God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Close Combat Unit

Seeing the zombies creep closer and closer, a team member’s eyes filled with fear. After recklessly emptying his clip, he let out a large scream and turned to flee.

The zombies were only fifty meters from Yue Zhong’s group. Several of the team members hearts were filled with fear of the zombies. It was important to know, one wound from a zombie could cause someone to be infected.

Yue Zhong aimed his rifle at the fleeing team member. A bullet pierced through his head and made him powerlessly fall to the ground.

Yue Zhong looked around and let out a mean and ferocious yell: “Whoever dares turn tail, will be immediately shot!”

Seeing the team member be shot by Yue Zhong, the originally unstable morale settled down.

Liu Yan turned to his men with an ashen face and roared: “Don’t worry about Yue Zhong’s group, if you turn tail and flee, this Boss will be the first to slaughter you!”

The team member who fled just now was one of Liu Yan’s subordinates. That member made Liu Yan lose a lot of face.

Yue Zhong saw the distance between them and the zombie had lowered, and he deeply yelled: “Completely open fire!”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s command, the sweaty-handed team members finally laid down fire like madmen at the zombies.

Layer after layers of zombies were torn apart by the bullet rain. Especially the heavy machine gun bullets. They only needed to hit a body to split it in two, rendering it unable to move.

A large layer of the zombie group collapsed under the second round of bullet rain.

Yue Zhong commanded: “Cease fire!”

This time everyone ceased fire.

After the bullet rain stopped, the zombies who weren’t killed crawled up once again from the ground. But a large amount were all hit by heavy machine gun fire after going through a couple rounds of bullet rain. Only a couple dozen scattered zombies crawled back up. There were still nearly a hundred zombies cut off at the waist that were crawling towards Yue Zhong’s group.

“Close combat group, switch to Imitation Tang Swords! Follow me!” Yue Zhong looked at the remaining scattered zombies, and he lead the way rushing out.

Yue Zhong’s directly subordinate unit were all brave warriors that he recruited to conduct close combat with zombies. Altogether there were only ten people. Each one held an Imitation Tang Sword, and they wore mutated river snake armor.

These ten people were all under the command of Chi Yang when Yue Zhong wasn’t present. They specialized in close combat, and each person was level four or above.

The ten people belonging to the close combat unit closely followed Yue Zhong, rushing into the zombies. They chopped Imitation Tang Swords extremely fiercely, and they cut through zombie skulls like chopping through chives.

Using God and Devil World weapons to strengthen up wasn’t a secret in Yue Zhong’s group, but those who were brave enough to do close combat with zombies were relatively few. These ten soldiers were the ones brave enough to fight even without wearing the river snake armor. Due to this, Yue Zhong let them use the Imitation Tang Swords and leftover God and Devil World equipment to level up.

Of course all of the God and Devil World equipments were returned to Yue Zhong or Chi Yang after every mission.

The ten men split into three small groups. They worked together with careful coordination to methodically behead zombies after zombies. Yue Zhong and White Bones rushed into the middle of the remaining zombies. Everywhere he went, the zombies were unable to block his casual slashes.

The rest of the soldiers looked with fear and respect upon seeing Yue Zhong and his subordinates slaughtering the zombie crowd. Yue Zhong’s group of people was lacking someone experienced with steel manufacturing. Because of this the large majority lacked cold weapons. Yue Zhong couldn’t let the others fight zombies in close combat without weapons.

After a short time, all of the remaining zombies were cleared out by Yue Zhong’s group. Those few zombies lacking arms and legs were no match for Yue Zhong’s subordinates.

After clearing this batch of zombies, Yue Zhong put a fireball skill book and two hundred life coins in his bag. He continued to make White Bones enter the city to attract zombies.

The large majority of zombies in the town were cleared out by Yue Zhong’s group after several rounds of this. But they used up a large amount of ammunition and heavy machine gun rounds.

Yue Zhong commanded each unit to advance into the town after clearing out the large majority of zombies.

Each unit advanced into the village under Yue Zhong’s Command. Each unit also received two close combat unit members from Yue Zhong’s group to deal with difficult zombies.

There were still scattered zombies in the village, and they were often attracted by gunshots.

Yue Zhong strode into the interior of the village.

The main zombie force was wiped out. The remaining scattered zombies basically were no match for the well equipped troops. Zombies after zombies were slaughtered, and the village was recovered inch by inch.

A large amount of gunfire suddenly erupted near Xiao Ming’s group.

Yue Zhong’s brows wrinkled, and he immediately brought the remaining two close combat unit evolvers towards Xiao Ming’s location.

Yue Zhong quickly arrived at Xiao Ming’s location.

He saw in that direction, a nearly three meter tall enormous zombie made of black flesh and muscle was fighting with Xiao Ming’s group.

Xiao Ming’s group of soldiers continuously laid fire down at the zombie like madmen. The concentrated rifle shots all bounced off of the enormous zombies black lump of flesh. They were completely unable to pierce the enormous zombie’s flesh.

“Level 30, type 2, power zombie L2. Possesses enormous power and defense. Has the skill, virus infection. Able to turn living organisms into the infected.”

An announcement immediately sounded in Yue Zhong’s sea of knowledge as soon as Yue Zhong saw the huge zombie.

The huge zombie’s speed was three points faster than an ordinary person’s. It was like a tank rushing towards Xiao Ming’s group. It grabbed an ordinary team member by the head and pinched, exploding his head.

Xiao Ming’s group momentarily collapsed seeing the enormous zombie be so fierce. The large majority of members all tossed their guns and fled in all directions.

“Don’t flee!! Keep shooting!! Keep shooting!!” Xiao Ming roared with a scarlet red face, and at the same time he continuously shot at the huge zombie. But not a single person listened to his command. Only the two close combat unit members belonging to Yue Zhong and the three close subordinates next to him, stayed. They kept firing at that nearly insurmountable zombie.

Shot after shot landed on that large lump of blackness, and they were all sent flying without penetrating its body.

Even though the close combat members belonging to Yue Zhong were completely scared stiff by the enormous zombie, they could only stand there because the order to withdraw had not been given. They absolutely weren’t able to advance.

Yue Zhong didn’t give a second glance to the fleeing team members. In a few steps, he appeared before the L2. He grasped the Imitation Tang Sword and ruthlessly chopped into the waist of the L2.

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