God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 688

The cool beauty assessed Yue Zhong for a while, before saying, “I’m called Liu Yue Mei. Are you from outside?”

He replied, “That’s right.”

She continued to ask, “Are there still many zombies outside?”

Yue Zhong replied, “Many. In fact, many places are still overrun with zombies.”

Although Yue Zhong had gained control of the whole Central Plains, in truth, there were still many towns and villages containing zombies. He had only controlled the important industrial cities and counties.

Even Zhang Kou City had nearby villages that were not entirely cleaned up yet. It was because it would take a lot of time, and it might divert his attention away from the important task of advancing into the capital.

The zombies in those smaller villages were left to hunters to deal with. After all, since the corpses of zombies were vital nutrients to the Mutant Plants, Yue Zhong had set up a market to purchase zombie corpses.

From there, plenty of hunting teams popped up to earn money. It was a dangerous task, but the rewards were attractive and those who did not wish to confine themselves into working at factories managed to find work as hunters. It fulfilled Yue Zhong’s objectives as well.

In such a process, a new culture emerged. In the past, bounty hunters were a rare breed of occupation, and now, it had become the highly sought-after job for those who loved risks and high returns.

Yue Zhong stared straight at the lady and said solemnly, “I have already conquered most of the Central Plains. Zhang Kou City is already under my control. I have established a form of government there, and I’m highly interested in your ability. Do consider joining us.”

Her brows arched, as she challenged, “What if I decide not to, what will you do?”

Yue Zhong replied slowly, “Then I will have to apologize, your ability is too dangerous. If you don’t, I’ll have to eliminate you right here.”

Liu Yue Mei could control zombies, this was one of the sickest abilities Yue Zhong had come across. Although she was weak, the zombie troops she controlled could easily wipe out a peak level Evolver. With such a dangerous entity, if Yue Zhong had no means of controlling her, he would not leave her to his enemies.

In the system, there were many abilities that could be bought. However, the miraculous ability to control the zombies could not be bought from the system.

The easiest to obtain was the Firearms Manipulation Specialization skill once one turned into a soldier, while the other was the Medical Specialization for those who became medics.

Liu Yue Mei had an ‘as expected’ look, as she replied indifferently, “As expected! If I were to join you, what do I have to do?”

Yue Zhong looked at her and said, “I would like to know what your skill is called as well as its limitation. From there I can assign you tasks. You will be paid and treated according to your contributions. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about me lusting over your body. In fact, I have a number of women by my side, each and every one of them is even more beautiful than you.”

She snorted before replying, “My skill is the Third Order Zombie Control. I’m a Triple-Spirit Evolver. I’m currently level 60, and the maximum number of zombies I can control is 500. This refers to ordinary zombies. As for evolved ones, the numbers will be lesser.”

Yue Zhong’s brows arched as he asked, “Triple-Spirit Evolver?”

It was the first time that he heard such a term.

She replied somewhat haughtily, “The term Triple-Spirit Evolver means that each time I level up, other than the points to be allocated, there will be a fixed increase of 3 points in Spirit per level.”

When Yue Zhong heard that, he couldn’t help but tremble in shock.

Such an existence was truly terrifying. It meant that Liu Yue Mei’s innate talent was insanely high. Each time she gained a level, her Spirit was definitely stronger than any other person. Her only weakness was her weak survivability. However, if she had enough protection, she could unleash a terrifying combat strength.

Furthermore, with such a high level of Spirit, other than controlling zombies, she could use the system to learn other offensive and defensive spells. At that time, she would truly be a force to be reckoned with.

Yue Zhong chuckled and said, “Very good. I can assign you the rank of a Major, with the perks and treatment of one. Of course, you will have to use your abilities to wipe out zombies to earn that rank and promote.”

Her gaze flitted about before she replied, “It’s fine to join you, but I have a condition!”

Yue Zhong said, “Name it!”

Liu Yue Mei turned around and went down the stairs, “Come with me!”

Yue Zhong carried Yin Shuang and followed her out.

As they went past a few alleys, they came to a huge warehouse.

