God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 701

One officer came up to Lie Ming Yi and spoke with urgency, “Not good! Commander, the zombies are scaling up the mountain!!”

“What?” Lie Ming Yi’s face fell when he heard it.

The terrain that Lie Ming Yi had chosen to set up defense was narrow, and the only way through was to go through the narrow valley within the gorge. Usually, the zombies were stupid and would usually try to squeeze through the valley. However, the horde was actually trying to climb the mountain, which was a terrifying thought to Lie Ming Yi’s troops.

Just defending the gorge had already caused Lie Ming Yi to lose over a hundred soldiers, on top of the destruction of the various trap and defensive structures. If the zombies were to really scale the mountain, the entire brigade would be in danger.

The troops Lie Ming Yi commanded were simply too little compared to the 2 million zombies. There was a 1:1000 difference, and without the advantage of terrain, equipment, and intelligence, they would have long since been wiped out.

At this time, another commander charged into the command center and exclaimed excitedly, “Brigade Commander!! Brigade Commander!! Leader is here!! Leader has arrived with reinforcements!! He had already crushed the main zombie force and is here to help us!!”

“Awesome!! Long live Leader!!”

“Fuck yeah!!! Leader!!!!”

The command center immediately erupted in cheers, at their most dire of situations, Yue Zhong had personally led troops to come help them, pushing their morale through the roof.

Lie Ming Yi was excited but he couldn’t help asking, “What? Leader had already crushed the main zombie force? How is that possible? There are over 10 million zombies there?!”

The rest of the people calmed down and looked towards the officer curiously. Just fighting 2 million zombies was already stretching them thin, which soldiers dying every second. They had found it extremely tough against this horde that had an intelligent commander behind them.

Yue Zhong had told Lie Ming Yi and the rest to hold on for 3 days, after which they had to evacuate. However, who knew that within a short period of time, they were already beginning to feel a tremendous pressure. Yet, Yue Zhong had somehow managed to destroy the main force, and they all couldn’t help but feel curious.

The officer replied, “Leader had directly ordered a nuke on the commander of the horde, instantly wiping out the main controllers. The horde immediately came to a stop after that.”

“Nuclear missile?!”

When the officials heard this, they all sucked in a breath of cold air. They all knew the kind of damage and long-term effects of a nuclear weapon, Yue Zhong was actually forced to this extent, it seemed that it wasn’t as simple as they had thought.

On the other hand, using a nuclear missile to defeat 10 million zombies, was a decent trade-off.

The 20 Thunder Fighters were dropping cluster bombs everywhere on Liu Yue Mei’s instructions, annihilating the Z-Types.

After the horde lost their 200-odd Z-Types, the main Z3 in control quickly tried to flee, only to be blasted to pieces by the rockets fired by the 20 Thunder Fighters.

The moment the Z3 was killed, the zombie horde instantly crumbled, with hundreds of thousands trying to flee under the instructions of those Z-Types that were still alive, while the vast majority stood still and did not move any further.


Within the command center, everyone saw the huge mass of zombies coming to a halt, as though they were marionettes that had lost their strings, and their hearts were filled with shock.

“This is Yue Zhong. Lie Ming Yi, heed my commands, send a company to assist the 5th Brigade, and another company to assist the 4th Brigade. The remaining troops will clear this place.”

Lie Ming Yi responded in a resounding voice, “Yes! Leader!!”

Since Yue Zhong had given his command, Lie Ming Yi just had to follow.

Within the Thunder Fighter, Yue Zhong spoke to Zhao Tian Gang, “To the 3rd Brigade!”

Zhao Tian Gang couldn’t help but blurt, “Leader, it’s getting late. You should head back to recover. Our ammunition also requires some refilling.”

After 2 major battles, the 20 Thunder Fighters had spent much of their ammunition and fuel. They had to replenish before they could continue. Furthermore, Zhao Tian Gang knew Yue Zhong’s condition was serious, requiring rest and recovery. He had never seen someone whose chest had been impaled and lived. He knew that while Yue Zhong was still not dead, he was definitely in pain, as evident from the amount of perspiration.

Bai Xiao Sheng frowned and replied, “That’s true! Boss, the 3rd Brigade is full of the Mongolians and were our enemies not long ago. It’s good for their strength to be worn down by the zombies. Whereas you’re really too injured. You need rest.”

The 3rd Brigade was formed from the Mongolian troops, their commander Hu-er Ran. Since the majority of them were Mongolians, even though Yue Zhong placed a few Han commanders in, the rest was still fiercely loyal to Hu-er Ran. Even though they were enemies once, Yue Zhong could not help but admire Hu-er Ran’s charisma as a leader.

