God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 697

Not only would humans be pushed further and further back, but as long as the evolved intelligent zombie life forms were to control the S3s, S4s, and Hunters to launch an all-out assault, they could easily overrun the human troops.

At the same time, with the loss of industrial cities and production lines, the expenditure of resources and ammunitions could not be compensated, making the task for the human soldiers even tougher.

Once the zombie army was to overrun all the cities that Yue Zhong had painstakingly recovered, then the humans would have to fall back like rats and hide where they could. Even if they could evade death, there would be no more future, nor hope.

Ji Qing Wu grabbed Yue Zhong’s hands gingerly as though he was the most precious object on earth, and pleaded with her melodious voice, “Yue Zhong, you’re already like this. Can we just go back to patch you up? Treat it as I’m begging you. Please head back. I will stay here to wipe out all the Z-Types. I will assure you with my life, to hunt them all down. Please go back and get some treatment.”

This was the first time Ji Qing Wu was this agitated, her cool composure entirely absent.

Ji Qing Wu’s Ji Clan was considered the servants to Chen Yao’s Chen Clan. Even to Chen Yao, who was considered half her master, Ji Qing Wu had never pleaded this profusely before. At this moment, Yue Zhong’s position had finally overtaken Chen Yao as the most important person in her life. She reaffirmed her own feelings towards him.

Yue Zhong’s countenance was pale and his chest was bleeding, yet his eyes were as bright as ever as he turned to fix his gaze on Liu Yue Mei, “No!! I’ve made up my mind, there’s no need to try and persuade me otherwise. Liu Yue Mei, continue!! The fate of the millions of survivors in Central Plains rests on you!!”

Without her, Yue Zhong might not have brazenly try to attack the capital. He had not expected the appearance of evolved life forms capable of commanding the 20 million-strong zombie horde, as well as ones whose fighting capabilities were so terrifying.

Liu Yue Mei looked at this man, who was so gravely injured and yet so insistent on fighting the zombies without a shred of hesitation, and finally understood why so many soldiers were willing to give their lives for him, without a word of complaint even in death.

If it had been a normal official, he would have long since hidden in the safety of his own base, who would be willing to fight on the frontlines with the soldiers?

Of course, Yue Zhong’s style had a huge shortcoming, which was that, should he die, the rest of the troops would immediately collapse.

Liu Yue Mei was also a strong woman, and she walked up to the pilot Zhao Tian Gang and said, “I got it! In that direction, there’s a commander-type!”

With her directions, Zhao Tian Gang quickly collected his chaotic emotions and brought the Thunder Fighter releasing huge numbers of cluster bombs on the patch of zombies. The unfortunate zombies below were immediately blasted apart, together with the Z-Type hiding within.

Yue Zhong sat on a sofa, opening up a can of Type 4 Mutant Beast meat and consumed it, His chest had been ripped apart by Feng Bo, had it been any other normal person, they would have died. However, for Yue Zhong, with this Dark Dou Qi, the vitality of his cells were enhanced, and together with the Level 4 Regeneration skill, his wounds had already stopped bleeding.

The large quantity of Type 4 Mutant Beast meat also helped, transforming into nourishment, pushing the recovery of Yue Zhong’s body.

Every time he gobbled down a can of meat, his body would be wracked by a bout of pain, which could drive someone insane. However, after countless battles, his fortitude was as strong as one could be, and each time the pain struck, his face would just be contorted, as he gasped. However, he gritted through it and continued to eat. In order to live and heal, he had to gain enough energy.

Having evolved to this point, with the Regeneration ability, as well as his Vitality, reaching 294 points, coupled with the enhancement of his Dark Dou Qi, Yue Zhong only had 3 weak points, his head, his heart and his digestive systems.

If his head or heart was destroyed, Yue Zhong would definitely die. If his stomach was destroyed, and the rest of his body was injured as well, he could not take food to hasten the healing process, which could cause death should the recovery happen too slowly.

Yue Zhong swallowed down cans after cans of Type 4 Beast Meat, and it felt like his chest was being sliced apart by a knife. The healing wounds would start to split, causing the new muscle to reform, and the pain from the constant tear and healing could drive a person to wish for death.

