God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 698

Xuan Yuan lifted his head, eyeing the Thunder Fighter and spoke indifferently, “I was actually underestimated. These humans dare to think of us as equal to those ant-like Z-Types. Such an attack cannot harm us at all!”

Chi You looked at the Thunder Fighter as well, chuckling with menace, “No matter how strong their weapons, it’s useless if they don’t perform. With the monkey-like intelligence of these humans, it’s too much to expect them to understand this.”

Both of them were evolved beings with high intelligence among the zombies, with a terrifying combat strength exceeding even that of Yin Shuang’s. Even Yue Zhong had to give his all, and sacrificed his body, together with the attacks of the Thunder Fighter, just to take out Feng Bo.

If an ordinary person wanted to take out Xuan Yuan and Chi You, it was practically impossible. If it weren’t for the Thunder Fighters being airborne, they would have been easily crushed by the 2 freaks.

Right at this time, Zhao Tian Gang suddenly had a change of expression, “Leader!! Leader!! There’s revolt, there’re people rebelling in Ulan Town!!”

When Yue Zhong heard this, he became enraged and coughed out a mouth of fresh blood, “What?!”

Yue Zhong and his subordinates had went to the frontlines, putting themselves in danger, all for the sake of protecting the lives of the millions of survivors. This was an important time and critical situation, and the people they were protecting actually tried to stab them in the back. Anyone would be infuriated.

Ji Qing Wu hugged him, without caring about the blood or perspiration and tried to calm him down, “Don’t be agitated, Yue Zhong, your body cannot take it. Those fellows would definitely not succeed. It’s not worth it harming your body over them.”

Ji Qing Wu was also angry about those people, but she was even more concerned about Yue Zhong’s health, and could not help but try to calm him down.

Yue Zhong suppressed his pain to order, “Lock down the news. Don’t let it spread.”

Should it travel to the front lines, it would affect the 6 units. After all, these 6 units were focused on facing 20 billion zombies, the pressure they were facing was extremely high. Should there be news of a revolt, their mindset would be affected.

Zhao Tian Gang immediately responded, “Yes!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a fierce light, “Contact the missile base! Convey my order! Fire the No. 3 missile on coordinates X00234, Y00567.”

Zhao Tian Gang’s expression turned to one of shock, “Missile? Leader, are you really going to fire that missile?”

Missiles were terrifying weapons that humans created. Ever since they presented the devastation they were capable of, they had all been sealed. They had always been used in threats and power showcases, rather than actual firing.

The moment one was fired, the radius of the blast zone would be contaminated with radiation, one which would not dissipate even after a hundred years. No one in the right mind would fire it into his own backyard.

“Tian Gang, execute the order! I’ll bear the consequences!! This battle, we definitely cannot lose!! Quick! Cough! Cough!” Yue Zhong gasped out, before going into another fit.

Zhao Tian Gang was already a seasoned soldier, and he immediately contacted the missile base, replying Yue Zhong, “Yes! Leader!”

“This is the nuclear missile base, I’m the person in charge, Major Liu Jin He.”

Yue Zhong gritted his teeth through the pain and came to the communications device, “This is Yue Zhong. I’m ordering you to immediately fire the 3rd Missile on coordinates, X00234, Y00567. The password is XBJWYEG2347654590.”

“Leader!! Please wait a moment!!” After a while, Liu Jin He keyed in the password and confirmed it was Yue Zhong before trying to affirm Yue Zhong’s decision, “Firing Missile No.3, target coordinates X00234, Y00567. Please confirm again if you want to go through with the decision, Leader!”

Yue Zhong’s face was pale as he hacked a few more times, “Immediately! Fire it at the fastest you can! This concerns the life and death of all survivors of the Central Plains!! Cough cough!!”

Liu Jin He’s heart turned cold, “Yes!”

“Let’s leave!!”

After passing the order, Yue Zhong told Zhao Tian Gang. If they didn’t leave in time, they would also be caught in the blast and become corpses.

Xuan Yuan watched the 20 Thunder Fighters retreating and slowly said, “They’re flying away!”

Chi You let out a chuckle in ridicule, “Seems like Yue Zhong is dead and they’re rushing to head back to keep things under control. Humans are such pathetic creatures that concern themselves with such authority and hope. However, their flesh, blood, and brains are delicious! Keke!”

Xuan Yuan thought for a while, before smiling, “That’s true!”

