God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 684

“That’s right! Brother, Yue Zhong is truly too powerful, we’re not his match! Let’s flee!”

“Yea, Brother. If you’re worried about the rations, we can go and steal some before leaving.”


One by one, the various ringleaders spoke up, none of them were willing to stay behind to fight it out with Yue Zhong.

Chan Wei Hua listened to them and his eyes lit up. He knew that it was suicide intending to fight against Yue Zhong. However, he had over 40 beauties under his wing. As for the rest of them, some had at the very least one or two, while the most could have a dozen. If they were to all flee, just their women would reach a few hundred.

Such a huge troop would not be able to escape the grasp of Yue Zhong’s army. Chan Wei Hua knew that it was difficult for him to bring his troops to flee. The moment he attacked, other than a few experts, the rest would be forced to stay. His women would not be free as well.

“Why should you run?”

Right at this time, a voice traveled over, and the moment it sounded, everyone in the room became wary, turning to the direction.

Su Xing He stepped into the room and revealed a smile.

Chan Wei Hua’s eyes narrowed to a slit, as his entire body became tense. He was like a leopard ready to pounce as he stared at Su Xing He in wariness, “Su Xing He, I want to leave, are you intending to stop me?”

Su Xing He continued to smile, “No! If you want to leave, by all means. However, I have got a suggestion. Who knows, after my words, you might not want to leave anymore.”

Chan Wei Hua saw that Su Xing He had no intentions of stopping him and heaved a sigh of relief. Su Xing He was also a peak level Evolver, and if both parties were to engage in a fight, they would likely draw. He had no intentions of fighting it out with Su Xing He.

Chan Wei Hua’s eyes flashed as he spoke, “Su Xing He, Yue Zhong’s reach is extensive. Even Zhang Jian Xing and the Kingdom of God couldn’t do anything to him after teaming up. Such a fearsome person is not someone we can handle. No matter what you say, I will not stay. It’s practically suicide. DO you want to leave with me? With our strength, we can carve something out for ourselves.”

Su Xing He was also an Evolver, and if a faction had 2 such powerhouses as their core, they could deal with plenty of situations. As long as it wasn’t a Mutant Beast wave or a zombie horde, they could handle themselves.

Su Xing He laughed lightly, “Why should we leave? Can’t we just join Yue Zhong?”

“Join him?” Chan Wei Hua immediately sunk into thoughts. He was worried about Yue Zhong hunting him that he never thought about submitting to him.

“Wei Hua, if you want to flee now, you’re free to do so. Based on your strength, it’s possible to go to a small village and be the local tyrant. However, did you stop to think, Yue Zhong’s influence will only continue to grow. Once he had conquered everywhere, you will need to recede your territory even further, otherwise, he will send troops to wipe you out. Till when will you continue to live like that?”

“Plus, you can only do so much alone. There’s still the issue about the zombie horde, the Mutant Beasts, rations, etc. Without a proper base, you can only continue to flee, and nothing else but flee. In the end, other than you, there will be a few dozen brothers. Those without enough strength will perish. Is such a lifestyle what you guys want?”

“Yue Zhong has already conquered the Central Plains and over 5 or 6 major cities. He has established the running of factories and farming, as well as a currency system and a working government. He is the only warlord with the most potential of uniting the entire country. Since he’s still in the initial stages, if we were to join him now, after contributing, we might become founding fathers. Our future generations will stand to bask in our glory and achievements. If you don’t want to choose this path and rather pursue a dog-like life, by all means. You can continue to cower in fear and live in the uncertainty of being swallowed by some other power, or killed by a wave of Mutant Beasts.” Su Xing He rattled on and on with a strong logical reasoning.

Hearing his words, Chan Wei Hua’s expression seemed to perk up. He looked towards his subordinates and noticed that they were all swayed by his argument already.

After all, everyone wanted to live a better life. No one liked to live like strays, living day to day.

Chan Wei Hua wasn’t an idiot, he thought for a while and asked, “Su Xing He, you’ve already joined him, right?”

Su Xing He chuckled, “That’s right! I am a Lieutenant Colonel within his army now.”

Chan Wei Hua’s subordinates looked at him with envy. Having become a Lt. Col. under Yue Zhong, his status was different.

