God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 704

Although Lian Da Zhong was a shrewd person, he did contribute in his own way. Furthermore, he was somewhat loyal to Yue Zhong. That was why Yue Zhong was comfortable with giving him such a rank and post. Together with Cha Bi Lai, whose ability to command was exceptional, both of them would have no problems leading a brigade of their own.

Once he made his decision, he immediately pulled out 3,000 people from the supplementary troops and established the 6th Division, throwing them right into training and the killing of zombies.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the base of the Kingdom of God, the Council of Elders were currently engaged in heated discussion.

“Nuclear missile! That Yue Zhong actually dared use the missile! Didn’t China promise not to use it first? How can they break their promise?!”

“Yue Zhong and the old China has no relations, it’s no surprise that he used it.”

“20 million zombies, and he managed to navigate through such a difficult situation! Truly fearsome!”

“Sky Fortress, that huge metal chunk flying in the air must be the Sky Fortress. Seems like he has already gained the core diagram of that technology.”

“Yes! That’s the Sky Fortress! We must get the blueprint from him!”

“How could he give it to us so easily?!

Inside the meeting hall, as the Elders argued back and forth, they were filled with trepidation towards Yue Zhong’s ever-increasing military might. Especially the possession of the Sky Fortress.

The entire thing would require all 7 pieces of the blueprint, and the Kingdom of God themselves possessed a few of those blueprints and knew how mighty the entire thing could turn out.

Once it is manufactured, warfare would change entirely.

Erek heard the arguments going back and forth, while he sighed silently, “Nuclear missile! He actually resorted to that!”

With nuclear weapons, Yue Zhong had become a feared entity, especially since he even dared to fire such a weapon on his own home ground, not to mention any other countries.

The moment they knew he had used such a weapon, everyone in the Kingdom of God had become nervous about him, forget about sending any troops to deal with him.

Because of that single missile, the entire upper echelons of the Kingdom of God was thrown into a debate.

Yue Zhong did not know about the ongoings in Europe, he was only concerned with deploying his troops to wipe out the zombies that had lost the command of the Z-Types.

After 2 months, the huge horde was finally entirely eliminated, and the total expenditure of ammunition had been 90%. 3,000 soldiers of the Scum Battalion had perished, while hundreds of elites were lost as well.

Having finally eliminated the zombies, Yue Zhong led his troops into the capital.

Since all the zombies in the Capital had been brought away by Xuan Yuan and Feng Bo at that time and were already eliminated, Yue Zhong walked in extremely relaxed.

The Capital!

A jeep came to a halt on the dusty pavement, while Yue Zhong and Yao Yao stepped out.

Yao Yao, a natural Agility-based Evolver, had already grown to possess the Strength and Vitality traits as well, becoming a Triple-Attribute Evolver. Her level had reached 60, and since Ji Qing Wu was afraid of Yue Zhong being targeted, she had asked Yao Yao to come along as Yue Zhong’s guard.

Yue Zhong took a look at the once-lavish place, his eyes flashing with a strange glint, “So this is the Forbidden City?”

After he had recovered the capital, he had received a notification telling him to enter the Forbidden City, where he would truly complete the mission for recovery of the capital.

Yue Zhong laughed mildly as he walked further in.

Yao Yao followed closely behind.

The moment Yue Zhong stepped no more than 10 meters in, a flurry of notifications sounded out in his mind.

“Congratulations! For conquering the capital of China, you have gained the title ‘Conqueror of the Capital of China!’ The title grants you +5 in all 6 attributes. The title cannot be re-earned! Titles’ effects can be stacked!”

“You have brought your troops to conquer the capital of China and gained +5 levels, earning 10 points to be allocated!”

“You have brought your troops to conquer the capital of China, earning 1,000,000 Survivor Coins!”

“You have brought your troops to conquer the capital of China, earning Level 5 Defense Vest!”

“You have brought your troops to conquer the capital of China, earning 2 skill points to be allocated!”

“Congratulations on reaching Level 90, you have gained 1 skill point!”

As the notifications rang out, a black Defense Vest appeared in his hands.

“Level 5 Defense Vest: Upon equipping, +25 to all attributes. It can withstand the bullets from a 25mm heavy cannon, prevents radiation, poisonous gas, and the ability to resist all sorts of harsh environments!”