Xuan Yuan and Chi You had consumed plenty of human brains and learned a lot of knowledge. They were clear that once Yue Zhong, a leader of the humans, were to die, many of them would struggle for his authority and power. In fact, humans were much uglier and stupid than they had imagined, seeing that the zombies had not yet been eliminated, and they were already scrambling for power.

Chi You’s eyesight was powerful, and saw a missile flying towards their position, “Ah! What’s that?”

“Long-range missile, so they still have such a move. What a pity, it would not be able to kill us.”

Xuan Yuan eyed the rocket and laughed coldly, disappearing from his position.

Chi You also flashed and appeared about 400m away in a second.

With such terrifying speed, it didn’t matter what rockets or missiles were launched at them, Xuan Yuan and Chi You could dodge them easily. However, these weren’t ordinary missiles, but the apex of all explosives!


The moment the bomb landed, it resulted in a terrifying explosion, and the blast spread out at the speed of light, enveloping Chi You and Xuan Yuan.

Chi You’s body immediately revealed a white light to try and block the effects of the blast, but at the next instant, the light disintegrated, and the searing heat covered Chi You, causing his body that was capable of blocking even grenades, to slowly break apart.

“How is this possible? How is this possible?! This is the nuclear missile! It’s the nuclear missile!!!” Amidst his screams of horror and pain, Chi You was slowly broken down.

Xuan Yuan also roared out in rage and pain, before being destroyed by the searing heat, “Nuclear bomb!! What a vicious move!! Vicious!!!!”

The moment the missile landed, the powerful explosion covered a wide radius, and all that it consumed turned to ash, as a huge mushroom cloud blossomed in the sky. The nearby zombies were all wiped out, not even the L4s could withstand such a terrifying strike.

Many zombies were caught up in powerful winds that blew and were sent flying, while others had been affected by the resulting shockwave, that caused their bodies to burst apart as well.

At that time of the impact, the resulting tremor had caused even the canyon to tremble, causing many soldiers to panic.

Yue Zhong eyed the devastation from afar, his eyes flashing with a complicated gaze, “Are they finished?”

Within a hundred years from today, the area of impact would become a no-mans-land for years to come.

After the explosion, the number of zombies which was about 8 million (with over 1 million dying to the various artillery and nuclear bomb) instantly came to a stop, their attacks ceased. Of which, 2 million of them began to escape towards the capital.

The remaining zombies began to disperse towards different directions.

Since Xuan Yuan and Chi You had died, their control over the Z-Types had completely disappeared. This led to the few Z-Types controlling their own groups to protect them as they fled, fearing the nuclear bomb.

Another 4 million were still standing there blankly on the battlefield, not advancing nor retreating. This was the result of having lost command.

The Z-Type over this 4 million had long been annihilated since Liu Yue Mei pointed its position out, and thus the zombies were waiting for another Z-Type to command them.

Yue Zhong watched the chaos unfold among the zombies, and heaved a sigh of relief, “We finally won!”

Disrupting the main force of over 10 million zombies was a huge motivation to the rest of the 5 main battlefields, and with this, Yue Zhong could also deploy his troops to support the other battlefields.

Since the 3 powerful intelligent lifeforms Xuan Yuan, Chi You and Feng Bo had died, the control they had over the other 5 battlefields was gone as well.

However, there were still Z3s at the other locations, they had not yet experienced the terror of the nuclear bomb. Hence, after Xuan Yuan and Chi You were killed, the battle still went on at the other 5 locations.

The information continued to stream to Yue Zhong, revealing the brutal nature of war, and the rising casualty count of his troops.

Bai Xiao Sheng came up to Yue Zhong and asked, “Boss, what do we do now? Do we go back to quell the rebellion or assist the other battlefields?”

Yue Zhong responded solemnly, “Go support the other battlefields. I have left the task of quelling the chaos to Lian Da Zhong and Ya Tong. Those people are just some clowns. Our first task is to help our brothers and comrades!!”

“Tian Gang, fly to the 2nd Brigade. We shall help the 2nd Brigade with their side first. ” Yue Zhong then turned to Liu Yue Mei, whose face was still pale, and asked, “Yue Mei, how do you feel? Can you hold on?”

She leaned against the sofa and sipped some Divine Spring Tea and laughed coquettishly at Yue Zhong, “Compared to you, my injuries aren’t much. As long as there’re no more monsters like earlier, I’ll be fine.”

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