God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 690

Even Lu Rong, who had approached Yue Zhong to help, felt fear and backed up a few steps. If this man in front of her could kill without blinking, he wasn’t anyone merciful.

Yue Zhong looked at them and spoke to what seemed to be blank air, “Saka, you protect them.”

After that, Yue Zhong disappeared from the room.

By now, because of Zhang Li’s scream, the entire building had raised the alarm.

Wei Xian’s subordinates had begun to move, and Yue Zhong had not left far from the room when he saw 4 gun-toting militants.

The 4 of them charged at Yue Zhong the moment they saw him.

However, Yue Zhong disappeared right in front of their eyes, reappearing behind them.

At the next instant, the bodies of the militants split apart, as large amounts of blood splattered everywhere, dying the hallway. Normal people could not catch Yue Zhong’s movements at all.

Even for Evolvers, other than those who were high-level, very few could withstand a strike from Yue Zhong.

With a few slashes of his blade, the huge door to the hall was split apart. Yue Zhong kicked right through it and stormed into the room.

He discovered that 3 men were naked, surrounded by over 20 naked women. In fact, there was still a man engrossed in pounding another woman.

There was a strong smell of sex and grime in the hall.

Wei Xian looked at Yue Zhong and smiled in appreciation, “You must be the assassin? Truly gutsy eh? I’m Wei Xian, the leader of this base. I admire you, how about working for me. As long as you agree, the women here are yours to toy with. If you like virgins, I have a few stashed away. I even have a few non-mature pets lying around. As long as you join me, those toys will be yours.”

In this apocalypse, there wasn’t any form of entertainment. Since Wei Xian and the rest were trapped here, the only form of fun they had was to toy with the women. He had made use of them to pull over Zhang Er Dan, Liu Hong, and Xu Wei.

Although Liu Hong was a woman herself, she was an ordinary-looking lesbian. Before the apocalypse, she had not been accepted, thus, she had tried to suppress herself. After the world changed, having obtained some strength, she began to indulge in her desires.

Yue Zhong’s gaze was cold as he stared at Wei Xian, pulling out his Stinger and immediately firing, “Human scum! Go to hell!”


With a single gunshot, before Wei Xian even had the time to finish his words, his brains had been blown apart, as red and white matter splattered all over the woman beneath him.

The naked Zhang Er Dan saw Wei Xian’s death and he roared out in rage, triggering his werewolf transformation, “Damn it! You dare kill Boss Wei!! I will avenge him!!”


The Stinger sounded out once more, and the just-transformed Zhang Er Dan slumped to the floor with a bullet hole in his wolf-head.

Wei Xian and Zhang Er Dan were like invincible existences to the ordinary people of the underground city, but to Yue Zhong, they were just trash. Any elite Evolver under him could easily take them out.

When the naked women on the ground saw how easily the 2 demons of their lives were killed by Yue Zhong, their hearts were full of shock.

After Yue Zhong took out Wei Xian and Zhang Er Dan, he discovered Liu Hong and Xu Wei each gyrating their own women passionately. As to the events that just occurred, they seemed oblivious to them.

Yue Zhong saw the glass table filled with some white powder and he frowned deeply. Pulling out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade, he slashed out at the 2 cocaine-snorting Evolvers.

With a flash of his blade, their heads rolled to the ground, fresh blood spraying everywhere.

The naked women seemed to be used to the sight of death, although they were scared, they didn’t scream out like most normal people.

Yue Zhong glanced around and announced dryly, “I need someone who’s familiar with this place to lead me around. I want to rescue everyone out of here. Whoever has the ability stand up, I will ensure her safety, and I promise, not only will she live with dignity from now on, as long as I’m alive, she will not be short of food and clothes.”

There were over 20 naked beauties all around, and such a scene was more than enough to send a hot-blooded man dizzy.

However, Yue Zhong was someone who had his fair share of beauties, and these women weren’t enough to shake his resolve.

One bespectacled lady with fair skin and dressed in black lace, her demeanor charming and elegant, stood up as she stared straight at Yue Zhong, “I’m called Zhang Ya, I used to be the overseer in this satellite base. I’m familiar with the entire place, please allow me to be your guide.”

Zhang Ya knew to grab hold of an opportunity when she saw it. She saw how casually Yue Zhong had taken care of those 4 Evolvers and knew she had to use all she had to hang on to this man. Even if she had to give up her body, she didn’t care, in any case, she had been humiliated before.

“Don’t move!”

Right at this time, a dozen militants came charging in, pointing their guns at Yue Zhong.

Many of them caught sight of the naked women and their eyes shone with lust.

As Wei Xian’s subordinates, they had been able to play with women as well. It was just that the women they had vastly different from those that Wei Xian and his Evolvers kept for themselves. Thus, the soldiers turned sluggish.

“Die!” Yue Zhong pointed at those soldiers, as a dozen Devil Flame balls appeared and flew right towards their heads, exploding upon contact.

Zhang Ya saw how easily Yue Zhong killed those soldiers and her eyes flashed with shock, “Strong!!”

After all, even for Wei Xian who had been Special Forces prior, to kill a few soldiers, he would still have to exert quite some strength and effort. As for Yue Zhong, he had just killed dozens in the blink of an eye. That was the vast difference.

Yue Zhong than threw an assault rifle to Zhang Ya and said, “Come!! Bring me to the rest.”

She held it tightly and replied, “Yes!!”

In this world, there was only dignity with power, this, Zhang Ya had learned with her body.

She followed closely behind him, and the rest of the women felt regret, not taking the chance to stand up earlier.

Inside the base, there was no one who could stand up to Yue Zhong.

Any soldier that appeared was instantly taken out.

The survivors locked up in the various rooms were released one by one.

Other than the hired thugs of Wei Xian, there were about 250 people left in the building. Most of them were women, and only 30 were men. The rest were either his thugs or had been killed and eaten.

Wei Xian had cleaned out the men he didn’t need other than his subordinates. The reason for the 30 men surviving were because they had been experts in the operating of the satellites. Wei Xian knew that the base was a precious treasure, and thus, kept them alive.

Yue Zhong asked one man whose eyes were swollen, his body emaciated, as though the wind could blow him over, “Song Ben, when can we control the satellites?”

Song Ben had been one of the higher-ranking managers of the base, and was a technical expert in the satellite field.

Song Ben replied, “Leader, as long as we have enough power, and the base regains operations, I can gain control within 3 days.”

When Yue Zhong heard that, his eyes lit up with joy, “Great!!”

This time, he had come to gain the satellites. He didn’t have to worry about energy as he could easily set up the transfer of power from Zhang Kou City. Even if he didn’t have the grid, he could make use of fuel to generate power.

Song Ben seemed to hesitate before continuing, “Leader!! There’s another secret of this base.”

Yue Zhong became curious, “Oh? What is it?”

Song Ben revealed the secret solemnly, “There’s a powerful central computer in the base, with a completed artificial intelligence before the apocalypse. We call it Mars No. 1.”

Yue Zhong’s brows arched as he asked in suspicion, “Artificial intelligence?”

Song Ben replied, “Yes! It’s like the Red Queen from the Resident Evil shows. In truth, this satellite base is also a experimental area, meant to test the usage of artificial intelligence on the satellites. Mars No. 1 has a huge computing and processing ability. If you could gain it, it could monitor and control the satellites for you 24/7.”

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