God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 696

Yue Zhong’s Flame Blade slashed out at the speed of sound, clashing against Feng Bo’s body. The sharp blade tore through his flesh, resulting in a deep gash, as blackened blood poured out.

Feng Bo’s eyes flashed with a vicious glint, the tail on his back swinging violently towards Yue Zhong.

WIth a wave of his hands, a shield of light appeared in front of Yue Zhong.

Feng Bo’s powerful tail struck the shield, which shattered apart like an egg. The tail continued in its swing without losing momentum, slamming against Yue Zhong’s left shoulder.


There was a loud sound and the bone carapace shattered. Yue Zhong also shot through the skies like a cannonball. The impact had caused his inner organs to shudder, as a mouthful of blood rose in his chest yet again. He was gravely injured this time.

“Strong! His Strength and Agility is likely superior to Yin Shuang. What a terrifying creature. It truly is an evolved intelligent life form and is likely to be stronger than an Apostle!”

Yue Zhong channeled his blood and strength, firing out 10 sharp bone spikes while still in mid-air.

“Interesting! Interesting!! The more interesting you are, the more I want to devour you!! Your blood, your brains, will all be nutrients for me. Kekekeke!!”

The bone blades had fired out too suddenly, Feng Bo did not expect such a counter-attack from him. However, he continued to cackle evilly, his claws grabbing towards the bone spikes.

As he grabbed the various bone spikes, he would crush down with his claws, shattering the bone spikes,

He managed to crush 8 of the bone blades, but 2 managed to pierce Feng Bo.

Then, a terrifying scene occurred. The bone spikes that could pierce through even the thickest of armored vehicles, were actually stopped by the flesh of Feng Bo.

“It seems that your bone blades are not sharp enough!! They can’t even penetrate my body!! Keke!!”

Feng Bo laughed out savagely and grabbed the bone blades, flinging them away. He then flapped his wings once more, as powerful gusts of winds were generated around him before he appeared right in front of Yue Zhong with an imposing aura. He reached out with his right claw, throwing a punch towards Yue Zhong.

Although Feng Bo’s body was affected by the Gravity field around Yue Zhong, his movements seemed to be unaffected. This was because his body was simply too strong, and the additional gravity could not affect him much.

“My Stamina, Endurance and combat ability cannot match up to this freak. I need to kill him fast, otherwise, all that awaits is death.”

Yue Zhong thought to himself, a look of resolution appearing in his eyes. He gritted his teeth, and the Dark Dou Qi poured out of him. The Dark Wind Alloy Wings radiated as well, the runes shining brightly, and Yue Zhong’s speed was pushed to the maximum.

He slammed towards Feng Bo viciously.

“You want to risk it all? Haha! Just a puny human and you want to go down with me? Go to hell!”

Feng Bo watched Yue Zhong shooting towards him, his eyes shining with a hint of ridicule. He roared out and rushed to meet Yue Zhong.

At the moment of impact, Yue Zhong pressed slightly upwards, allowing Feng Bo claws to slice through his chest.

He forcefully endured the pain and channeled his Dark Dou Qi, and activated his Body of Steel to lock Feng Bo’s claws in place.

Despite his strength, under Yue Zhong’s Dark Dou Qi, his Body of Steel combined with his powerful Endurance and physique, Feng Bo’s right claw was sealed.

“Freak! Die!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with an unbridled madness, as he pushed his Devil Flame to the maximum. The terrifying Second Order Devil Flames instantly enveloped Feng Bo’s body.

If he had activated this skill from afar, Feng Bo was likely able to evade it with his speed. However, at such close proximity, he could not get away.

Within the flames, Feng Bo struggled madly as he roared out and sent a punch at Yue Zhong, “Damn ant!!”

Yue Zhong’s wings immediately folded to meet the blow.

Feng Bo’s terrifying fist slammed into Yue Zhong’s wings, causing even those equipment to be twisted.

Yue Zhong himself was sent shooting towards the distance. His chest had swelled up to a terrifying degree due to the injury caused by Feng Bo. A large amount of fresh blood was flowing.

Yue Zhong’s chest was ripped badly by Feng Bo, while his entire body had suffered from the few attacks earlier. With the loss of blood and slight rupture of his organs, he was in great pain, as though he was suffering in hell. Both his shoulders had been shattered. He was starting to get light-hearted. Even if he was an Evolver, he was still a human and had his limits.

