God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 700

Situ Jin was taken aback when faced with the sudden attack, however, he was still an experienced general, and quickly deployed a number of soldiers to defend the back without losing composure.

The sounds of gunshots rang throughout Ulan City, with all 3 sides fighting for their own objectives with frenzy.

Within the government building, Zhuo Ya Tong was decked in military wear, her countenance frosty. She called out solemnly, “It’s time for us to head out. All units, attack!”

After which, she led the 40 elite Evolvers out herself into the battlefield.

Yue Zhong had gotten Zhuo Ya Tong to take the reins of Ulan City, and for her safety, he had left 40 Evolvers to assist her.

Ying Kong saw them come out and quickly went to ask, “Mayor Zhuo, how can you come out? What if something happens to you, how can I explain to Leader? Please head back in. I’ll handle the situation out here. As long as I, Ying Kong, am alive, Situ Jin’s troops would definitely not reach you.”

Zhuo Ya Tong pointed to the government building and said, “I’m here to quickly vanquish Situ Jin! Watch!”

Ying Kong turned to look, only to see the Type 3 Lightning walking out of the building with billowing killing intent.

In a flash, it turned into a blur of light, and the next thing they knew, Lightning had appeared among Situ Jin’s troops.

Lightning’s speed was extremely fast; before Situ Jin’s troops had the chance to react, it had already reached the front troops and tore off the heads of the soldiers one by one in a gruesome manner.

In a short span of time, the platoon right in front had been wiped out by Lightning. The sight of their comrades’ heads flying caused the rest of the soldiers to feel horrified, and their morale plunged.

The troops of Situ JIn had been trained only to fill up the ranks of Yue Zhong’s main forces. While the soldiers might have undergone some training, they lacked Evolvers, and the number of Enhancers was low as well. Not a single one of them was above Level 30.

If they were up against a proper military unit from before the apocalypse, they might have an advantage, but against the powerful Lightning whose speed was extremely fast, they were just sheep preparing to be slaughtered. They couldn’t even catch sight of its movements, how could they defend?

Other than that, the 40 elite Evolvers by Zhuo Ya Tong’s side had all undergone Job changes as well, and when they launched their assault on Situ Jin’s forces, they were precise, quick, and ruthless. Every attack claimed the lives of the rebelling soldiers.

Situ Jin’s forces were picked out from the ordinary survivors, who were then placed through training. Their combat abilities could not match up against the soldiers that were baptized by true battle. Facing those soldiers, as well as the powerful Lightning, they could only hold off the attacks for barely a while before they were eliminated easily.

“No retreat!! Anyone who does so will be executed!! No retreat!!”

As the 2 front battalions collapsed, many of the other soldiers started to abandon their posts and threw their weapons as they fled. The commanders tried to execute a few of them to make an example but they were helpless against the flood of retreating soldiers.

One by one, heads would fly because of Lightning’s swiping, causing the rest of the soldiers to feel even more despair. This supplementary division that had a short history soon fell apart, even Situ Jin had no way of controlling the troops anymore.

“Kill Situ Jin this bastard!!”

“It’s over!! It’s over!! Kill Situ Jin and present his head, we might be able to claim amnesty!!”

“That’s right!! It’s all because of Situ Jin and those bastards who trick us!! Sending us to our deaths. KIll those bastards, and we can live on!!”

Surrounded on all 3 sides, those soldiers who felt that things were going south began to feel angry. Their eyes turned bloodshot as they quickly ganged up against Situ Jin, pointing their weapons on Situ Jin and his trusted aides.

Faced with the backlash, Situ JIn could only protect Lin Dui Xing as they tried to flee.

“The traitorous general Lin Chen has been killed!!”

Following the sound of cheers, Situ Jin turned to look and noticed his comrade who had gone through countless life-and-death situations with him, being sliced apart by countless blades. One soldier went forward to decapitate him, grabbing the head and hollering out in excitement.

“I’m sorry, Xiao Chen! It’s all my fault!!” Situ Jin felt his heart clench, and he was filled with hatred.

“The traitorous Liu Yu has been killed! I’ve chopped his head off!!”

Following another excited shout, Situ Jin saw another comrade hacked by 6 or 7 different blades, his head chopped off by a soldier. The moment his head rolled, a few soldiers rushed up in a frenzy to grab it. It was their protection charm.

Yue Zhong had never mistreated his soldiers, but his vicious and decisiveness was known to all. Since he had swallowed up many factions, from time to time, random fellows who did not know their own place would try to challenge his position. These rebels would be captured and fed to the zombies while still alive before their corpses were turned to nourishment for the Mother Tree.

