God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 692

Yue Zhong’s face revealed a slight smile and said, “Fine! Deal!”

If possible, Yue Zhong also did not want to resort to destroying Mars No. 1. The proposed assistance was more than enough to him. Especially the image displays of the capital.

With that, Yue Zhong would be able to determine any nearby ammunitions storage and weapon facilities, which could bolster his troops.

The number of zombies was simply too much, seemingly endless. Furthermore, all the soldiers under Yue Zhong were humans, and although they could take on a 100 each, they would need the necessary weapons to fight. Against a small group of ordinary zombies, they could still try to engage them in melee combat, but against a huge horde, they would definitely need firepower.

In fact, Mars No. 1 had a lot more under its control than what it had offered Yue Zhong. Although it was just an artificial intelligence, in the process of its programming, it had been installed with many restrictions. That was why it was limited.

Yue Zhong and Mars No. 1 agreed on the details, and White Bones was left to defend the entrance while Yue Zhong.

At the nearby storage that was enveloped in darkness, Liu Yue Mei stood on the roof and surveyed the outside quietly. She had the night vision ability as well. It was awakened together with her ability to control zombies.

Her brows furrowed deeply as she kept her gaze on the streets. She knew clearly how strong Wei Xian and the rest were. There were at least a hundred soldiers, with a few Evolvers. She was worried that Yue Zhong might die within.

As she watched, she noticed a small figure walking slowly towards her.

It was precisely Yue Zhong, and beside him, there was Lu Rong.

Yue Zhong lifted his head and his gaze met Liu Yue Mei’s. He grabbed Lu Rong and leaped once onto the 7m-tall building, his gaze still fixed on Liu Yue Mei.

Liu Yue Mei stared at Yue Zhong in disbelief, “You’ve already killed Wei Xian?”

Yue Zhong ruffled Lu Rong’s head and chuckled lightly, “You can ask her!”

Lu Rong smiled sweetly at Liu Yue Mei, “Big sister! Big brother here has already killed the big baddie Wei Xian. Now, everyone has been released!”

Liu Yue Mei’s cold countenance finally broke into a warm smile, “Thank you for fulfilling my wish. From now on, I, Liu Yue Mei, will serve you willingly.”

There were all sorts of people in the apocalypse, some like Yue Zhong who became warlords and leaders of their own factions that sought to grow, some turned mad from the fear and insecurity, some gave in to their inner demons, while others became cruel. There were also a rare few, that in spite of all of these, having experienced such horrors, they still shone with their humanity and kindness. It was especially bright and warm in this cold, cruel world.

Yue Zhong nodded slightly.

Liu Yue Mei’s ability was an important tool to Yue Zhong. He could not just allow it to be buried here. She was also big-hearted, thus, Yue Zhong would assign her to face the zombies in the future.

Right at this time, her face suddenly fell, “Not good!! The zombies are here!”

Yue Zhong looked out and realized that a huge group of them had suddenly appeared without warning.

Liu Yue Mei walked to a window and sent out her Spirit, issuing an order to the zombies under her control, “Attack! Kill all the enemies!”

Under her control, many zombies awaiting in different rooms charged right out, pouncing towards the zombie group.

The 2 groups of zombies clashed together in a frenzy and every moment, there would be a zombie head being torn apart. Under Liu Yue Mei, the tank-like L3s charged into the group and could pummel 5 or 6 zombies with every fist of theirs.

Liu Yue Mei’s zombies followed the lead of those L3s and took the advantage of the flow.

Suddenly, Liu Yue Mei gasped, “Quick! Run! There’s a zombie commander within the group. It can wrestle away my control. If we don’t escape now, all those under my control will be taken away! Ah!! It hurts!!”

Her words had just landed and she gripped her head tightly, kneeling on the ground, as she broke out in cold sweat.

Yue Zhong looked at the curled up Liu Yue Mei and his eyes flashed as he asked, “Are you able to sense the location of the commander?”

Liu Yue Mei gritted her teeth and said, “I can! I can’t pinpoint its exact location, but I know where it’s at generally. I may be able to get a clearer picture the closer I get.”

