God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 689

This was the core of the underground city, and surrounding it were plenty of zombies patrolling around without stopping.

Liu Yue Mei looked at the base with undisguised hatred, “It’s right here. Wei Xian that asshole is here.”

Yue Zhong took a look and said, “Can’t you control the zombies to assassinate him? It isn’t too difficult for the Type 2 Hunters to breach in.”

The Type 2 Hunters were natural predators if attacked by them in the dark, even a Level 60 Evolver would perish. Someone as strong as Yue Zhong had almost fallen at the continuous ambushes earlier.

Liu Yue Mei hesitated for a while, but decided to reveal the shortcomings of her power in the end, “I can control the zombies to gather together and issue them some simple commands. But I cannot order them to kill an enemy outside of my vision. Otherwise, they will go out of control and attack as per their instinct.”

Yue Zhong nodded and activated his Second Order Stealth, disappearing into the night, “So it’s like so! Go ascertain his position.”

Liu Yue Mei watched in shock as Yue Zhong disappeared right in front of her eyes. She adjusted her emotions then controlled the 2 L3 by her side to come right in front of the base.

One of the zombies went to press the communication button near the gate.

Her voice rang out, “Wei Xian, I know you’re in there. I want to see you!!”

As her words rang out, a number of bright lights shone towards her position, at the same time, the security cameras near the gate swivelled to lock onto her position.

After a while, an image appeared on the electronic display near the gate.

A bald man with a naked upper torso, his aura sharp, and his muscles ripped, appeared. There were 2 beautiful naked girls in his embrace, as well as another 2 kneeling on the ground, licking his feet. This man was precisely Wei Xian.

He kicked the 2 women by his legs away, his body edging forward slightly, “Liu Yue Mei, have you thought it through? As long as you are willing to become my woman, the both of us can leave this place with our powers. Once we go above, with our strength, we can establish a powerful kingdom. By that time, we are the law, we can do whatever we want to. Everyone else will have to grovel at our feet.”

Liu Yue Mei looked back in disgust, her gaze icy cold. “Even if I were to die, I would not become your woman. This time, I’m here to discuss a deal with you. Release the children, and I will control the zombies to allow you to leave.”

Wei Xian laughed out, “Miss Liu, do you take me for a fool? If I were to hand the kids over to you, won’t you just control the zombies to kill me after?”

Wei Xian waved his hands, pulling out a naked boy who was all skin and bones right in front of him, “Forget it, since you’re so pitiful, I’ll let you have some appetizers. Get 200 jin of food in exchange for this boy.”

Liu Yue Mei looked at the state of the boy and erupted in fury, “You damn beast!”

“You dare to scold me? Sure, let’s see if this teaches you a lesson!” Wei Xian’s eyes flashed with a cruel gaze, raising the gun in his hand towards the boy’s head and he laughed savagely.

The boy immediately cried out in shock and fear, his snot and tears flowing down his face. His skinny frame also started to tremble uncontrollably, “No! Don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!!”


Following a loud gunshot, a bullet hole appeared in the boy’s head, as he slumped lifelessly to the ground.

Seeing this, the 4 naked beauties kneeled down on the ground and trembled as well, not daring to raise their heads. They were afraid of antagonizing this devil.

Having been trapped in this underground city for a long time, with uncertainty and fear towards the future, Wei Xian was pushed to the brink of insanity. From time to time, he would just kill, and these women did not dare to anger him.

Liu Yue Mei’s eyes blazed with fury as her body trembled from the rage as well. However, she was helpless. She might have an insane skill in controlling zombies, but the skill had its limits as well. Her personal combat abilities were currently slightly above ordinary people. She wasn’t a match for Wei Xian.

Wei Xian waved his hands and another 15 year old boy was dragged right in front of him. He chuckled at Liu Yue Mei, “Miss Liu. You have just caused the death of an important hostage. Now I want 600 jin of rations. If you bring it, this boy is yours. Of course, if you can’t do so in 3 days, I will eat him!”

It had already been over a year since the apocalypse began, and although there weren’t shortage of food in the center of the base, the inhabitants had gone through quite an amount. There was the worry of insufficient food going around. In order to save on the food, Wei Xian had allowed his subordinates to resort to cannibalism.

Liu Yue Mei gritted her teeth in hatred, “I got it! I will bring 600 jin of food to exchange for him in 3 days. You better not be killing anyone else.”

Wei Xian replied indifferently, “I kill whoever I want to kill. What business is it of yours? However, if you do bring the food within 3 days, I can promise not to touch him.”

Liu Yue Mei shot him a deep glare, before turning around to leave.

Seeing her leave, the lights scattered and the electronic display dimmed. The rest of the surveillance cameras swivelled elsewhere.

Yue Zhong appeared from the dark, “Where is he?’

Liu Yue Mei pointed to the highest structure within the base, “That building over there. The 7th level hall. He should be engaging in shit with his subordinates.”

Yue Zhong turned to look at the structure, and his body disappeared into the night again.

The walls surrounding the center of the city were about 4m-tall. Yue Zhong leaped lightly and went over easily.

When he landed, he immediately shot for the 7-storey tall building.

As he passed through the center, he could see plenty of human bones and corpses littered about everywhere. It was hell.

In barely 10 seconds, Yue Zhong had arrived at the building, which happened to be the only lit one. He stretched out his hands and a strand of silk shot out from his ring.

The silk pulled him up to the roof of the building and he utilized his Devil Flame through his fingertips to melt the glass of a window.

He then entered the room without much difficulty.

As he entered the room, he saw many little girls without a single shred of clothing being locked in cages like animals.

Most of them had blank expressions even after seeing Yue Zhong suddenly appear. A few of them covered their mouths with expressions of joy and fear at the same time. They had hoped for a hero to come save them, but their hopes had been dashed time and time again. They already lost hope.

“This beast!” Yue Zhong saw the state of these girls and his eyes flashed with fury.

A little 12 year old came to the front of her cage, her skin fair and a collar around her neck, as she looked at Yue Zhong expectantly, “Uncle, are you here to save us?”

He looked at her and replied, “That’s right, I’m here to save you! Where’s the hall?”

The little girl swiftly replied, “It’s on the left once you exit from here. Uncle, you must be careful, Wei Xian is an Evolver. His main attribute is speed. He had also 3 Evolver experts with him. One of them is called Zhang Er Dan, he can transform into a werewolf. Another if called Liu Hong, she can control her hair, and the last one is called Xu Wei, he has monstrous strength.”

Right at this time, another naked girl had a strange glint in her eyes as she screamed out loud, “Enemy!! Ah!!! Enemy!! Boss Wei Xian, someone is here to kill you!! You must be careful!!”

The cute girl who had advised Yue Zhong looked towards her fellow captive in disbelief, “Zhang Li, you!!!”

There was a venomous look and gloating in Zhang Li’s eyes, “Boss Wei Xian! Lu Rong has betrayed you!! She has revealed information about you!! Lu Rong, once Boss Wei Xian comes later, you’re dead!! I hate people like you. This time, Boss Wei Xian will turn you into a bitch!! Haha!! Haha!!”

Zhang Li had gone crazy under the torment and humiliation of Wei Xian and his men, and her jealousy and hatred was projected onto those who had not yet been harmed. She just wanted to obtain Wei Xian’s love, and get a better position.


Following a gunshot, Zhang Li had a bullet hole in the middle of her brows, fresh blood flowing down. Her face was still contorted in a gloating look.

Yue Zhong eyed the corpse with a cold look, “What an eyesore!”

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