God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 686

The Kingdom of God had many factions within China and were pretty active in China. Of course, even if they were to all work together, they weren’t a match for Yue Zhong. However, if they were to react, they still posed a problem. Should Yue Zhong successfully swallow them up, he could truly become the conqueror of China.

Anreit chuckled bitterly again, “I’m sorry, I can’t agree to that condition.”

The power that the Kingdom of God had in China wasn’t small, they had altogether about 27,000 soldiers. Anreit was naturally unwilling to hand them over to Yue Zhong. While most of them were ordinary soldiers, not having undergone any job changes, but they had already undergone tough military training and their combat power was still a notch above most normal soldiers. This was a sizeable force and the Kingdom of God would not give it away so simply.

Yue Zhong’s expression turned extremely cold, “Then what the fuck are you here for?”

Anreit turned silent, “I can hand over all the factories from the Outer Mongolia in exchange for those 500 soldiers.”

Yue Zhong stared at him, “Military factories?”

“That’s right! Outer Mongolia has about 20 ammunition production lines and 15 heavy artillery production lines. They could produce enough for most armored vehicles.”

Yue Zhong took the opportunity to propose a counter offer, “Add on another 5,000 rifles, 1,000,000 bullets. I know you can afford that. As for the production lines, you guys will handle the transport. Don’t bargain any further.”

Anreit grit his teeth and replied, “Fine!”

The troops of the Outer Mongolia had already been defeated by Yue Zhong. Although the KoG still controlled much of the production lines there, they couldn’t suppress the local factions for much longer. They had to clear out sooner or later and since that was the case, it was better to hand the lines over to Yue Zhong than to those local militants.

After completing his task, Anreit felt much at ease, “Leader Yue Zhong, the Kingdom of God is extremely interested in the laser gun technology in your hands. They are willing to exchange the production techniques for the Thunder Fighters and Multipurpose Combat Helmet for that technology. This will be beneficial to both our countries, we hope that you can agree.”

Yue Zhong immediately refused, “No.”

Yue Zhong and the Kingdom of God were on different levels of technology capabilities. Even if he were to gain the secrets of the Thunder Fighter and Multipurpose Combat Helmet, if he wanted to produce them, it was impossible within the next 2 years. After all, manufacturing an aircraft required many materials and time. Without the necessary capabilities, even if he had the blueprints, it was useless.

After the deal was confirmed, both sides started to carry out their ends of the deal.

A large number of production lines were delivered by the Kingdom of God into Yue Zhong’s hands.

Yue Zhong received them, together with 5,000 assault rifles, and a million rounds, before releasing the 500 Aryan soldiers back to the Kingdom of God.

After an entire month, Yue Zhong finally managed to empty out the granary storage, and his troops managed to eliminate about 800,000 zombies.

As they neared the capital, the number of zombies were increasing as well. An ordinary county might have a few hundred thousand of them and each time they launched an assault on a county, they would have to expend plenty of ammunition. However, Yue Zhong was not in shortage of production lines now, and in addition to the recently-joined Alliance members, everyday, there was plenty of ammunition produced to support the constant war against the zombies.

With the addition of the Outer Mongolia’s production line, Yue Zhong’s production speed had increased by a third. Everyday, there was ammunition produced and sent to the frontlines, allowing Yue Zhong’s army to be constantly fighting, with more to spare and save.

Qin Yang County was extremely close to the capital and currently, there was a vehicle fleet on its way there. The satellite base was in a location just right outside of Qin Yang County.

Yue Zhong was seated in a Hummer that had been modified, as he looked out the window serenely. He had come on this trip personally in order to obtain this satellite base.

In his mind, the importance of this satellite base was equal, if not higher than, to the missile base. What he had gained within the missile base was not to be used lightly, whereas the potential of the satellite base was going to be extremely useful. All his communications and reconnaissance would level up.

“It’s right here!!” Cheng Zi Ming brought Yue Zhong towards a barren mountain that seemed inconspicuous. There was a huge metal door right at the entrance of the mountain.

