God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Fierce Battle

Under the temptation of White Bones, the dense pack of zombies were seduced out of the Village.

The amount of zombies were astonishing. Their bodies were rotten, and they wore almost completely tattered and moldy clothing. They lurched around, and some even had maggots crawling around on their bodies.

This astonishingly large amount of zombies gave people a heavy oppressive feeling. An ordinary person facing one or two zombies would not feel anything, but after they formed into a large group, it gave people a feeling of helplessness.

Seeing the zombie crowd extracted by White Bones, everyone apart from Yue Zhong was in a cold sweat. They had encountered small groups of a dozen or so zombies before, but this was the first time they were facing over a thousand zombies. Their fighting force was barely eighty men, furthermore the bullets of several people combined didn’t number more than a thousand.

Yue Zhong calmly observed the zombies. Among the zombie group there was one demon figure like an S2 closely pursuing White Bones, and it was quickly closing the distance.

In addition to this, there were thirteen S1 zombies chasing after White Bones.

Among those ordinary zombies, dozen or more S1 zombies were overthrowing the ordinary zombies at the front, trampling those ordinary zombies and going forward.

Without even firing a shot, dozens of zombies had become stepping stones.

Yue Zhong observed the zombie operation from far away and slightly relaxed a breath: “Not bad, there aren’t any intelligent zombies commanding.”

Having a commander and not having one were two entirely different scenarios. If there was a zombie that could command the others, then mankind would be in danger. After all, the amount of zombies is ten times the amount of humans, and furthermore, they weren’t afraid to die. These types of soldiers were the most terrifying.

“Don’t open fire without my command!” Yue Zhong commanded. He rushed out from his concealed position towards the S2.

The S2 was like a phantom. Yue Zhong’s unit would suffer heavy losses if it entered their position.

Yue Zhong rushed before the S2 with several lightning movements.

The S2’s image flashed, abandoning White Bones, it rushed towards Yue Zhong like a ghost.

White Bones shot out countless thin and long sharp bone spikes from his body at nearly the same time. It firmly pierced through the S2 in several places holding it airborne.

Yue Zhong slashed with the Imitation Tang Sword and cut off the head off the S2. A large experience orb sunk into his body.

“Congratulations, You have leveled up to 26 and received two stat points.”

A pleasing announcement appeared in Yue Zhong’s ears after killing the S2.

Yue Zhong quickly put the skill book, green treasure box, and two hundred life coins dropped by the zombie into his bag. Then he welcomed the thirteen S1 zombies with White Bones.

The S type zombies were the most problematic for ordinary people. If he didn’t take them out, it would create tremendous psychological pressure towards the combat units in a short time.

Yue Zhong’s group hadn’t even been formed for a month. Their mentality was far away from veteran soldiers. There would soon be deserters even under harsh military law if morale wasn’t raised.

The thirteen S1s didn’t have the slightest bit of hesitation towards the power gap between them and Yue Zhong and White Bones, and they continued rushing forward.

Yue Zhong dashed into the middle of the thirteen S1 zombies. Slashing his Imitation Tang Sword, a sword flash appeared, and he easily took the head of a S1. White Bones stood at Yue Zhong’s side and continuously slaughtered any S1 who tried to approach Yue Zhong. The thirteen S1 zombies were all wiped out within ten seconds under the coordination of the two. Immediately after killing the S type zombies, they ran back to their positions. He and White Bones couldn’t attain victory facing this large group of zombies alone.

The morale soared after seeing Yue Zhong and White Bones take out the S1 and S2 zombies, and then safely return to the formation. The leader advancing first in front of the crowd could inflame the subordinate’s morale. Of course the group would immediately fall apart if Yue Zhong was killed.

After returning to the group, Yue Zhong silently stared at the far away slow moving zombies.

The five combat units gazed upon the zombies from far away, hands tightly holding their guns. They didn’t dare make any strange movement. Every person was nervously looking at the zombies slowly lurching forward.

Upon seeing the zombie group enter within 100 meters, Yue Zhong commanded in a deep voice: “Open fire!”

Yue Zhong knew that letting the zombies come a little closer would be better, but the bodies of the men beside Yue Zhong were all slightly shivering. He was afraid they couldn’t handle the pressure if those zombies came any closer.


Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Liu Yan and the other leaders all roared. The roar let off all of the fear in their hearts.

In the blink of an eye, heavy firepower was released. Countless bullets were shot out towards those zombies.

The zombies headed towards Yue Zhong’s group were hit with all kinds of light and heavy firepower. It was like they were knocked down one after another by an invisible wall. Especially those hit by the terrifyingly powerful heavy machine gun bullets. Some of the zombies were hit at the waist and split in half. Some of the heavy machine gun bullets even pierced through four of five zombies.

Yue Zhong’s brows wrinkled, and he commanded: “Cease Fire!!!”

This is the first time Liu Yan and the others had encountered such a large zombie group. They nervously emptied their clips without any aim. But the Zombies were extremely condensed and packed on the highway. As long as one fired in that direction, they couldn’t go wrong. They would always be able to hit an enemy.

Liu Yan and the other finally ceased fire under the command of Yue Zhong, furthermore, they had the rare opportunity to reload ammunition.

In less than a minute, over a thousand bullets had been fired, and Yue Zhong felt a little regret.

Yue Zhong’s group had just ceased fire, and the zombies that had been hit started to crawl back up. Several had bullet holes all over their bodies, yet they still advanced towards Yue Zhong’s group.

They weren’t the same as humans. Only if there was a headshot or the spine was broken would the zombies stop advancing.

“Aim and shoot! Try your best to hit the head!” Yue Zhong commanded and aimed his type 81 rifle at the same time, shooting a zombie.

A faraway zombies head immediately revealed a bloody hole, and it collapsed to the ground.

Yue Zhong didn’t stop training for a single day after attaining the Firearms Control skill. Within a hundred meters, he was seventy percent sure he could hit the target.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s command, five heavy machine guns ceased fire. The remaining personnel all used rifles to aim and fire towards the zombies.

The zombies advanced much faster after switching to aiming and shooting. After all, the large majority of personnel didn’t have much shooting experience. But several soldiers among Yue Zhong’s group exhibited a clear deep shooting skill, clearly aiming and hitting one zombie head after another.

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