Chan Wei Hua frowned and asked, “Then what if I join Yue Zhong?”

Su Xing He replied, “If you join him, you get to keep all your private possessions. As long as you have the ability to feed your 40 women, you can continue doing so. At the same time, you will be a major under Yue Zhong, and in charge of an infantry battalion.”

Chan Wei Hua’s frown deepened, “A Major rank? Isn’t it too low?”

Although he was secretly satisfied with the arrangements, he wanted to try his luck in haggling. Mainly because he was unhappy with being under Su Xing He. However, he was extremely clear that Su Xing He had taken the initiative to submit first, that was why he got the longer end of the stick.

Su Xing He revealed a cruel smile, “If you want to gain a better position, you’ll need to prove yourself. If you can join me and present the entire Alliance to Yue Zhong, you’ll naturally gain a better position.

Chan Wei Hua swiftly made his decision, “Ok! Su Xing He, I’ll work with you in bringing the Alliance to Yue Zhong!”

Within a meeting hall of the Alliance’s headquarters, Ximen Tian Xiong and the rest of the upper echelons had gathered for a meeting, discussing how to deal with Yue Zhong.

Inside the hall, many of the officials were giving their own opinions, and everyone’s faces were downcast. No one felt that they could withstand Yue Zhong’s assault.

Ximen Tian Xiong listened to their discussion, his heart heavy as he asked, “What’s going on? How come Chan Wei Hua isn’t here yet?”

“I’m here! Sorry for being late!” Following a bright laughter, Chan Wei Hua and Su Xing He walked into the hall together.

Ximen Tian Xiong watched them enter together and a premonition arose in his heart. His brows furrowed.

Chan Wei Hua had a carefree look as he looked at everyone, “Don’t panic, I’ve come with the method of dealing with Yue Zhong.”

Ximen Tian Xiong was shocked and asked in curiosity, “What is it?”

The rest of the people also turned their gazes to Chan Wei Hua.

“The method is, to let Ximen Tian Xiong die!” Chan Wei Hua laughed indifferently, and a coin shot out like a cannon, piercing Ximen Tian Xiong in the head.

There was a look of shock on Ximen Tian Xiong’s face as his body slumped to the ground lifelessly.

Su Xing He instantly exploded out with 10 pieces of steel that pierced the 6 guards beside Ximen Tian Xiong. They were caught unprepared, and although they weren’t weak Evolvers, they were still assassinated by Su Xing He.

At the same time, there was gunfire from outside, as Su Xing He and Chan Wei Hua’s forces launched a swift assault on the soldiers of Ximen Tian Xiong. Under that sudden attack, Ximen Tian Xiong’s forces were annihilated.

The rest of the upper echelons watched the proceedings in horror and shock, not knowing what to do. Under the heavy suppression of Chan Wei Hua and Su Xing He, they didn’t dare to move.

Chan Wei Hua turned to survey everyone present and chuckled, “Don’t worry, those who want to live better listen up! Su Xing He and I have submitted to Yue Zhong. We hope that everyone can cooperate, otherwise, don’t blame us for being merciless.”

Everyone saw that Ximen Tian Xiong had already died, and they had no intentions of rebelling, looking on quietly as Chan Wei Hua and Su Xing He cleared the close buddies of Ximen Tian Xiong.

After eradicating all potential trouble, Su Xing He sent someone to handle the Alliance while sending someone else to invite Yue Zhong’s army in.

Chan Wei Hua immediately saluted Yue Zhong in respect when he saw him, “Chan Wei Hua greets Leader Yue Zhong, and is willing to serve!”

Yue Zhong chuckled, “Well done! Chan Wei Hua, from now on, you’re promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel!”

Chan Wei Hua was delighted, and responded enthusiastically, “Thank you, Leader!!”

Yue Zhong stared at him and said, “Chan Wei Hua, since you’re already my subordinate, you have to follow my rules. My army is a proper one, not one that anyhow does things. Military men have to abide by the military laws, is that clear?”

Chan Wei Hua’s heart turned cold, “Yes!”

Su Xing He came up to Yue Zhong and reported, “Leader, I have someone here, whom I think you’ll be interested to meet.”

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