God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 699

“Down with the dictator Yue Zhong!”

“Long live democracy! Long live freedom!”

“Down with Yue Zhong!”

Ulan City, which had been a vital location of support, was currently plunged into chaos. A number of rebel soldiers were taking arms against the government district.

One particular woman, with beautiful features and short hair, hollered at the top of her voice, “Yue Zhong is a dictator that does not care about the welfare of the people! He just brings his troops to war all over the place, and execute those that disagree with him. We need to bring him down and reestablish democracy! A free country!! Down with his dictatorship!!”

“Down with Yue Zhong!! Down with dictatorship!!”

A number of hot-blooded students were chanting together with the young woman. As students, they were at the age where they were most passionate and were incited to join her in rebellion.

Other than them, there were a few others who had grown disillusioned in their own posts and began causing trouble in the name of flushing out Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong had not much understanding about governance and had gone about it as per his perception of government before the apocalypse. He was harsh on corruption but other than that, he did not do anything special nor was he a genius at governing. Furthermore, he had been warring against the zombies constantly, pushing the logistics and backend support to their limits. Therefore, many survivors had to work extra hard to produce ammunition, clothes and all sorts of other supplies. This led to discontent.

After all, before the apocalypse, many had been living carefree lives, driving fast cars and enjoying life’s pleasures. Those in the white-collar industries would head to work with a cup of coffee or tea, reading newspapers, and knocking off on time. They weren’t used to the hard work at a constant 12 hours a day.

Many of these people soon gathered by the woman, who was called Lin Ran and took the opportunity to protest and rebel during the critical time as Yue Zhong was dealing with the 20 million zombies.

Normally, Yue Zhong had an iron grip over his military, and if these people dared to rebel, they would be seeking death. It was only during such a period of unrest that they dared to try. Furthermore, once they did so, it was tantamount to cutting off any path of retreat for Yue Zhong’s army, and could potentially cause disastrous results for the 30,000 elites.

After all, while the 30,000 elites might be invincible existences to the rebels, to the 20 million zombies, a simple mishap could cause them to be wiped out.

Among the rebels, Situ Jin looked at the soldiers attacking the government building, his eyes flashing with a complicated gaze, as he muttered, “Is what we’re doing right?”

Another soldier whose bearing was extremely neat chuckled slightly and told Situ Jin, “Commander Situ, Yue Zhong is a butcher, someone who had wrestled control of the country. He’s an offender. By bringing your troops to remove him, you’re a hero of the country.”

Situ Jin looked at the middle-aged man and sighed, the chaos in his heart settling down.

This man was called Lin Dui Xing and was a pretty high-ranking official before the apocalypse. After he had been rescued by Yue Zhong out of the capital, he had been treated like an ordinary citizen.

It was because of his order that Situ Jin gave the command to start the rebellion. This Lin Dui Xing represented an authority from before the apocalypse after all.

Situ Jin was an old-fashioned military through and through and was only loyal towards the government of before the apocalypse. The moment Lin Dui Xing gave him an order, he had betrayed Yue Zhong and took part in the chaos. Of course, to him, he was on the right side of the law.

Ying Kong brought a battalion of soldiers near the street of the government building and roared out with fury, “Captain!! Why did you betray Leader!! Leader has been treating our brother right! He gave you authority and did not force your troops to take part in any battles you didn’t wish to!! Why?! Why must you betray Leader Yue Zhong?! He is on the front lines putting his life on the line for all of us!! How dare you cut off his path of retreat?!” Situ Jin had initially thought that he can easily control the entire Ulan City and cut off Yue Zhong’s retreat. However, he had never imagined his once-loyal subordinate Ying Kong to actually turn against him, defending the government building. At the same time, when Ying Kong brought out what Yue Zhong had done for them, he managed to gather a few scattered and hesitating troops over to his side. It had caused all hopes of Situ Jin quickly controlling the city to be dashed.

When Situ Jin heard those words, his face fell. He had never imagined Yue Zhong’s prestige to reach such a level, causing even his subordinates to turn against him.

Yue Zhong had brought his troops to capture the surrounding cities, leading them to successive victories, and even rewarded his soldiers.

