God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 694

From far, the seemingly endless horde slowly appeared over the horizon, arriving at Xu Yuan Gorge. Looking at them gave a suffocating pressure.

Hua Bu La Ci, one of Hu-er Ran’s trusted aides, came up to him and spoke in a low voice, “Great Khan, this is our chance! Now that the zombies have split into 6, Yue Zhong had deployed his forces to deal with them. His camp is empty, and as long as we launch a successful attack, and stab him in the back while he is defending against the horde, he will surely crumble. At that time, as long as you give the signal, all the Mongolian soldiers will definitely respond. We can rise again as the Great Mongolian Empire!”

Hu-er Ran’s eyes fixed on Hua Bu La Ci as he sunk in his thoughts.

As per his words, it was truly the most dangerous time for the army of Yue Zhong right now. Not only did Yue Zhong have to deal with 20 million zombies, at the same time, the commander was an evolved intelligent being. If Hu-er Ran wanted to rebel, it was currently the best opportunity.

Although Hu-er Ran had submitted to Yue Zhong, he had been forced to. There was not a moment that he did not think of the Great Mongolian Empire. Hua Bu La Ci’s suggestion was extremely appealing.

He was silent for a while, before shaking his head, “Hua Bu La Ci, this battle, I have to fight. It concerns the lives of everyone here in the Central Plains. If we humans were to lose, then there would be no space for us humans at all. Even if we can survive, it will be like rats, trying to hide in every corner, and there would be no place to expand whatsoever.”

Hu-er Ran continued in a solemn voice, “This battle, should we lose, the Central Plains will not belong to us, but to those intelligent zombies, to those freaks. We have to win, not because of Yue Zhong, but because of our people, so that they can live freely out in the Central Plains. If we lose, what awaits them is hell. We can only win. Hua Bu La Ci, at this time, our only enemy is the zombies, is that clear?”

Hua Bu La Ci’s heart turned cold, “Yes! Great Khan!”

The sea-like zombie horde slowly surged towards the gorge, and while their speed was not fast, it gave off an oppressive feeling.

Hu-er Ran stood at the frontlines and roared out, “Brothers, let these corpses taste our resolve! They’re just a bunch of bones, and there’s nothing to be afraid of! Fire!!”

He was a peak-level Evolver and when summoning his Dou Qi, he could unleash his voice for miles to be heard.

Bolstered by his shout, the morale of the 3rd Brigade soared highly, as they begun to aim and fire at the zombies.

Da da da!

With the dense gunfire, the rain of bullets buffeted the zombies, striking them to the ground, which marked the prelude to the battle for Central Plains.

Li Guang stood in front of his 1st Regiment, pulling out his blade and roared, “Our 1st Regiment is the strongest existence of the Central Plains, and we definitely cannot bring shame to this title! Let us use our firepower and weapons to return this undead to the ground!! Use their corpses to exchange for our glory!”

Lie Ming Yi stood in front of his 2nd Brigade and shouted at the top of his voice as well, “This battle concerns the life-and-death of everyone here in the Central Plains. If we win, everyone’s expenditure in pleasures will be borne by your father I! However, those who don’t put in their all, don’t blame your father I for not giving you face!”

The various commanders riled up their troops, preparing them for the upcoming battle.

Countless bullets rained down on the zombies, causing large numbers of them to fall. A single artillery round could easily wipe out hundreds of zombies in one go. However, facing the millions of zombies, the artillery could not possibly stop the advance.

However, with the various fortifications and structures set up, the soldiers were able to impede the zombies slightly.

Tian Yue Canyon was the place that Yue Zhong chose to place his heavy firepower on. The millions of zombies slowly began to appear outside of the canyon.

As the zombies surged towards the canyon, Yue Zhong’s forces began to fire their artillery from atop, and every single round could devastate a large number of zombies on the ground.

The horde of zombies stretched for miles, and when one swept his gaze out, other than zombies, there would be nothing else. With every artillery round, it seemed that half a football field’s worth of zombies would be obliterated. However, space was quickly filled up with the other zombies, and it felt extremely frustrating, as though it was never-ending.

Other than the ordinary zombies, there were all sorts of evolved zombies mixed within. From time to time, they would charge into the defense posts, killing a few people before being annihilated. Those infected soldiers could only wait for death in an excruciating manner.

