God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 702

Hearing Hua Bu La Ci’s words, the rest of the commanders of the 3rd Battalion began to waver. They knew that Yue Zhong was indeed cautious about them. If it wasn’t for the fact that the number of zombies they were about to face reached 2 million, he would not have equipped them so generously. They were also worried that Yue Zhong might abandon them, allowing the zombies to wear them down, before taking the opportunity to wipe them out.

This was the tragedy of their troops. They had to worry about equipment, the differences in treatment, and even the possibility of abandonment. The worst was being treated as cannon fodder.

Hu-er Ran maintained his position, ordering coolly, “No retreat!”

Just as Hua Bu La Ci was about to try and persuade him again, an officer charged in excitedly, “Leader is here! He’s here to help!!”

“Thank the heavens!!”

“The Leader is here? He truly didn’t abandon us!! Long live!!!”

When they heard this, the command center immediately erupted in cheers, once Yue Zhong came himself, it meant that he would not give up on them.

The commander continued, “There’s news from Leader’s side earlier, they had already defeated the main driving force of the zombies, and had helped the 2nd Brigade defeat the 2nd area.”

“For real?”


“How is that impossible?”

“It can’t be?”

Hearing those words, all the commanders broke out in a discussion, their faces filled with disbelief. They could all swear as to the terror of the zombies, having faced them up close on the front lines. The 2 million zombies were enough to fill them with despair, and they weren’t even confident holding out for 3 days.

Yue Zhong had to deal with 10 times the number, and yet he had managed to defeat them?

Hu-er Ran’s eyes were filled with suspicion, as he asked, “Did Leader say how he defeated them?”

Although he could not believe that Yue Zhong had defeated the zombies so easily, he knew Yue Zhong would not treat it like a joke.

The officer replied, “Nuclear missile! Leader had fired a missile at the commanding zombies, and immediately defeated them in one fell swoop!!”

“Nuclear bomb!!”

When they heard this, all the officers felt their hearts turn cold. It was a terrifying man-made weapon. All along, they had been using military tactics and strategies, and never would have expected Yue Zhong to actually fire a nuclear missile on China itself.

Hua Bu La Ci turned pale, not daring to say anything else. Yue Zhong had actually used this, he was obviously pushed to a corner. Had he utilized it against them, the 3rd Brigade would not have survived.

Hu-er Ran felt a chill, “Nuclear bomb! What a ruthless decision!”

The effects of a nuclear weapon on its environment were extremely devastating. Hu-er- Ran knew that if he was in Yue Zhong’s shoes, he could not have made such a decision easily.

Once a nuclear weapon was used, the area of damage would be a wasteland for at least a 100 years, furthermore, it was uncertain the kind of mutations that would occur around.

“Leader is here!! Quick go welcome him!”

Not long after, Yue Zhong arrived in front of the command center in the Thunder Fighter.

“Salutations to Leader!”

The moment he alighted, the commanders of the 3rd Brigade immediately came forward to greet him.

Hu-er Ran took one look at Yue Zhong and exclaimed, “Leader! You’re injured?”

By now, even though Yue Zhong had switched to a new set of uniform, every single step he took caused him to grimace, with perspiration flowing down his forehead while Bai Xiao Sheng supported him.

Hu-er Ran knew that Yue Zhong was the strongest among them, and even against the Apostles of the KoG, he still had means to deal with them. Yet now, he was obviously injured badly.

Bai Xiao Sheng coldly, ordered, “Leader was gravely injured when he fought the commanders of the main zombie horde, however, he insisted on coming here to support your troops. Hu-er Ran, Leader has already given the order for you guys to maintain your stance here for a day. Can your 3rd Brigade achieve it?”

“Yue Zhong is heavily injured!” When Hu-er Ran heard this, his heart skipped a beat. He became agitated, after all, he was a warlord as well, and from time to time, he would still think of rebuilding the Great Mongolian Empire. Up till now, he had carried out his duties for Yue Zhong because he was forced to. Since Yue Zhong was injured now, it was a great opportunity for him. If he could off him, Yue Zhong’s faction would be split apart, and he had the chance to rebuild Mongolia.

When he thought of the possibility of rebuilding Mongolia, Hu-er Ran’s mouth turned dry and his heartbeat quickened. Although he was the commander of the 3rd Brigade, due to the caution and wariness that everyone showed them, he didn’t feel as though he could live freely, unlike when he was the king.

Hu-er Ran’s eyes flashed with a vicious glint, as he looked towards Yue Zhong, only to discover Yue Zhong smiling, yet not smiling, at him. His gaze landed on the people beside Yue ZHong, and the ambition that was rising in his heart was immediately doused.

