God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 683

The mighty Sword Radiance tore a hole into the skull of the Type 3 Mutant Black Gorilla, slicing its brain into two.

With a flicker, Ji Qing Wu disappeared from on top of the Type 3 Mutant Black Gorilla.

The massive Mutant Beast that was the size of a fortress slumped down lifelessly.

The other Type 3 Ferocious Ape suddenly appeared in front of Yue Zhong, swinging its mighty fist at him.

The speed of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape was too fast, Yue Zhong had no way of dodging.

His eyes flashed, and a thick Dark Dou Qi enveloped his entire body. In a blink, he used his Shadow Steps, reaching speeds exceeding the sound barrier. He twisted and leaped backward, at the same time, pulling out his Flame Blade to slash the fist of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape.

The sharp Flame Blade managed to slice the fist of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape, leaving a deep gash.

Yue Zhong himself was also sent flying back from the recoil, the Flame Blade also flying out of his grasp.

As he flew back, the Devil Flames in his hand congealed into the shape of a spear, and he flung it with all his might. The Devil Flame Spear shot towards the head of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape, exploding upon impact and enveloping its head, frying its brain into cinders.

With its death, the total number of Type 3 Mutant Beasts dwindled down to 3, the Mutant Giant Turtle, the Black-scaled Ferocious Boar, and the Type 3 Red Leopard.

The strange Beast atop the Type 3 Red Leopard looked towards Yue Zhong coldly and frowned.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The intense volley of cannon fire continued without stopping, blasting countless Mutant Beasts into pieces. At the same time, due to the death of the Type 3 Gold-scaled Rat King, the sea of Mutant Rats were broken apart, as the critters began to flee in different directions.

The remaining Mutant Beasts were also baptized by the laser beams that met them right after the blanketing artillery fire.

Upon seeing all these, the strange Beast atop the Type 3 Red Leopard let out a shrill howl.

When they heard the howl, the rest of the Mutant Beasts quickly retreated like a flood.


The strange Beast eyed Yue Zhong deeply, before turning around and disappeared into the night.

“Seems like yet another terrifying opponent has appeared!” Yue Zhong watched the retreating Mutant Beasts and his brows furrowed.

This time, in order to fight back the Mutant Horde, Yue Zhong had brought along a large amount of ammunition. Had they continued to surge forwards, he could easily wipe them out.

Since he held the upper hand, as long as they held out till daytime, he could even call for the reinforcements of the assault helicopters to rain hell upon the Mutant Beasts.

Now that the Mutant Beasts chose to retreat, he was full of trepidation. In fact, the Mutant Beasts were stronger than zombies, if they also had a commander with a human-like intelligence, it would be a terrifying thing.

The ordinary soldiers did not consider so much, the moment they saw the retreat of the Mutant Beasts, all of them erupted in cheers, and they knew they had fended off their enemies successfully once again.

Bai Xiao Sheng appeared by Yue Zhong’s side, wrapped in gauze, as he asked, “Leader, do we continue towards the granary?”

Yue Zhong’s eyes turned cold as he replied, “No! We will eradicate the Greater China Alliance now. They dare to work together with the Kingdom of God, what imbeciles! If we let them live, they will pose a problem to us.”

This time, due to their collusion, Yue Zhong’s troops had suffered greatly. Hu-er Ran’s 3rd Brigade had lost over 600 men.

After all, the 3rd Brigade only had 3,000 men at first, they were all made up of old veterans that had followed Hu-er Ran through countless battles.

600 elites who had abundant experience were killed off in this battle, and this was a huge blow to Hu-er Ran’s forces. Other than the 3rd Brigade, Yue Zhong also lost another 20 Evolvers to the 2 Apostles. If it wasn’t for capturing these huge elite force of the KoG, Yue Zhong could have been considered to have suffered a great loss as well.

The most important point was that Zhang Jian Xing was the core of the Alliance’s military. With his death, the Alliance only had 4,000 soldiers left. They were basically a motley bunch without a capable leader.