Even so, while his will was resolute, the pain did not recede. His entire body was covered with perspiration. Within 5 minutes, his face and body were entirely wet, and his eyes seemed to lose focus. He continued to shove food down mechanically, his attention focused on bearing with the pain, with no capacity to care about anything else.

Ji Qing Wu watched Yue Zhong covered entirely in sweat and continued to help wipe him off. Her heart ached, yet she was helpless.

Ji Qing Wu had the Biological Armor, which could help repair the user’s body. However, since it was already bound to Ji Qing Wu on the first usage, she could not utilize it to help Yue Zhong.

Yin Shuang could feel Yue Zhong’s pain as well, as she curled up quietly beside him, looking at his wounds with a face of worry. This was the first time since she was born that she was overcome with fear and anxiety. She was extremely afraid of losing Yue Zhong.

After all, a chest injury of this extent would be considered grave even for Yin Shuang. If it wasn’t for the Regeneration skill that Yue Zhong possessed, together with the Dark Dou Qi, as well as the high Vitality he possessed, he might already be a corpse.

Bai Xiao Sheng looked at Yue Zhong, his gaze complicated, “Boss, you must not die. If you die, we’re all finished. You haven’t even raised a successor yet!!”

Yue Zhong’s power was extensive, controlling the Central Plains, Hunan, Guang Xi, Vietnam, Japan and Country A. These various bases were all linked together, and as long as Yue Zhong was around, no one dared to contest his might. However, should he die, the upper echelons of all 6 places would not submit to anyone else, and all that he build up would crumble.

Throughout history, many powerful kingdoms had fallen due to the deaths of capable leaders. Power could change hands as easily as anything.

As Liu Yue Mei continued to point out the positions of the Z-Types, the areas would be bombarded. With each Z-Type eradicated, a large number of ordinary zombies would stop moving. They would then be flattened into meat paste by the zombies behind, or they would become targets to be fired upon.

The huge horde of zombies was simply endless, even as many of them were being eradicated by Yue Zhong’s troops, there didn’t seem to be an end to them.

In fact, the most fearsome thing about the sea of zombies was that it seemed impossible to wipe them out. Regardless of how many they fought or killed, there was no end to it, and the soldiers couldn’t help but feel tired and a sense of despair. Those with weaker minds would lose their fighting spirit easily.

As the Thunder Fighter carrying Yue Zhong flew over the area where Xuan Yuan was at, Xuan Yuan turned to look up at the Thunder Fighter, “Oh! I was wondering how come they can locate our commanders so easily, turns out there’s a person among the humans who can locate us! Let me teach you a lesson then.”

At an instant, Liu Yue Mei doubled over, kneeling down. Blood began to flow from her nose and mouth, as she grabbed her heart and gasped, “Below… There’s a powerful being below… It is very strong, my Spirit cannot compare with it. I have never met such a strong commander-type before, it should be the one controlling the entire horde!”

Hearing her words, Yue Zhong who was semi-conscious began to stir. His body trembled slightly, and he opened his mouth as though to say something, but the pain racking his body made it extremely hard.

Ji Qing Wu pressed his head and ordered Zhao Tian Gang, “We must eradicate that leader at all cost!”

“Yes! Attack!”

Zhao Tian Gang responded and immediately gave the order to attack.

Immediately, a number of cluster bombs were dropped on the area, as machine guns and rockets were fired freely at the location that Liu Yue Mei pointed.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Following some explosions, the entire region was consumed by flames, and many zombies were blasted apart. 6 huge L4s were even obliterated under that mass bombing, before being burned alive by the flames from the cluster bombs.

Zhao Tian Gang asked, full of expectations, “Is it dead? Major Liu!!”

As long as the leader was wiped, the horde of zombies would be easier to deal with. Without the leader, the zombies would just be sheep awaiting slaughter, at the expense of ammunition.

Liu Yue Mei grabbed her head and curled further, her expression extremely pale as she spat out a mouthful of blood, “No! They’re not dead! There’re 2 of them! Cough!”

Below, a gust of wind blew past, amidst the destruction, 2 figures slowly appeared. They were Chi You and Xuan Yuan.

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