Beside Yue Zhong stood Ji Qing Wu and Yin Shuang.

Hu-er Ran had seen for himself how Yin Shuang could pummel an Apostle, if she was to go crazy here, the entire 3rd Brigade might not be able to withstand a single blow from her. He had no confidence in facing her headlong as well.

Hu-er Ran immediately abandoned whatever thoughts he had, as he gathered his subordinates and saluted Yue Zhong, replying respectfully, “Yes, we promise to fulfill our mission!!

Yue Zhong looked at him and thought to himself, “He’s still ambitious as ever, and is smart enough.”

Had Hu-er Ran dared to act against Yue Zhong, then Yue Zhong would have the excuse to wipe out Hu-er Ran and his men, removing the 3rd Brigade in the name of martial law. However, Hu-er Ran had not taken the bait, and thus, Yue Zhong did not have a reason to go crazy either.

Of course, with Yue Zhong’s current strength, he could still force a cleanse on the 3rd Brigade. However, it might cause the rest of the people who had submitted to him to feel apprehensive, and the trust in him would be affected greatly. Once that happens, his faction would start to slowly erode, after all, who would be willing to follow a leader who went back on his words? His promises would not be worth anything then.

The moment he went to the front lines, the morale of the 3rd Brigade instantly soared, and their combat prowess increased by 30%, eradicating a few waves of zombies with ease.

Since he had come down personally, it meant that he would not abandon the 3rd Brigade, therefore, the soldiers were much more willing to give it their all.

Soon after, night fell.

When it was evening, flares were shot into the skies, illuminating the entire Xu Yuan Gorge.

Under the command of the Z-Types, the zombies continued their relentless assault on the Xu Yuan Gorgel

The combat effectiveness of humans would be affected in the night. Furthermore, they had already fought an entire day. Everyone was exhausted, and the casualty count was increasing.

Hu-er Ran could only deploy the supplementary group to assist the soldiers at the front lines, while they slowly gave up on point after point.

Hu-er Ran prepared many barrels of oil at each defense point, each time the zombies overrun a place, he would set fire to the place, burning the zombies.

It was just that there were simply too many of them, and the 3rd Brigade was truly lacking in weapons. Their heavy weapons could not compare with the other 4 Brigades, and under the wave-like attack of the zombies, they could only abandon posts after posts.

“The 3rd squad is wiped out!”

“1st Platoon has lost 5 men!”

“2nd Platoon requests aid!!”

“3rd Platoon requests artillery fire!!”

Following the flow of battle, the number of calls for help began to pour in, and Hu-er Ran’s face turned paler by the second.

After hesitation, Hu-er Ran walked up to Yue Zhong and exclaimed bitterly, “Leader!! I’m afraid our 3rd Brigade might let you down!! The zombie horde is too strong, and we might not be able to last past tonight!! Leader, please be prepared!”

The zombie horde was like a sea of waves, relentless and without rest. If it had been humans, after losing a certain number, the rest would quickly fall back. However, the horde knew no fear and would continue to charge forth. Although many of them were blasted apart, they did not possess psychological issues, nor the stamina of humans, as compared to humans who were at the mercy of both.

In a war between humans, both sides would need to defend while allowing for rest, hence a battle could drag for days. However, against the zombies, it was possible to determine the victor in a day, it was either the zombies being wiped out or humans being overwhelmed.

After the apocalypse, even battles had changed and morphed.

Yue Zhong replied solemnly, “Hang on! Our reinforcements are coming!”

Hu-er Ran was shocked, “Reinforcements?”

“What in the world is that…?”


“No! Is that the seat of God?”

Right at that moment, a flurry of discussion began to break out among the soldiers.

In the sky, the huge Sky Fortress floated across, swiftly approaching Xu Yuan Gorge. When the soldiers saw the Sky Fortress, they were shocked, it was the first time coming across this thing. It seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie from before the apocalypse.

Suddenly, a number of holes opened at the side of the Fortress, as many machine guns, laser guns and laser cannons appeared.

At the next instant, the Sky Fortress began to rain hell upon the zombies in a shower of bullets and laser beams, blasting a wide area.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

As though going through a baptism, the entire horde was blasted mercilessly.

Hu-er Ran looked at the mighty Sky Fortress up in the sky and his heart trembled, “What a terrifying weapon of war! Is this the reinforcements he was referring to? That’s too overpowered!!”

Just that single Sky Fortress was enough to devastate the entire 3rd Brigade, and having witnessed the prowess of the Sky Fortress, Hu-er Ran buried his ambitions deep in his heart.

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