“Good! Come with me! We’ll go take it down together.”

Yue Zhong then carried Liu Yue Mei and leaped out from the window forcefully, leaping onto the roof of the next building. He then jumped off.

“Are you looking for death?!” Seeing Yue Zhong leap into the air with nothing below, Liu Yue Mei’s eyes widened in shock and shrieked at him.

Yue Zhong laughed, and with a swoosh, a pair of jet-black metal wings unfolded from his back, covered in mysterious runes. Propelled by the wind, it helped Yue Zhong and Liu Yue Mei glide gracefully through the air.

Liu Yue Mei was nestled in Yue Zhong’s embrace and felt the comfort of soaring over the air, and her eyes flashed in excitement, “This is an airborne treasure! The feeling’s so great! Is this what it’s like to fly?”

Flying freely like the birds have always been a dream of many humans. Although Liu Yue Mei was an Evolver with triple-Spirit growth, she was still a woman, and being able to fly in the sky felt extremely romantic.

Of course, she could feel like this because the speed at which they were gliding was pretty slow. If it was flying at Mach speed, her frail body would not be able to endure the resistance.

Yue Zhong roused her from her daydreams, “Where is the commander?”

She closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment, before pointing to a direction, “Over there!”

Yue Zhong swiftly made his way there.

Liu Yue Mei pointed to a building below, “It’s right here, I can only sense that it’s in here somewhere, but not the exact room.”

Yue Zhong looked down and saw the densely packed zombies, with 4 L3s and dozens of S3s. At the same time, there were many other evolved zombies within the building. To a normal person, knowing the commander’s location didn’t mean they could do anything.

“It’s enough!! Watch me!”

Yue Zhong looked down coldly and slapped out with his hand. At that instant, a terrifying blaze of Devil Flame roared downwards like a raging dragon, opening its jaws as it slammed downwards in a burst of flames.

The moment the Devil Flame dragon bit down, the entire building was instantly enveloped in flames, burning instantly.

The ordinary zombies within were instantly incinerated, while other evolved ones struggled for a while, before succumbing to the powerful flames.

From within, the howl of the Z2 sounded, as many zombies quickly rushed into the building, only to be consumed by the fire.

Kuang lang!!

Following the shattering of glass, the Z2 leaped out of the room, with flames still on its body.


Yue Zhong had retrieved his Stinger and fired a single shot at the Z2, causing a large bullet hole to burst through its brain. It struggled for a moment and slumped into the sea of flames, burning away.

With the death of the Z2, the zombie horde quickly dispersed, returning to its state of confusion.

As for the other zombies near the building, they just stood there quietly and did not move.

Liu Yue Mei stared at the carnage below and turned to look at Yue Zhong, her gaze complicated, “You’re powerful!”

Yue Zhong was the strongest person she had ever seen before, even someone like her who could control 500 zombies had to admit that.

Yue Zhong looked back at her and said, “No! The true powerful one is you. I’m just a single person. Without you to locate the Z2, even I would be hard-pressed to deal with these zombies. There are many like me, even some are stronger than me. Yet the ability you possess is truly one of a kind. You will be a valuable asset to our cause, and the trump card against the zombies. I am really sincere in hoping that you will join us to fight and eliminate the zombies, reunite the country, and restore peace.”

With just her ability to control zombies, while it was truly a unique and strong one, it could be considered so-so by herself. Yue Zhong could easily eliminate 500 zombies, and many other Evolvers could do the same. However, no one else could locate the Z-types easily, not even Yue Zhong. With the ability to locate the commanders, Liu Yue Mei’s importance had heightened, and Yue Zhong sorely wished that he had that ability as well.

Liu Yue Mei smiled back, “En! I will help you wipe out the zombies, and conquer the country!”

Although Yue Zhong wasn’t a saint, he was truly devoted to eliminating the zombies. To Liu Yue Mei, such a man who did not lust for her beauty and body was rare, and she began to take interest in him.

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