After resting an entire day, Yue Zhong sent out his troops to transport the numerous Mutant Beasts corpses behind and sent the injured soldiers back. As to the corpses of his enemies, they were fed to the Mother Tree, becoming its nourishment. Yue Zhong would only respect his own soldiers, while he had no mercy nor pity for his enemies.

At the same time, he deployed troops towards the base of the Alliance. He was still of the idea of co-existing with the Alliance. However, after everything, the Alliance was basically helpless against him. He also did not want to leave this cancer to fester.

Su Xing He saw that Yue Zhong’s army had dropped all notions of advancing towards the granary, and his heart sank, “Is he finally going to act against the Alliance? There’s no one who can stop him now.”

Su Xing He was one of the upper echelons of the Alliance and knew the capabilities of the soldiers. Having lost their general, there was no one else who could lead them. Most of the commanders inside had obtained their posts through connections, and while they could somewhat deal with zombies in towns, fighting Yue Zhong’s troops was a different thing altogether.

After pondering for a long while, his eyes shone with a resolute gleam, “That’s right. This is also a chance. Once he swallows the Alliance, there will be no one who can stop his expansion in the North. It might not be just a dream for him to unite the entire country anymore. If I join him now, I might be part of the founding team.”

With Su Xing He’s strength, it wasn’t difficult to gather a few hundred people and become his own local warlord. However, he wasn’t happy with just doing something on such a small scale. He knew that even if he did so, and could possibly enjoy himself in some remote corner, once Yue Zhong succeeded in conquering the country, he would not allow Su Xing He’s faction to exist anymore. Even if he were a peak-level Evolver, facing all the peak-level Evolvers of the country, he wasn’t much.

Having learned something in life, Su Xing He had been a director before the apocalypse as well. He was clear on the splendor and allure of power and authority. He wanted to become an official, and thus, he decided to join Yue Zhong.

Su Xing He was led by a soldier to Yue Zhong, before respectfully greeting him, “Leader Yue Zhong, I’m Su Xing He, I hope to be of assistance to Leader.”

Yue Zhong eyed the man in front of him, his eyes flashing, “You’re that Su Xing He? One of the 5 heads of the Greater China Alliance?”

Yue Zhong had not expected that one of the 5 leaders would take the initiative to submit to him.

“Yes!” Su Xing He chuckled, before he revealed his cards, “I am able to hand the entire Alliance to you.”

“While the leader to the rest is Ximen Tian Xiong, the true pillar is Zhang Jian Xing. Because of his death, while the Alliance might still exist, it would never be a match for you. However, there’re a number of experts within. If you were to still forcefully swallow the Alliance, you might suffer some casualties as well.”

“Furthermore, those who will suffer will be the ordinary citizens. If you were to attack the Alliance, most of the survivors would suffer. In this current world, humans are the most precious resource. I know Leader you wouldn’t want to see too many deaths as well. As long as you pass the responsibility of convincing the Alliance to me, I will make sure to deliver.” Su Xing He spoke, a hint of fervor in his eyes.

Yue Zhong also agreed that Su Xing He had a point, and he chuckled, “Fine! What would you want?”

Su Xing He’s eyes were practically ablaze by now, “I know Leader your current system is martial law. I hope to be able to become a Lieutenant Colonel and help to lead troops in your stead. Other than that, I would like to recommend Chan Wei Hua to be a major as well. Both of us are peak Evolvers, and we can definitely be swords for you.”

Yue Zhong saw the fiery ambition in Su Xing He’s gaze and laughed slightly, “Alright! I’ll promise you. As long as you can hand the Alliance to me, I will grant your wish.”

The positions of a Lieutenant Colonel and a Major in exchange for over a dozen thousands of survivors as well as 2 peak level Evolvers was too good for Yue Zhong to pass up on.

Su Xing He replied, “Thank you, Leader! I hope that as I conduct the operation, you will assign me troops to assist in the plan. Only with sufficient pressure, I will be able to ensure the Alliance listens.”


Yue Zhong’s troops continued to push towards the Alliance, causing them to fall into panic. Some people who were smarter knew that the death of their general Zhang Jian Xing meant that the Alliance was helpless against Yue Zhong.

“Yue Zhong is reaching, what do we do?” Within a secret base, Chan Wei Hua summoned his people and asked.

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