God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 705

Yue Zhong stared at the piece of shrapnel, thinking silently, “It’s fortunate, at least this piece means that the technology of this world isn’t too far out.”

Had the science of this world been too overpowered, he was afraid that he might get crushed to death without understanding what had happened.

Yue Zhong looked around, failing to find anything of value, before pulling out a compass to determine a direction and started walking.

He had just walked a few steps when suddenly, a man in tattered clothes appeared in front of him in a flash.

Following that, a number of people appeared in a similar manner beside him.

Yue Zhong took a few steps back, raising his Flame Blade up in wariness as he looked at the humans who had been sent over.

Yue Zhong was extremely clear that even though he was the Evolver with the highest-level back on Earth after all those additional rewards, there were other people whose strength might not necessarily be weaker than him. They might even surpass him. The Apostles of the Kingdom of God were existences that were on similar levels.

Some Evolvers had hidden away in the various mountain gorges in order to become stronger. These cultivators were not to be underestimated. Furthermore, who knew what mutations and evolutions had occurred, should Yue Zhong come across some sick freak who trained every day, even he did not have the confidence of dealing with them.

The lights flashed continuously for a while, as people were teleported with each light.

Yue Zhong observed the people carefully.

From among them, there were a few solo ones, as well as groups. The most was an entire group of 20 being sent over. This bunch looked to be students, some were naked obviously in the middle of something, while some were in non-mainstream makeup. The majority of them were Asians, while 6 groups were black, and the other 7 white.

When they were sent over, each of them had fearful expressions as well, while the majority looked around in alarm just like Yue Zhong.

Somehow, the groups of people segregated themselves according to their skin color extremely quickly.

One burly man, who had a ferocious expression barked out loudly, “What is this place? Damn it, is this another joke by that shitty God?”

Among the group of female students who had makeup on, one of them who had cute features suddenly squealed in delight, rushing up to an extremely handsome man, “Kang Ryu Chan!! You are Kang Ryu Chan of the Eastern Sunshine group! I’m a huge fan!! Ryu Chan, can you sign an autograph for me?”

“Kang Ryu Chan!! Eastern Sunshine’s Kang Ryu Chan!!”

“Ryu Chan, I’m your fan!! Please give me an autograph!!”

“Ryu Chan, I love you!!”

The few female students squealed in delight as they surrounded Kang Ryu Chan, gushing over him.

The Eastern Sunshine was a Korean boyband before the apocalypse and had some fame in China, earning many female Chinese fans.

A particular man who stood beside him looked at the Chinese girls and laughed coldly, “Ryu Chan, you’re truly famous eh!! Hehe, these Chinese girls are so crazy over you, adore you. You better control them well, they have some worth to them. It’s time I give vent to these stupid women.”

The corners of Kang Ryu Chan’s mouth lifted slightly as he replied, “Yes! Mr. Taewon!”

After which, Kang Ryu Chan began to address the students with the professional smile he had been so used to, accompanied by another man.

A number of gazes fell on those girls and Kang Ryu Chan.

Yue Zhong swept a glance at them, laughing coldly as he edged away. These stupid women would pay the price soon for their idiocy.

The commotion began to attract the attention of a few people. A group of 8 naked men and women turned to look at Kang Ryu Chan and the students.

One of the burly men had his sights set on one of the students, his eyes brightening as he licked his lips, “Not bad! These little chicks seem pretty hot.”

Without any intention to get dressed, he directly walked towards those fangirls while still naked, reaching out to grab one of them, while laughing boisterously, “Little bitch, get on your knees, let your master, I, have some fun!!”

Since all morals and ethics had gone out of the window since the apocalypse, the burly man had thrown all dignity and shame to the wind.

The fangirl immediately screamed out in fear, “Help!! Ryu Chan, save me!! Help!! Help!!”

Kang Ryu Chan immediately stepped forward righteously in front of the fangirl and barked out, “Excuse me, sir! Please stop your depraved acts right now!”

“Ryu Chan is so handsome!!”

“Kyaa!! I’m in love with you, Ryu Chan!!”

“Next time if I do marry, I must marry a Korean man. Korean men are all so charismatic!!”

One by one, the girls saw how Kang Ryu Chan stood in front of them so valiantly, their eyes flashing with adoration. The idol in their eyes was as heroic and charming as the Prince Charming of their dreams.