With a single thought, he quickly allocated the 2 precious skill points into his Devil Flame skill, and in his mind, the Devil Flame rune went through another transformation, gaining new lines of runes, and reaching a +2 Enhancement.

“As Yue Zhong had recovered the capital of China, defeating over 10 million zombies and the evolved intelligent beings, the 2nd Stage is brought forward. The Gates of Hell have officially opened!”

As the sound rang out in his mind, at the same time, a number of gigantic and monstrous doorways appeared all over the globe. The doors were etched with all sorts of engravings, depicting skeletons, Mutant Beasts, demons, werewolves, giant bugs. They gave off a terrifying aura.

When the doors appeared, all lifeforms near them were instantly filled with fear, as they scrambled to flee as far as they could. Many zombies didn’t manage to react at the first moment and were turned to dust.

At the same time, one of these doors appeared in front of Yue Zhong suddenly.

“The Tides of Hell has begun, from now on, 20 random people who have yet to join any faction possessing a Novice Village would be pulled to the Abandoned Lands of the 2nd World at any random time.”

When Yue Zhong heard this, his heart turned cold. Fortunately, he had already gained control of a God and Devil Novice Village early on, otherwise, had this announcement come on, he would lose 20 people randomly from time to time.

“You are the first leader to have recovered the capital of a major country, and thus, possess the qualifications to enter the beta-experience for the 2nd Stage. Are you going to enter the beta-experience for the 2nd Stage now? If you give up the right to enter now and would like to enter the beta-experience again, you will have to bring your troops to conquer another major capital that possessed over a billion people, with over a hundred million people in your faction.”

When Yue Zhong heard this, his face fell, “Fuck! Why is it like this?”

By conquering the capital of China, he had already expended over 90% of his reserves. If he wanted to conquer any other countries, it was basically an insurmountable task. He had never expected to have to make a choice the moment he conquered the capital.

“Should you enter now and last an entire year, once you return to this world, you’ll gain a treasure – Heart of Hope.”

Yue Zhong took a deep breath and asked, “Am I able to communicate with those from this world when I’m over there?”

“You may make use of the system as well as people present in the Evolving Temples to communicate.”

“Give me a moment!”

“You still have 30 minutes to make a choice.”

Yue Zhong swiftly summoned the few subordinates of his that he trusted and relayed everything he needed to, before sending them away from the Forbidden City.

When he had entered the Forbidden City, it was shrouded in a layer of mysterious lights, forbidding him from communicating with anyone outside of the light. However, the people beside him could pass through the barrier to go out.

When everyone had left, Yue Zhong then spoke solemnly, “I choose to enter the 2nd World!”

The moment his words landed, the Gates of Hell in front of him opened slowly, revealing a tunnel in the void.

At the same time, there was a flash of light, as a golden imprint appeared on his right hand.

“This is the system imprint, with it, you may communicate with those in your Evolving Temple. However, you may only use this once a month. You may test it out now.”

He looked at the imprint and with a thought, he found his consciousness appearing inside the Job Change Statue in the Evolving temple. He could clearly see a few soldiers currently undergoing job changes and choosing their skills.

Right now in Guang Xi, due to Yue Zhong’s development, many soldiers were brought there to become Enhancers, undergoing job changes.

Yue Zhong could become a hegemon over the Central Plains was because of the Enhancers that came out from his Evolving Temple.

“The gates would remain open for 10 seconds! Please enter immediately! After that, it will close shut!”

He heard the notification, turning around to look at the Gates of Hell. He took a deep breath and stepped inside.

Everything about the 2nd Stage was unknown, Yue Zhong only knew that things were about to get rougher, and he needed to check it out properly, in order to deal with anything.

When he entered the Gates, they quickly close behind him.

The scenery in front of him distorted and before he knew it, he had arrived at another place.

Yue Zhong surveyed his surroundings, only to see the entire place covered with blackened dirt, not a single hint of green anywhere.

The sky was overcast and grey, as though covered with dust everywhere, giving off a sense of suffocation.

Yue Zhong around this bleak place, and could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, “This is the 2nd World?”

He tried to look closer all around him, only to discover a wide barren land.

He found a piece of shrapnel and held it up to take a look, noticing that there were similarities between it and the shrapnel back at his world, “There must have been some major battle here!”

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