Even under such circumstances, Yue Zhong bit harshly down on his lips, the pain shaking him awake. He reached out with his right hand and conjured a Devil Flame Spear to fling it at Feng Bo.

The powerful Devil Flame Spear penetrated Feng Bo’s body and erupted, causing a huge hole while the flames burned his insides, and one could see smoke and smell flesh being cooked.

Feng Bo continued to scream while enveloped by the flames, “You can’t kill me!! You can’t kill me!! I’m the strongest!!”

All of a sudden, his aura seemed to surge, as a green radiance burst out and doused the Devil Flames.

The moment the Devil Flames were extinguished forcefully, his countenance became extremely pale and weak, while parts of his body could be seen charred and smoking. Even the wound caused by the exploding Devil Flame Spear had not healed.

Just when Feng Bo looked as though he had escaped from certain death, a number of anti-air rockets fired upon his body, exploding upon contact.

Bombarded by those rockets, pieces of meat rained down from the sky, as the terrifying Feng Bo was finally vanquished and blasted apart.

Seeing how Feng Bo was blasted apart, Yue Zhong finally heaved a sigh of relief. He allowed the pain to set in, and the intensity of the broken bones and displaced organs finally wrecked him. His brows furrowed deeply as he coughed uncontrollably after a deep breath, coughing mouthfuls of blood.

Forcefully suppressing the pain, he spurred the Dark Wing Alloy Wings on his back and flew towards one of the Thunder Fighters.

Xuan Yuan’s eyes flashed eerily, as he lifted his head, his tone sullen, “Feng Bo’s killed.”

Chi You laughed bitterly, his gaze ferocious as well, “Feng Bo that idiot, he underestimated his enemy. That person’s strength can’t compare with him at all!”

Xuan Yuan looked at the remaining 20 Thunder Fighters and spoke, “What do we do now? We don’t have the ability to fly. While they don’t possess any threat to us, we can’t do anything to them as well.”

Chi You and Xuan Yuan were both powerful creatures, surpassing even Feng Bo, but they could not engage in aerial fights.

Chi You had a look of self-confidence, “No need to worry. That person called Yue Zhong is already injured to such an extent, he won’t live for long. Once he dies, victory is ours. In the history of humankind, once the leader is dead, the rest would crumble. Even if they didn’t, how can they be a match for our millions of troops?”

It was hard to deal with the millions of zombies, even if all the armies of the world prior to the apocalypse joined together, not to mention the scattered remains of humanity now.

Xuan Yuan nodded when he heard this, looking towards the skies and falling into contemplation.

The moment Yue Zhong landed in the Thunder Fighter, a large amount of blood from his wounds caused the interior of the helicopter to be splattered red.

“Yue Zhong, what happened?! Quick, apply some medicine!” Ji Qing Wu caught sight of Yue Zhong’s heavily injured body, her face turning pale as her eyes teared up. She became slightly frantic as she pulled out her bag of Life-Saving Grass and applied them to Yue Zhong’s wounds.

A gust of wind blew past, as Yin Shuang appeared beside Yue Zhong. Her face was full of worry as she asked, “Father!! Father!! How did you become like this?”

Liu Yue Mei could not help but cover her mouth in shock as she saw the various injuries on Yue Zhong, her face turning pale.

Bai Xiao Sheng looked at Yue Zhong and his expression turned grave as well, “Boss Yue!! Hang in there!! We’re turning back now, we’ll find someone to patch you up!!”

Bai Xiao Sheng had followed Yue Zhong for so long, and fought alongside him in so many battles, vanquishing countless enemies. Other than his lustful nature, he lacked ambition. Yue Zhong had treated him well and thus, he was equally loyal to Yue Zhong.

“No! We can’t turn back! Cough! Cough!” Yue Zhong gasped out before struck with a bout of coughing, fresh blood coming out his mouth.

He continued amidst his coughing fits, “Continue to eradicate the Z-types, this battle, we must definitely win! Furthermore, don’t let anyone know about my condition! Otherwise, martial law will be passed! Cough! Cough!!”

This battle was a crucial one which concerned the new rulers of the Central Plains. Should they lose, the rest of the Central Plains and China would follow suit.

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