Since Situ Jin had chosen to incite the rebellion, there was no retreat for him. He could only force himself through, “Ying Kong!! Yue Zhong had not obtained the recognition from the Central Government, thus, he’s a traitor! It’s not too late for you to join me!”

Ying Kong responded in disappointment, “Captain!! You’re muddleheaded!! Now is the time where we humans have to unite against the zombies if Leader Yue Zhong were to fail, how could we find another army to stand against them?! I might not be learned, but I know shame! Today, as long as I am not dead, you, Situ Jin, shall not pass!”

Ying Kong was filled with disappointment towards him, that he referred to him by name instead of his rank of the past.

When Situ Jin heard this, his face alternated between white and green, as he ordered loudly, “All troops, attack!!”

Under his order, 2 battalions of soldiers raised their weapons against Ying Kong and his battalion. In response, Ying Kong led his troops to cover and began an intense gunfight.

Right at this time, there was the sound of horses galloping through Ulan City. A number of Mongol soldiers riding Black Scaled Stallions charged through the city, led by Lian Da Zhong, beside him, was the vice-commander, Cha Bi Lai.

Since they were both on extremely good terms, and Cha Bi Lai used to be the commander of the reinforcement Mongolian troops, Lian Da Zhong had sought him out the moment he received the command from Yue Zhong to deal with the uprising.

Cha Bi Lai knew his chance had come when he heard this order, without hesitation, he announced his loyalty towards Yue Zhong in front of Lian Da Zhong and led his troops to follow him.

“Everyone is to get down on their knees and put down their weapons! Otherwise, they will be executed immediately!! Those who partook in the rebellion will be put to death!” The moment Lian Da Zhong entered the city, his arrogant voice resounded throughout.

Seeing the riders charging in with billowing killing intent, all those who had come out to watch the commotion quickly scurried back to their homes, leaving behind only those rebels!

“We want democracy!! Freedom!!”

“Down with Yue Zhong, down with the dictator!!”

As Lin Ran continued to lead them, the students began to gather and blocked Lian Da Zhong. They assumed that the law would still protect them, as long as they stuck united, Yue Zhong would be helpless against them.

Many of those who were smarter saw the soldiers filled with killing intent and felt that things were not right, quickly retreating towards the various corners and alleys.

Lian Da Zhong immediately gave the cold order as he watched those idiots protesting, “Kill these rebels!!”

Although he was a coward, he was someone who had carved a position and name for himself, and for his own power and position, he had not hesitated to kill a few people. As long as Yue Zhong recognized his contributions, he could rise.

Cha Bi Lai also prioritized getting in benefits and did not blink when killing. He looked at the rebels in front coldly, and shouted, “Kill!!!”

The 1,000 Mongolian riders charged right into the midst of the people, waving their blades, and a number of heads flew, as bodies were struck down.



“Don’t kill me!!”

The rebels died in tragic fashion, while many others fled.

Lin Ran saw her comrades being slaughtered in a hellish fashion, and her face instantly turned pale. She did not know what to do. Although she had been hollering for democracy and freedom, she was still ignorant and didn’t expect Lian Da Zhong to start killing without a second word.

In her original plans, she had hoped to talk to Lian Da Zhong and negotiate in the name of democracy, delaying his troops, buying time for Situ Jin’s forces. She had not yet suffered under the current system and did not know the terror of warlords.

Lian Da Zhong got the troops to surround the troublemakers and shouted, “Get down and surrender! Those who still stand shall be executed!! Those who flee will be executed!!”

He did not dare to head forward himself, just in case, they attacked him. His life was too precious, in his opinion.

Hearing his shouts, those who were initially calling for Yue Zhong to be brought down began to kneel and beg for their lives.

Lin Ran watched the rest surrender blankly when a blade suddenly flashed past her, and her beautiful head flew into the sky, as blood splatter from her neck.

The soldier that slashed her head off coldly kept his blade and did not even spare a glance at her corpse as he charged forwards.

The rest of the protesting group began to crumble and sob for their lives as those who stood were slaughtered in front of them.

Cha Bi Lai continued to lead the soldiers towards Situ Jin’s troops, intending to cut off their retreat.

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