God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 693

Yue Zhong managed to obtain the images of the military installations and facilities near the capital with the help of Mars No.1. He immediately deployed the 1st Regiment, the 2nd Brigade, the 3rd Brigade as well as the 4th Brigade to launch an attack on those areas.

The zombies that overrun those places were easily vanquished by Yue Zhong’s army, and he recovered the facilities with ease.

Yue Zhong broke into those facilities and gained a huge amount of resources, even acquiring an airfield as well as some bomb carriers and explosives.

The 4 units had fought tirelessly, battle after battle, advancing towards the capital.

Along the way, the smaller factions or groups of resistances were easily eliminated by them, and the leaders would either submit or be killed. The survivors were then absorbed by Yue Zhong, and those who had committed atrocities were directly thrown into the Scum Battalion as cannon fodder.

On the backend, the support from the various factories churned out ammunition and rations to be sent to the front lines, supporting the troops.

As the soldiers of the 4 units continued to fight and grow, they became elites in their own rights, and every day, over tens of thousands of zombies would die at their hands.

The various villages and towns were conquered one after the other.

Prior to the apocalypse, there were tens of millions of people in the capital. After the apocalypse, it was likely that the number of zombies was that high. It was definitely not going to be easy dealing with such a number.

Even for Yue Zhong, such a feat was going to be difficult. Before he had his own production lines, he could only deal with at most a million zombie. With sufficient logistics and support, he now possessed the capability of facing millions of zombies.

The Treant army controlled by Bì Lǜ was also used to fight the zombies. They were the strongest form of cannon fodder, not knowing fear, and their stamina surpassed the ordinary humans. They could also fight in the night, and what was more important, with the existence of the mother tree, it could continually send out more Treants into the battlefield.

As the forces continued to advance, Yue Zhong’s faction continued to expand towards the capital.

Finally, the sea-like horde of zombies began to move.

With the satellites keeping watch under the control of Mars No.1, Yue Zhong and his men could see the zombies straggling towards the center of the capital.

The huge horde gathered together, reaching about tens of millions in number. It was truly the height of death.

Seeing the horrific numbers, Yue Zhong decided to let his troops retreat and rest. After a period of constant battling, they had already eradicated over a million zombies. Likewise, they had their exhaustion to deal with.

At the end of the day, humans weren’t like the zombies or robots, after constant fighting, their bodies will feel the fatigue. Without adequate rest, they would develop adverse effects to war.

When the 4 units took the chance to rest, Yue Zhong got Ji Qing Wu and Bì Lǜ as well as her 5,000 treants to continue and whittle down at the zombies near the capital.

Under the assault of the 5,000-strong Treant army, every day, over tens of thousands of zombies were swallowed by them.

However, the zombies surrounding the capital continued to trickle towards the center of the city. The rate at which Ji Qing Wu, Bì Lǜ, and the Treants were killing the zombies could not keep up with the increasing numbers of zombies in the capital.

After a fortnight, the total number of zombies in the capital had reached 20 million.

When the gathering of the zombies was complete, 5 separate groups of 2 million zombies started to attack Zhang Kou City from different directions.

After sending out those 5 waves, the other 10 million zombies began to surge towards the direction of Yue Zhong’s forces in the Central Plains.

Yue Zhong monitored the developments and sighed, “Divisions! They actually know how to launch divisionary tactics! The intelligence of the zombie commander seems to be getting higher.”

The moment the zombie horde separated into 6, the pressure on Yue Zhong was intensified by at least 10 times. If they had continued to surge as a single body like in the past, then all he had to do was to gather his troops and hold out at a defensive point, making use of channels to block the advance. However, with their pronged attacks, he had to separate his own forces to deal with them.

Furthermore, each and every group of these zombies could not be underestimated. Anyone of them was enough to crush whatever Yue Zhong had built up. 2 million zombies were not easy to deal with. Any of them required Yue Zhong and his forces to give their all to resist and defend against.