They had a strong independent streak and had the potential to revolt or rebel. Hence, Yue Zhong had always been guarded against them. Many troops also did not view the 3rd Brigade as their comrades.

Bai Xiao Sheng himself viewed them with contempt, even lower than the Tiger Wolf Army that was made up of ex-Scum Battalion members. After all, they were a risk.

Yue Zhong frowned, “Regardless of who they are, as long as they haven’t rebelled, they’re my troops and your comrades. As to our comrades, it doesn’t matter what problems we have, we need to prioritize the missions and celebrate success together. Support one another. Only like that will our troops remain united, and truly become a single united army. This is a question of principle. Let the rest of the Thunder Fighters head back to refuel and refill. Zhao Tian Gang, take me to the 3rd Brigade’s area. This is an order! Cough cough!”

Although he was guarded against them, he could not deny the many contributions they had done for him. Hu-er Ran had led the 3rd Brigade to recover many cities.

In order not to give Yue Zhong any excuse to take them down, Hu-er Ran had led the 3rd Brigade on multiple expeditions with all their might, killing zombies. While their equipment might not be on par with the 1st Regiment or 2nd Brigade, the numbers of zombies they killed were no lesser.

During this period of war, Yue Zhong would definitely do something to shoot himself in the foot.

After he spoke finish, he was struck by another coughing fit, throwing up blood, and the perspiration flowing down his face like rain.

Zhao Tian Gang did not dare disobey, and immediately maneuvered the Thunder Fighter in the direction as he replied, “Yes! Leader!”

The other 19 Thunder Fighters immediately returned, while Zhao Tian Gang brought Yue Zhong towards the 3rd Brigade.

Xu Yuan Gorge.

By now, the entire Xu Yuan Gorge had turned to a scene right out of hell, as gunshots rang out everywhere, corpses strewn all over the ground.

A number of rockets blasted the dense zombies, blasting hundreds of them into pieces, however, the endless sea continued to fill up the gaps.

There were many traps and constructions that had been overrun by the zombies, and the zombies were not only continuing their advance through the valley but up the 2 sides as well.

Ordinary zombies would not climb up the hills, however, the Devourers and Hunters could scale those hills with ease as they lunged for the soldiers.

Hu-er Ran had led his troops against countless skirmishes against zombies before, against the Devourers and Hunters, they were somewhat prepared.

The Devourers and Hunters had not climbed far, when the areas they were at suddenly exploded with a powerful force, blasting them into pieces.

Throughout the 2 hills on either side of the valley, Hu-er Ran had long since planted a huge number of landmines as well as remote-controlled explosives. The moment the evolved zombies tried to attack, he would cause those traps to go off.

Even then, in spite of all his preparations, a number of evolved zombies managed to make it past the hills and started their attacks on the soldiers of the 3rd Brigade.

Every single one of those zombies was extremely strong and they easily slaughtered a number of the ordinary soldiers of the 3rd Brigade before the experts stepped in to counterattack.

Hua Bu La Ci was extremely anxious as he urged, “Great Khan!! We can’t go on like this!! If we continue, we’re going to be wiped out! Let’s flee!!”

The 2 million zombies were just like a sea, and even after all of Hu-er Ran’s preparations, many soldiers were lost to the relentless zombies.

After battling an entire day, the 3rd Brigade had lost 500 people, purely from battle. The scary thing about fighting zombies was that as long as a person was scratched, there was no chance of survival.

Yue Zhong had managed to live after being slashed by Feng Bo because he had already used the G-Vaccine, and he had already developed an antibody towards the zombie virus, and he could no longer turn into one.

Hu-er Ran’s gaze was complicated as he surveyed the front lines, before he spoke, “No! We have to hold out! Three days! Regardless of the price, we have to defend for 3 days. This concerns the survival of all our people of the Central Plains. We can only win! Even if I were to die, we must definitely not retreat!”

Hu-er Ran was once the leader of the Central Plains after all, and he could see the big picture. He knew clearly that once they lost this battle, the ordinary survivors of the Central Plains would not stand a chance. For the sake of the big picture and the people, he was willing to sacrifice himself.

Hua Bu Lai Ci screamed out, “Great Khan!! It’s not worth it!! Yue Zhong has never viewed us as one of his, our weapons and equipment can’t compare to the 1st Regiment nor the 2nd Brigade, even the 4th and 5th Brigade have better equipment than us! It’s not worth sacrificing ourselves for him!! He will make use of the zombies to wear us down, and not save us at all!!”

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