He pointed to the door and told Yue Zhong, “The base is right below there.”

He continued to explain, “In fact, there is a city below, which is extremely huge. When I was here working, the number of personnel was about 3,000. The base is well equipped with all sorts of functions. I think that there might be at least 2,000 zombies within.”

Yue Zhong looked at the door and said, “Open the door! Qing Wu!”

Ji Qing Wu put on her Blue Biological Armor and pulled out that large sword, before slashing a few times at the door. A hole was soon carved out.

One Evolver muttered a spell under his breath and stretched out his hands. There was a flash of light, and 8 hunting dogs appeared. He pointed to the door, and the 8 hunting dogs darted into the base.

“Not a problem!” After an hour, the 8 hunting dogs came out and the Evolver looked at them before nodding at Yue Zhong.

Having ensured that there was no danger within, Yue Zhong brought his troops into the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, there was no light, and Yue Zhong took the lead cautiously.

Behind Yue Zhong, a number of flashlights were switched on.

The party then soon made their way into the city.

They discovered that within the underground city, there were all sorts of structures, just that there was no light, and the entire place looked like an underground tomb.

Yue Zhong surveyed the place and felt wary. He had also entered an underground city back at Ulan Mountain Range and had come across that strange parasitic creature.

He turned to speak to Ji Qing Wu, “Qing Wu, go get some men to guard the entrance, do not let anything escape out. I’ll go take a look.”

Ji Qing Wu’s eyes flashed with worry, “Be careful!”

“Don’t worry!” Yue Zhong smiled at her, before carrying Yin Shuang on his back and made his way further into the city.

Yin Shuang had the combat strength of an Apostle, and Yue Zhong had the capabilities to overwhelm an Apostle himself. As long as they were careful and did not meet any Type 5 Mutant Beasts, it was hard for them to fall.

Barren and silence, that was the description for the underground city.

Yue Zhong walked along and could make out several broken windows. There were patches of blood on the ground, and it was obvious that there had been many deaths at the jaws of the zombies during the start of the apocalypse.

The defense was tight in this underground city, but at the same time, it had acted as a huge cage, trapping the people within, preventing them from escaping.

He did not come across any danger but he couldn’t help feeling a sense of caution. This was because he had not come across something that he should have already, the zombies. He would rather face tens of thousands of zombies than any of those Mutant Beasts that had intelligence.

Kuang lang!

Just after Yue Zhong passed by a window, suddenly, dozens of S2s leaped out and charged at Yue Zhong.

While he still felt wary, he didn’t panic, and swiftly activated his Shadow Steps, slashing out with his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade.

The S2s that pounced over were instantly killed by him.

Just as those S2s were dealt with, a number of L2s charged out from various corners, carrying H1s facing Yue Zhong.

When those H1s opened their mouths, a number of fireballs fired towards Yue Zhong like cannons.

Yue Zhong immediately dodged into a nearby shop when he saw the H1s.

Just as he entered the shop, 3 Type 2 Hunters leaped down from the roof, together with 8 S2s that were hidden within the shop.

This was obviously a strategy that made use of the zombies hidden at every corner. If it were any ordinary Evolver, they could not have dealt with the Type 2 Hunters.

Facing this continuous waves of attack, a nether hole appeared in mid air, and 3 sharp bone spikes shot out from the hole, impaling the 3 Hunters, nailing them to the wall.

Yue Zhong sent out 8 instantaneous slashes, slicing the 8 S2s in halves.

After killing those S2s easily, his eyes flashed with suspicious, “What is going on? When did the intelligence of these zombies evolve to this state? They even know how to set traps?”

Even the smart huge-head Mutant zombie had not thought to do so.

Yue Zhong thought to himself, “What if there’s something like that Amaterasu inside here?”

Amaterasu was the only zombie with intelligence that Yue Zhong had encountered. He possessed human-like intelligence as well as a terrifying combat ability. At that time, Yue Zhong had only managed to injure him, instead of killing him. When he thought of the possibility of something similar appearing in China, he was worried.

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