In front of the huge warehouse, there were 2 L3s. She eyed them and sent out a spiritual wave, and the 2 L3s pulled the door open.

“Sis, you’re back!”

“Sis Liu!!”


The moment she entered the warehouse, a dozen little kids came running over.

A few of these youths, looking about 13 or 14 looked at Yue Zhong and Yin Shuang warily, and asked, “Sis Liu, who are these people?”

The rest of the kids also took a few steps back, hiding behind Liu Yue Mei.

Liu Yue Mei looked at them with a sense of warmth, “Little Zhen, don’t be afraid. They’re my friends.”

Yue Zhong looked at them, not saying anything, as he turned to look at Liu Yue Mei.

She returned his gaze and said, “Come with me!”

Liu Yue Mei brought Yue Zhong further into the warehouse, and they came across a number of women lying by the wall. Most of them had their legs broken, some even had their arms chopped off. Some of them had faces full of burn scars, while others had bulging tummies as though they were pregnant, but their limbs were frail and weak.

“This is the result of those bastards’ actions.” Liu Mei Yue eyed those women, her gaze full of vengeance as she revealed what happened to this city.

After the world changed, the entire underground city was also filled with zombies.

However, since this was a satellite base, the defense wasn’t too weak. There was a special forces team as well as firepower to ensure the safety of the place.

As the apocalypse continued, the soldiers were all deployed to kill the zombies and rescue the citizens.

The survivors that were rescued retreated to the city center, waiting for rescue. Because the special forces started to transform into zombies as well, and the remaining soldiers had no way of clearing the rest of the zombies.

There were enough rations in this city, at the start, the situation was stable. With the passing of time, an Evolver by the name of Wei Xian suddenly appeared, launching an assault on the upper echelons of the society as well as the special forces, killing them all and snatching authority.

Wei Xian was a Special Forces soldier that possessed incredible combat skill. When he awakened as an Evolver, he was practically unparalleled within the city. Prior to the apocalypse, he had been a nice person, and a model soldier. However, when the world changed, he began to give in to his inner desires, turning into a lustful and violent person.

Wei Xian had swiftly organized a team to be his teeth and claws, as they holed themselves up in the center of the city, eating their fill while toying with the women. The rest of the survivors were treated like shit. Those in the warehouse were the women who had been broken by Wei Xian and his gang of cronies.

Liu Yue Mei had taken the opportunity to escape during Wei Xian’s fight for power. During her escape, she had awakened as an Evolver and gained her skill, making use of it to kill her pursuers, at the same time, forcing Wei Xian and the rest to be stuck, with no means of escaping the center of the city.

Yue Zhong asked curiously, “Why not kill those bunch of bastards? Since you have so many evolved zombies, you should be able to kill them easily.”

The L3s were impervious to normal weapons, not many Evolvers were a match for them. Even for Yue Zhong, he had to utilize the Devil Flame to incinerate them.

As for the Devourers, even Yue Zhong almost perished at their hands, and the claws of such a freak could kill any ordinary Evolver.

She gritted her teeth as her fury erupted, “Those bastards are holding the children hostage in order to threaten me! The moment I get the zombies to get too near to them, they will execute all the children within. If I were to let the zombies charge in and kill him, the children in there will all die! That bastard even resorted to something like this!”

Yue Zhong glanced at her strangely, he had not expected this woman to be so kind-hearted. It was truly rare in this world.

Liu Yue Mei looked towards Yue Zhong with a resolute gaze, “The condition for me joining you is this, you have to send people to take care of these women, and help me to take out Wei Xian, rescuing the kids from his hands.”

Yue Zhong replied, “Fine! Even if you didn’t raise it, I will send men to take care of these women and kill that bastard Wei Xian. This is what a leader, a person should do. I don’t want to take advantage of you. Do you want to raise one more condition for yourself?”

She looked at Yue Zhong somewhat taken aback, and sighed before she shook her head, “No need. As long as you satisfy those conditions, it’s more than enough for me.”

Yue Zhong replied, “Take me to Wei Xian!”


Under her lead, Yue Zhong came to the center of the city, where a number of walls stood high and tall, surrounding a few towering buildings.

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