolvers who can kill them are able to continually become stronger.

A vast motorcade of Hummers, Jeeps, Dong Feng trucks, and an IFV quickly arrived at Stone Horse Village.

The rumbling sounds of all the vehicles attracted the zombies of Stone Horse Village.

A large amount of zombies attracted by the sound started swaying out of the village.

Wang Shuang’s group, Xiao Ming’s group, Liu Yan’s group, Da Gouzi’s group, and Yue Zhong’s group all quickly got out of their vehicles. All of the personnel totaled up to eighty men.

Wang Shuang, Xiao Ming, Liu Yan, and Da Gouzi’s groups were all companies of twelve men. Yue Zhong’s group originally had twenty-four people, but he absorbed the six people from Ji Qingwu’s group after she left. There were eighty people when adding on Lu Wen and Guo Yu.

Yue Zhong coldly looked around at all the combat personnel and said: “Each unit prepare for battle. Wait until the zombies reach within one hundred meters. Open fire after receiving my command! The family members of the men who die will be taken care of. They will receive a preliminary team member salary and treatment. Anyone who retreats without the command will be killed on the spot. Their dependents will have their status and benefits cancelled. Is that clear?”

“Clear!” Their hearts shivered with fear after being looked upon by Yue Zhong, and they loudly replied.

“Go prepare!” Yue Zhong commanded. The combat personnel were all brought under the command of their respective units and taken to a concealed location.

After all the combat personnel were in place, Yue Zhong commanded to White Bones who was wrapped in bloody cloth: “Enter the Village, and extract the zombies for us!”

The eyes of White Bones flashed with a spirit flame, and it quickly rushed into the village.

The zombies originally disturbed by the noise of the motorcade immediately swayed out of the village towards white bones as soon as they smelled the bloody human scent.

White Bones rushed into the village, and he waived his axe beheading six zombies. The packed group of zombies followed and circled around White Bones.

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