God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 685

The middle-aged man replied, “I’m called Cheng Zi Ming, I used to work at the 2nd Satellite Base near the capital before the apocalypse.”

“Satellite base?” Yue Zhong was jolted when he heard that, and he asked hurriedly, “Do you remember the location of the base?”

Cheng Zi Ming was clear that this was a moment of potential rewards, and he replied, “I do. I can lead you there.”

Yue Zhong’s face broke out into a smile, “Good! Cheng Zi Ming, as long as I can obtain that base, I will reward you.”

Satellites were useful in modern warfare. With enough of them, the entire earth could be displayed. Since most satellites were focused on major cities, the movements of large armies could not escape detection.

Any faction that gained control over satellites would gain a huge advantage. Other than, satellites enabled telecommunication across the globe. It was possible to locate positions and do many other things.

The Kingdom of God had such a strong expansion at the start throughout the globe because of their control over the satellites early on. With them, they could pass messages, and ensure communication as well as an understanding of the various situations. Without them, in a world where many types of equipment had failed, the Kingdom of God could not have planned and executed their plans properly.

Cheng Zi Ming’s face lit up in joy, “Thank you, Leader!”

Yue Zhong looked at Su Xing He and praised, “Well done, Commander Su Xing He.”

Regardless of character or efficiency, Su Xing He was truly outstanding. He understood what Yue Zhong needed and attended to it extremely well. If there were any cons, it would be that he was unlike Li Guang and Bai Xiao Sheng in their loyalty towards him.

If Yue Zhong’s faction were to deteriorate, and another powerful faction appeared, Su Xing He would likely sell him out and join the other faction, just like how he betrayed the Alliance so easily.

Su Xing He grinned humbly, “Thank you for your praise, Leader!”

Su Xing He had already made his decision to help Yue Zhong in establishing his rule, and he would naturally bring forth all he had to offer.

Yue Zhong nodded and headed out.

After gaining the intelligence about the satellite base, he wasn’t in a hurry to rush out. Instead, he began to reorganize the Alliance troops. In addition to his captives, there were a total of 10,000 able-bodied men now.

From them, he pulled out 3,000 to form the 5th Brigade, with the command falling to Yu Wen Ying. Su Xing He and Chan Wei Hua were drafted into the 5th Brigade as well.

It was a large brigade, and one of the companies was made up of ex-Adjudicators. Just that troop alone was enough to overwhelm the other companies of Su Xing He and Chan Wei Hua. At the same time, Yue Zhong assigned a few loyal commanders to them, ensuring that it would be hard for either of the 2 to sway the soldiers in the companies.

As he was reorganizing the army, Yue Zhong sent the armored division of the 1st Regiment to head to the granary. Food was more precious than gold in the apocalypse. Once he obtained the granary, he would not have to worry about rations in the short run.

The armored division of the 1st Regiment had a smooth journey, only coming across a few Mutant Beasts along the way, and conquered the granary easily. However, half of the rations inside had already been destroyed by the Mutant Beast horde, with many broken bags and piles of excrement lying everywhere. The stench was truly overbearing.

Although most of the granary had been damaged, 10% of it was salvageable.

Yue Zhong thus arranged for the undamaged rations to be transported back to Zhang Kou City, Hohhot City, and Bao Xi City separately.

The huge zombie horde and Mutant Beast wave that had retreated was still a huge threat looming over Yue Zhong’s mind. He did not want to leave the rations in a single place.

While that was going on, Yue Zhong sent the newly established 5th Brigade together with the 4th Brigade to clear zombies, slowly expanding his reach towards the capital.

On the other side, the defeat of the Kingdom of God’s soldiers reached their headquarters, causing a huge wave among the elders of the KoG.

“Erek that fool, he failed!”

“800 of our kids had actually ended up in that Yue Zhong’s hands because of that idiot Erek! What do we do now?”

“Punish that Erek!”

“Correct, punish him! He has to be put to death!”


The council erupted in voices of dissent.