The naked man immediately grew furious, sending a powerful slap across the handsome mug of Kang Ryu Chan, “Fuck!! This senior’s matters, who the fuck gave you the right to interfere, Korean dog?!!”

With a resounding ‘pa’, Kang Ryu Chan was sent sprawling to the ground, a few of his teeth knocked out, his entire face bleeding.

Seeing how Kang Ryu Chan was sent flying by a single slap, the eyes of the person named Mr. Taewon turned cold, as he waved his hands.

2 other men bellowed in rage and got into a posture of taekwondo, before charging towards that naked man with a speed far surpassing a normal person.

Yue Zhong eyed the 2 men and recognized their abilities, “Enhancers!”

“Scram!!” The naked man turned to glare at them, his right fist hammering out like a cannon.

The 2 Koreans were immediately sent flying backward, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood before losing all signs of life.

After killing the 2 Koreans in such an explosive fashion, his face flashed with a savage look as he grabbed Kang Ryu Chan by the head, lifting him up, “Gigolo, fucking kneel, or this senior will rip off your head!”

Kang Ryu Chan eyed the naked man, his body shuddering as fear flashed in his eyes. He immediately got down on the ground in front of the naked hooligan, kowtowing, “Please spare my life, master!! Spare me!! Don’t kill me!! Don’t kill me!!”

Those students had been protected all these while and did not experience the true cruel reality of this apocalypse, but Kang Ryu Chan knew, if he were to infuriate such cruel experts, he would definitely die as an ordinary person.

“Ryu Chan!!”

“Ryu Chan!!”

Seeing him kneeling so pitifully and kowtowing, the fangirls felt their hearts ache, as though their fantasy had been crushed.

The pretty fangirl rushed up towards the naked man with a pale face, “Don’t you bully Ryu Chan!! You bastard!!”

These young teenagers were going through their rebellious phase, and their thinking was still naive, hence, this young fangirl could not stand for her idol to be mistreated.

The naked man laughed cruelly as he shot Kang Ryu Chan a glance, “Hahaha! Little rascal, seems like you don’t truly understand the character of this Korean punk that you idolize. Interesting! Let me show you how cruel society is!! Kang Ryu Chan! Go tear her clothes off, and make her kneel. If she doesn’t, feel free to break her legs!!”

The fangirl was shocked and retreated a few steps, before mustering her courage to shout, “Ryu Chan would not do that!!”

The originally kneeling Kang Ryu Chan immediately exploded out like some deranged demon, grabbing the girl’s clothes forcefully and ripped them off.

With a loud tear, the girl’s clothes were torn off completely, revealing her bra and underwear.

Kang Ryu Chan looked as though he was possessed as he roared, “Kneel!! Kneel in front of master!! Otherwise, I’ll break your legs!!”

In order to live on, Kang Ryu Chan could only betray his own fan. In any case, it was not like he had any favorable feelings for her.

The fangirl could only stare blankly, the image of her idol shattering all around her. For this man in front of her, she had fought daily on the various discussion boards online. Even if this man had caused a woman’s miscarriage by kicking her, she had still shielded him and believed in him. As long as any of her friends dare speak ill of her, she would immediately fall out with them. For this man, she had even ignored her own safety to protect him. Now, he was forcing her to sacrifice her body, causing her to feel a rocking sense of despair.

In her shock, she kneeled down subconsciously, her expression full of despair and numbness.

“Lan Lan!! Kang Ryu Chan you bastard!!”

“Kang Ryu Chan you beast!!”

Seeing the utterly different Kang Ryu Chan, the rest of the fangirls began to curse out loud at him.

The naked man laughed out sadistically, “HAHAHA! Good!! Kang Ryu Chan, well done!! When this senior I, am done fucking with this girl, you and I will fuck her together!! Being fucked by her idol, she must be so excited and happy!! Hahahaha!!”

Kang Ryu Chan could only nod his head in a pathetic manner, like a dog, “Yes!! Yes!! I’ll fuck her properly!!”

The rest of the spectators stared at Kang Ryu Chan, their eyes filled with repulsion and reproach.

At this time, Yue Zhong spoke out coldly, “Are you done? If you are, get the fuck back.”

The naked man frowned and turned to face Yue Zhong, only to stare down the wide twin barrels of the Stinger pointing at him. Immediately, he felt an overwhelming sense of danger. He laughed dryly and immediately apologized profusely, “Sorry! Sorry!!”

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