God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 687

Yin Shuang suddenly became blank, and leaped away from Yue Zhong’s embrace, jumping out of the shop.

“Yin Shuang!!” Yue Zhong watched Yin Shuang leaving him suddenly and was shocked. He quickly leaped after her.

Yin Shuang was not only the most important combatant under Yue Zhong, but was also a little girl that was extremely reliant on Yue Zhong. He viewed her as family, and seeing such a change in her, he could not help but be flustered.

Yue Zhong had just arrived at that building, when a Devourer that was hiding appeared suddenly, as it opened its jaws and spat out its poisonous gas.

Yue Zhong was taken aback. He quickly stopped his breath, and Devil Flame erupted around him to burn away the poison. He quickly slashed out at the Devourer, slicing it into 2.

“Not good! I inhaled some!!” Yue Zhong had killed the Devourer easily, but he realized his cells were starting to break down, as a dark poisonous mist emitted from his body. He was also started to lose consciousness.

The toxicity of the Devourer was extremely horrific, if it had been anyone else, they would have instantly turned into a zombie. Yue Zhong could withstand the change because of his high Vitality. Even so, his cells were fighting against the infection with all their might. He might be a Vitality-based Evolver, but his body was still not immune to infection.

At this critical juncture, Yue Zhong bit down on his lips harshly. The pain jolted him awake and he quickly retrieved his G-Type Cure, quickly injecting its contents into his body.

The moment the contents were absorbed, Yue Zhong felt his blood regaining its vigor and flow.

At that moment, 8 S2s pounced upon him, intending to bite down at his body.

His hands lit up in flames, as his powerful Devil Flame burst forth, enveloping the 8 S2s.

When the flames died down, only ashes remained, the 8 S2s had disappeared entirely.

“Ah! Blue Treasure Box!” After wiping out those 8 S2s, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief and was about to continue up the stairs when he noticed a blue treasure box beside the corpse of the Devourer.

Yue Zhong was overjoyed and picked it up.

The Blue Treasure Box was extremely rare, even higher grade than the Green ones. At the early stages when there were a few Type 3 Mutant Beasts, they tended to drop a few. However, the world had mutated to a state where even killing those Type 3 monsters might not guarantee any drops. Most of the boxes that appeared were Green, and Blue ones were rare.

Yue Zhong obtained a Blue Treasure Box from the Devourer, this caused him to be happy.

With a flash, a pair of wings of about 7m wide appeared in his hands. They were black in color, seemingly made up of some metal alloy, their edges sharp like blades, and the entire pair of wings was covered in mysterious runes, with a round pocket in the center.

“Level 6 Treasure, Dark Wind Alloy Wings, able to block bullets of 14.5mm. Upon equipping, allows the user to glide for a short distance from 20m above the ground. Once provided with a Type 3 Nuclei, the user can use the wings to fly. Can reach a maximum speed of sound barrier. Consumes energy for nucleus while flying.”

“Good treasure!” Yue Zhong looked at the Dark Wind Alloy Wings and his eyes lit up with excitement. With this, he could fly and still battle in the skies.

After all, there weren’t many Evolvers that could fly. Of the Evolvers under Yue Zhong, they numbered over 2,000, yet there were only 3 who could fly. One of them was a wind-controller, the other were air-controllers. In fact, they weren’t really flying, just using their abilities to send their bodies into the skies. However, it could not be maintained for long, at most, they could do so for 5 minutes.

Having gained this Dark Wind Alloy Wings, it could complement his other skills, and allow him to fly. In any case, he wasn’t lacking in Type 3 Nuclei.

As he stopped here to inspect his new equipment, the evolved zombies below were slowly making their way up.

His eyes flashed coldly and with a thought, a nether hold appeared in mid-air, and 10 sharp bone blades shot out, twisting and slashing into the group of zombies, turning them into mincemeat.

White Bones killed the zombies then stepped out of the nether hole, and guarded at the entrance of the building according to Yue Zhong’s instructions.

Yue Zhong came to the 2nd level of the store, coming face to face with 6 Devourers crawling on the ceiling. They opened their jaws and shot out their tongues that were capable of tearing through armored vehicles.

The Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade in his hand slashed out with multiple beams, causing 6 tongues to be severed as murky blood splattered everywhere.

He then pulled out his Stinger and fired 6 consecutive shots.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Following the sound of gunshots, the 6 Devourers had their heads blasted open and they dropped from the ceiling.

After killing those 6 Hunters, Yue Zhong activated his Bone Encompassing Armor, his entire body encased in the bone carapace. He surveyed his surroundings, turning to fix his gaze on some broken windows.

His eyes flashed coldly and he walked closer to take a look.

All of a sudden, 4 Type 2 Hunters leaped in from outside, opening their jaws and firing their tongues.

4 sharp spikes shot out from Yue Zhong’s shoulders, slicing through the tongues, while another 4 shot out from his chest, piercing the heads of the Hunters, before flinging them away.

Having gained intelligence, White Bones was able to utilize its skills effectively based on its own judgment to deal with enemies.

Yue Zhong looked out and noticed that Yin Shuang was currently shivering while kneeling in front of a figure, atop another building.

That person was a beautiful woman in a long white dress, with a lush head of thick hair. Her skin was fair and her features were exquisite, yet she had a sense of being untouchable.

Beside her, stood 8 S3s, 2 L3s, and a Devourer.

Yue Zhong opened his hands and a bone spike shot out, impaling the wall of the next building.

As the bone spike retracted, Yue Zhong was pulled towards the roof of that building.

Yue Zhong saw Yin Shuang shivering badly and he shouted in anxiety, “Yin Shuang, are you ok?”

Yin Shuang turned to face Yue Zhong, although her eyes were still blank, “Father, is she my mother?”

“No! Yin Shuang, she is not your mother.”

Yue Zhong turned to face that cool-looking beauty and charged towards her. He could tell that she was the one who was the cause of everything happening here.

In a few breaths, Yue Zhong had already appeared behind her, reaching out with his right hand to grab her pale neck.

That act of grabbing her was ridiculously simple, he had in fact prepared a few countermeasures in case she acted out. It was as though she was just a normal person.

Yue Zhong exerted pressure and threatened, “Stop resisting and stop your controlling over my Yin Shuang!”

The cold beauty glared at Yue Zhong hatefully and gritted her teeth, “Kill me! All you beasts. Even in death, I will not become your toy!”

At this time, the 8 S3s, 2 L3s, and Devourer charged at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong frowned slightly and released the beautiful woman, pulling out his huge Black Tooth Blade, slashing out at the incoming zombies.

With a powerful blade beam slashing out, 9 zombies were turned into mincemeat, at the same time, 2 powerful Devil Flame incinerated the brains of the 2 L3s.

When the beautiful woman witnessed this, her eyes also flashed with shock. She knew how powerful the zombies she was controlling were. She had made use of them to tear through a few overpowered Evolvers, and to see Yue Zhong killing her trump card in such a casual manner, she could not help but be shocked.

After dealing with the 11 evolved zombies, Yue Zhong pulled out his Stinger and pointed it at her, “I have no idea what kind of misunderstandings you might have towards me. I did not come here to capture you to be my toy. However, I’m not some nice guy. Stop trying to control my Yin Shuang, otherwise, I will not hesitate to blow your brains out. I think that if you were to die, your control over my Yin Shuang would be stopped. I don’t like to kill without reason, but this does not mean that I will not kill.”

The beauty looked at Yue Zhong, touching her neck while snorting coldly and stopped casting her ability.

Yin Shuang, who had been kneeling and shivering, immediately stood up and leaped into Yue Zhong’s embrace, “Father!! Father!!”

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