Those 800 Adjudicators and Judges were all Aryans and part of the KoG’s fighting force. They were also necessary for the reproduction of their race. With such a force, they could easily conquer a city over at Africa. They could not give up such a force.

As for Yu Wen Ying and the other foreign races, even if they were to be eradicated, the Elder Council would not make a big fuss. After all, it was easy to raise up another unit of these soldiers from their other bases. However, the troops that Erek had led were pure Aryans and precious people.

After all, that 800 soldiers had clashed against the 3,000-strong 3rd Brigade, and they only lost 300 people but managed to kill 600 soldiers of the 3rd Brigade. Furthermore, of the 300 casualties, some had been killed by the Mutant Beasts and the elite Evolvers of Yue Zhong’s soldiers. The actual number that fell at the hands of the 3rd Brigade was only about 100.

Without any external assistance, the Aryan unit could easily crush the 3,000-strong 3rd Brigade. That was how strong they were.

The Great Elder Jonas announced with difficulty, “Erek shall be put to death!”

Hearing his words, the rest of the Elders regained their calm.

One Elder asked, “According to Wilson, there’s still about 500 of our men in Yue Zhong. What do we do about them?”

“We have to save them!”

“How do we do so? They’re already in his hands, if we continue to send people over, it will be just sending them to their deaths.”

“India! We need to transfer some soldiers from India to deal with Yue Zhong. India can be considered to be our colony. We can deploy about 100,000 soldiers from there. It should be enough to eradicate Yue Zhong.”

“100,000 foreign soldiers, this is the maximum that we can activate from India. Once we deploy them, our strength in India will suffer greatly. If we were to lose, India will also be lost. I am against this idea.”

“I’m also against the idea. If we were to deploy troops from India, then we need to transfer some resources over. Just transporting them will take up too much logistics. By then, when we start the assault against Yue Zhong, we will have to devote resources into the battle, and our plan to recover the capital in the city here will be delayed. This is not to our benefit.”

“Negotiations! I feel that we should negotiate with him. Since cannons and weapons cannot help us achieve what we want, let’s use negotiations!”

“That’s right! A powerful, united China may not be to our benefit, but the number of zombies in China is about 1.5 billion. It is a number that Yue Zhong would need at least 10 years to deal with. Our main enemies are the zombies now, not other humans. Although it will be a pity to abandon China, for now, we definitely need to focus our efforts on reclaiming the major cities within our own country!”


The elders were all practical, the moment there didn’t seem to be a solution to Yue Zhong, they chose to negotiate.

Jonas also came to a decision after some consideration, “Let Anreit go and negotiate with Yue Zhong to recover our children!’

The orders of the Kingdom of God soon traveled to China, and the branch there responded quickly, sending the envoy to Yue Zhong.

Anreit came up to Yue Zhong and saluted, “How are you, Leader Yue Zhong!”

Yue Zhong saw that it was Anreit and chuckled, “Anreit, it’s you? Speak, what’s your objective?”

Yue Zhong had negotiated with Anreit once in Vietnam before, and he had even stabbed them in the back viciously.

Anreit knew Yue Zhong’s character and immediately got to the point, “Leader Yue Zhong, I hope to buy back the 500 Adjudicators and Judges from your hands. We’re willing to use 3,000 assault rifles and 50,000 rounds of ammunition to exchange for them.”

Yue Zhong immediately responded “I want 2 manufacturing lines of the Thunder Fighters, 2 multi-functional battle helmet production lines, as well as 10,000 tonnes of fuel. If you can meet my requirements, I will release them immediately.”

The Thunder Fighters and multi-functional battle helmets were great items. Especially the helmets, they provided adequate protection against rifles, and had night vision, navigation, analysis, battlefield scanning and other capabilities.

The Kingdom of God could conduct operations in the night and achieve outstanding results because of the helmets.

Anreit was taken aback and he laughed bitterly, “Leader Yue Zhong. The Thunder Fighters are our newest research, and we only have 5 production lines. It is impossible to give them to you. The helmets can only be produced over in Europe as well. Even if we want to give them to you, we can’t port it over.”

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