This was the true threat of having an intelligent enemy commander of the zombies. They would be able to deploy a force that was 100 or 1,000 times that of humans. The moment they could execute military tactics and strategies, it would be almost impossible for humans to fight against.

Yue Zhong watched the movements and gave an order, “Heed my command! Immediately move all resources of Zhang Kou City and personnel towards Ulan City!”

Zhang Kou City was about 200km away from the capital, and it was a short distance for the zombies. Although Yue Zhong was reluctant, he had to give the city up. The 6 separate waves were too much to handle.

One of the officers responded, “Yes!”

On his orders, the survivors from Zhang Kou City began to move towards Ulan City. The once bustling city became a ghost town overnight.

Amongst the survivors, many of them moved on the government orders. However, there was a minority that was reluctant to head to Ulan City and wanted to stay within the Zhang Kou City.

“Why must we leave? This is our place! I will definitely not leave!”
“Let me stay!! I don’t want to leave!!”

The survivors cried and begged and laid on the ground, not willing to leave. They had their houses and stores here. These were all their possessions, and they had managed to carve a life for themselves. They were naturally unwilling to leave.

The police officers looked at them and were helpless.

An officer came riding into town with 100 soldiers, as he barked coldly, “What’s going on here?”

One of the police officers explained, “They’re unwilling to leave their own homes.”

The officer replied with a cold look, “Fine! Since they’re not willing to obey orders, then let them sacrifice for their country. The leader has already passed his orders, those who are unwilling will be drafted into the Defense Battalion, staying behind to defend. Men, round them up.”

The officer waved his hand and the 100 soldiers swiftly came up and tied up all the survivors that were proving to be difficult.

Seeing this, those who were still contemplating to stay behind felt their hearts turn cold and became obedient, following the rest of the survivors.

This order of Yue Zhong was slightly overbearing and it resulted in several hundreds of survivors being rounded up. However, in doing so, many others became obedient and moved towards Ulan City. There weren’t any further troubles.

At the same time, in order to deal with the 6 huge zombie groups, Yue Zhong sent out 6 Infantry Battalions to defend major transport channels.

This time, it was a critical situation that spelled the survival of Yue Zhong’s established bases. He had finally let go of his guard towards Hu-er Ran, as he issued them rocket launchers, rifles and other powerful firearms for them to utilize.

If they failed this time, Yue Zhong had no choice but to retreat towards the Central Plain. Within a year, there would be no means of conquering the capital. The commander of the zombie horde would also be able to evolve to an uncertain degree.

Should the commander become even more intelligent and continued to push towards Yue Zhong’s other bases, they could easily overrun all of the cities.

Xu Yuan Gorge was an important channel that led to Zhang Kou City, and it was extremely narrow, accommodating only 6 figures at any one time.

Currently, there were many workers hard at working fortifying structures and setting defensive traps.

Hu-er Ran was observing the work, everywhere he went, the soldiers of the 3rd Regiment would salute him.

Many of the soldiers were his loyal subordinates over the years. Even if Yue Zhong had filled up the ranks with other commanders, all the soldiers were mostly respectful of Hu-Er Ran. Not just because of his royal Huangjin blood, but because he led his battles, and cared for his soldiers.

Hu-er Ran continued to survey the area, looking at the various firepower consisting of rockets, rifles, cannons and other heavy weapons prepared, and his heart was filled with complicated emotions. The 3rd Brigade had finally received Yue Zhong’s trust, earning modern weapons.

On one hand, he felt proud of himself for bringing the 3rd Brigade to where it was, at the same time, there was still the fear and respect towards Yue Zhong. He never expected Yue Zhong to just easily equip them with the weapons. If it were him, he would not have been able to just do that. Because he was clear as well as Yue Zhong, that his own influence of his 3rd Brigade was still higher than that of Yue Zhong.

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