When these rebelling soldiers thought to the potential fate they were going to be subjected to, their hearts were filled with a chill, and they scrambled to grab onto any chance of survival they got.

“Xiao Yu!!! I’ve let you down!!” Situ Jin began to sob out loud, Liu Yu had been a good friend as well. At that time, Liu Yu had saved him from the mountain of corpses and even blocked a bullet for him. When he thought of the tragic end to such a young and fine soldier, his head decapitated, a death without a full corpse, Situ Jin was filled with sadness.

Following the cheers of celebration, a number of Situ Jin’s trusted aides and comrades were hunted down and executed, their heads chopped off and displayed for all to see.

Making use of this chance, Situ JIn shielded Lin Dui Xing as they broke out of the perimeter together with a few other guards.

Lin Dui Xing consoled him, “Commander Situ, don’t worry. Good always triumphs evil. Yue Zhong’s rule is not stable, and this episode has already revealed his weakness. As long as we work hard, and gather the other forces in the name of righteousness, we will definitely be able to topple Yue Zhong’s rule.”

Situ Jin chuckled bitterly, his words thick with unspoken words, “En!”

Right at this time, Lian Da Zhong appeared right in front of them, flanked by a number of guards. His face radiated with excitement, “Haha!! I caught the big fish!! Capture them!!”

The hundred-odd Mongolian soldiers saw Situ Jin and Lin Dui Xing, their eyes turning red as they shot towards them.

The dozens of guards beside Situ Jin and Lin Dui Xing were easily dispatched by the Mongolian soldiers, and the 2 of them were also captured easily.

A cold blade was pressed against Lin Dui Xing’s neck, and he hurriedly called out, “Brother!! I want to report a person! I want to report Situ Jin, it was he who had instigated the rebellion against Leader Yue Zhong! That’s right! I also know the list of those who had ideas or are conspiring against Yue Zhong, I want to report them!”

Lian Da Zhong’s eyes went wide, “Oh!! Who’s there? As long as you tell me all of it, I can assure your safety!!”

Lin Dui Xing’s face turned pale as he revealed everything, “There’s the commander of the Cangya Mercenary Group, Li Lie, the female student Lin Ran, the boss Mo Yi Ming of the Tian Feng Restaurant…”

Situ Jin closed his eyes in pain as he heard Lin Dui Xing’s words. For his own life, Lin Dui Xing had actually spat out all the core members of the resistance and rebellion. He regretted listening to this piece of trash. For this trash, he had sacrificed so many brothers and friends. Since he had emerged as the loser, he could imagine the merciless ending in store for himself.

As Lian Da Zhong listened to the various names pouring out from Lin Dui Xing’s mouth, he was pleased, saying, “Good!! Good!! Good!!”

To be able to flush out so many traitors, Lian Da Zhong knew that it was his chance to really shine. He could make use of these bad eggs to climb higher.

Since Situ Jin’s troops were the main fighting force, the rest of the rebel army were a random bunch. Once Situ Jin and his forces were eradicated, Lian Da Zhong had clarified with Zhuo Ya Tong, and he proceeded to bring Cha Bi Lai and his troops to go apprehend the rest of the people reported by Lin Dui Xing.

In a short span of time, the streets of Ulan City were filled with the traitors and their family members. There were so many that the jails could not accommodate them, and Zhuo Ya Tong had no choice but to stuff them in some of the bigger warehouses.

“Commander, Zhang Ru Hai of the 1st Platoon is requesting for backup.”

Lie Ming Yi’s eyes were bloodshot as he screamed out, “Fuck him! Tell him to hold on!! All we can send we have already sent out!! There’s still an hour, even if he dies, he better hold on for one more hour! Otherwise, tell him to deliver his own head on a platter to me!”

Facing 2 million zombies for the first time gave Lie Ming Yi huge pressure. Even though he held the advantage in terrain and prepared countless traps and defense mechanisms, together with the support of his artillery, tanks, and armored vehicles, he still felt the battle to be extremely frightening.

From the get-go, they had been thrown into the heat of battle, and the endless sea of zombies seemed to steamroll over every single construct they had prepared, before launching assaults on the base that Lie Ming Yi’s troops were guarding.

His soldiers had put up a terrific resistance, even so, they suffered greatly, and his nerves were getting taut. It was the first time he had felt the pressure leading troops on his own. If he was not careful, the entire Brigade might die out here.

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