After an intense bout of artillery fire, Yue Zhong then gave an order to Bì Lǜ, “Send the Treant army!”

With a thought, 10,000 Level 20 Treants charged forth into battle, tearing into the ordinary zombies.

The moment they joined the fray, they tore apart the zombies and consumed those that were blasted apart by the artillery fire.

However, they had just gotten one round of the zombies which had been baptized by fire, when the next wave surged forwards.

Yue Zhong looked at the endless horde and called out to Liu Yue Mei, Ji Qing Wu, and Yin Shuang, “It’s our turn! Let’s go!”

The numbers were truly staggering, even if Yue Zhong were to use all his cannons and artillery on the sea of zombies, it was not enough to wipe them entirely. He could only employ all other means as well.

24 Thunder Fighters flew out, carrying Yue Zhong and his team, as they flew above the horde.

Not long after, inside one of the Thunder Fighters, Liu Yue Mei suddenly grabbed her heads in slight pain as she pointed below, “There’s a commander here!”

Yue Zhong ordered, “Commence firing!”

Immediately, the Thunder Fighter released a large number of cluster bombs in the area pointed out by Liu Yue Mei.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

After the area was enveloped by the intense flames, all the zombies were incinerated.

Within seconds, Liu Yue Mei spoke with a pale face, “It’s eliminated.”

Yue Zhong looked below, and saw the zombies that had been advancing forwards earlier, stopped in their tracks, staring blankly ahead. His heart relaxed slightly, as he knew he found the solution to the horde.

Liu Yue Mei suddenly hugged her head in pain again, pointing to the east, “It’s here again! There’re a few commanders there!”

Yue Zhong immediately commanded, “Fly to the east!”

The 24 Thunder Fighters immediately headed east.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

As Liu Yue Mei pointed, a large number of Z-types were being annihilated quickly time after time, and the advance of the millions of zombies began to suffer some chaos.

The Z-types were all in control of certain patches, and there was a certain hierarchy to them. The higher level ones controlled the lower level ones, which in turn, controlled the ordinary zombies, resulting in the huge horde. They were like commanders of an army and were indispensable.

Losing the command of the Z-types, many zombies began to just stop and stare blankly at the frontlines of the battle. They were either bombarded to death or lost their heads to the countless bullets spraying everywhere.

As Yue Zhong brought Liu Yue Mei to deal with the Z-Types within the horde, there were a few human-like entities eyeing the 24 Thunder Fighters in the skies coldly.

One of them was a young humanoid of about 2m, his body covered in scales, a handsome face with a pair of blood-red eyes. He was speaking to another humanoid beside him, who was 3m tall, his body full of rippling muscles, his skin black and his claws long and sharp. He had a long tail that swung, while his expression was savage. The younger one said, “Chi You, what do you think?”

Chi You glanced at the 24 Thunder Fighters in the skies with a fierce glint as he shook his head, “Xuan Yuan! I have no anti-air ability! Unless those helicopters land, I have no way to deal with them.”

Xuan Yuan’s eyes flashed with a demonic glint as he turned to another strange beast beside him. This strange beast had a pair of large wings, its body covered with strange tentacles. It had a snake-head, and its body was about 5m. Xuan Yuan said, “Feng Bo! Go deal with those helicopters! These mechanical inventions are the bane of us zombies! They want to wipe our zombie race away with these machines, as long as we destroy them, victory is ours! From the brains of some of the humans I’ve consumed, I learned that this army belongs to this human called Yue Zhong. As long as we wipe them out, the northern parts of China will be our playground. We can rear and hunt humans as we please. The taste of those human experts is truly delicious. Every time I think about that Evolver whose head I ripped off, I feel so excited. I can’t bring myself to taste any other types of humans anymore.”

Xuan Yuan, Chi You and Feng Bo were highly intelligent life forms evolved out from the 20 million zombies in the capital. Each of them possessed a terrifying strength, and it was them who had gathered the 20 million zombies to launch an attack on Yue Zhong’s faction.

Feng Bo’s eyes flashed with a fierce glint, as he licked his lips, laughing out savagely, “Keke!! I like to consume human experts as well. After destroying those 24 Thunder Fighters, and destroying Yue Zhong’s factions, I want half of the experts!”

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