God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 707

At that moment, there were many people doubling over as they coughed out blood, while those who could immediately ran away from their positions.

Everyone looked all around in fear, not knowing what was happening.

“What is this place?”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone broke out in panic, and some even screamed out of fear. Dying without any reason was even more terrifying than facing Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong looked all around, and he couldn’t help but frown further. He had never seen such a scene before.

Yue Zhong surveyed the surrounding and walked towards the west, “Head that way!”

“Wait for me!!”

Kong Cui Yun and the rest were jolted and quickly followed after him. They had finally recognized his abilities and began to rely on him. Since they had been protected back on Earth and had not yet been exposed to the reality of the apocalypse, they could only rely on an expert in this strange environment.

The moment Yue Zhong moved, many gazes fell upon him, among them, there was despise, expectation and even ridicule.

To their shock, as Yue Zhong continued ahead, there was no problem even after several hundred meters.

Ma Fan watched Yue Zhong moving uninhibited and quickly called out as his eyes flashed, “Little brother, wait for us!!”

Yue Zhong heard the call but ignored him. In this 2nd World, his only objective was to understand this place better and survive an entire year. Once he completed the mission, the reward of the Heart of Hope would be a treasure. He was not willing to stay behind to protect those wastrels.

“Let’s go!”

Ma Fan saw that Yue Zhong had no intentions of minding him, and quickly waved his hands, signaling the 20 subordinates around him, chasing after Yue Zhong.

The rest of the segregated groups also followed after him.

Yue Zhong traversed extremely cautiously, his danger perception being forced to its limit. Each time he felt a sense of danger from an area, his entire body would go taut, and his hairs would stand on end. He would then route around the region.

Yue Zhong walked for about 4 hours in this godforsaken place, yet, there was nothing. It was plain desolation for miles and miles.

“Watch out!!” Suddenly, he was assaulted by an intense sense of danger, and he immediately barked out loud.

At that moment, a number of human-like savages that were at least 2m-tall, naked, with black-yellowish skin, carrying large wooden bats in their humongous hands rushed towards Yue Zhong and the people behind him. Their faces were contorted and their eyes flashed with madness.

“Fast!!” He stared at them, his eyes narrowing as his heart turned cold. Every single one of them possessed a speed at least 4 times as fast as a person, the fastest was about 8 times a person.

While their speed wasn’t much compared to Yue Zhong, when compared to ordinary people, they were existences even Special Forces of the previous world could not match.


Seeing these human-like creatures suddenly appear, the hundreds of humans who had been transported to this world lost their composure and began to flee in different directions.

Kong Cui Yun watched the approaching herd of giants and her eyes were filled with fear as she screamed out, “Quick run!! Yue Zhong!!”

The rest of the students were also pale, hiding behind his back, unsure of what to do.

“You guys stay here. I’ll go kill them!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a strange glint, and with a thought, White Bones appeared out of the void, standing in front of the girls. He pulled out his Flame Blade and charged towards the giants.

In a few breaths of time, Yue Zhong had already appeared in front of one of them. He took a closer look at the giant, noting that he was about 70% similar to humans, but his teeth were black and rotting. His bodies were covered with calluses, and there were some large boils. His eyes were filled with a savage glint.

The human-like creature saw Yue Zhong and his eyes flashed, raising the huge wooden bat in his arms high to smash down on Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong had the mind to test the strength of this creature and did not dodge or evade, instead, raising his hands to slap at the wooden bat.


With that single slap, Yue Zhong’s Strength of 13 times a person exploded out, causing the human-like creature to fly back about 5 or 6 meters.

Although he sent the creature flying, Yue Zhong’s eyes darkened, “10 times the Strength of a person. This strange creature is actually 10 times stronger than a person. Too fearsome.”

After all, it seems that this creature that possessed 4 times the speed of a person was one of the lower rank entities in this group. With 10 times the Strength and 4 times the speed, it was the equivalent of a Level 20 Mutant Beast.

After being sent flying with a single slap, the creature became even more furious and charged at Yue Zhong furiously.

6 similar creatures came surrounding Yue Zhong and tried to attack him.

Yue Zhong watched them with a look of ridicule, laughing coldly as he slashed out 7 times quickly.

In a flash, the 7 human-like creatures were immediately sliced in two, fresh blood splattering everywhere.

After dealing with those 7 creatures easily, he charged towards the entire mob all alone. Any creature unfortunate to come across him was directly slashed in two, not a single one of them was Yue Zhong’s match.

Yue Zhong was extremely valiant, but he was just one person, and could not stop the entire group.

The hundred-odd human-like creatures had speed way faster than ordinary humans, and quickly chased up to the fleeing survivors.

One of the creatures leaped and appeared behind a black man. He laughed sadistically as he hammered down on the black man’s head, instantly causing the brains to splatter out.

When the creature killed the black man with a single hit, his eyes glowed with a ferocious light, and grabbed the head and shoved the contents into his mouth.

“Help me!! Help me!!” One golden-haired man ran like mad, screaming as he ran. Behind him were 2 human-like creatures.

One of them grinned evilly, leaping forward and appearing in front of the man. He reached out and wrenched the head of the man, causing his entire spine to be ripped out as well. The creature than punched the head once, before biting down on it and began devouring the contents.

One by one, the savage creatures unleashed pandemonium on the survivors.

Most of the survivors were ordinary people, but there were also a few Evolvers and Enhancers among them.

One blond woman, who was decked in tight clothing and had an explosive figure and beautiful features, pulled out 2 sharp blades and began to dart in and out of the group of savages like a ghost. The blades in her hands danced around as she pierced their heads one by one in lightning-quick fashion.

Another black man pulled out 2 curved blades and charged right for the savage creature in front of him, tearing him apart.

The group of naked men and women were also not simple, joining forces to deal with those creatures, killing them one by one. They were capable, it was just that they had no proper weapons, hence the battle was slightly tougher.

Other than that, 20 other people had skills and abilities and began to slaughter the creatures as well.

Beyond that, the rest of the survivors could only watch helplessly as their doom approached.

As Yue Zhong was slaughtering the creatures, dozens of them managed to rush towards where Kong Cui Yun and the rest was, carrying a murderous aura.


Seeing them approach, it was a frightening scene. Having seen how they consumed human brains, the girls felt their faces drain of color. Kong Cui Yun slumped to the ground as her knees went weak, while a puddle of yellow liquid flowed down her legs. She had evidently lost control of herself.

In the face of death, other than Kong Cui Yun, the rest screamed out and dispersed in different directions. They did not have the courage to face those creatures.

Kong Cui Yun looked at them and screamed out in despair, “Help me!! Xiao Lan, Liu Hong!! Help me!!!”

Liu Hong did not look back, choosing to run without a care. At this critical juncture, she could not afford to care about her friend.

As for Xiao Lan, she stopped in place, turning as her body trembled.

Only to discover White Bones, who had been standing still in front of Kong Cui Yun suddenly raising its hands, and 10 sharp bone spikes shot out, slicing up the human-like creature in front of it.

In barely a second, the dozens of creatures were turned into meat paste by White Bones.

Kong Cui Yun stared in shock as White Bones dealt with the situation easily, and she was filled with shock, “Strong!”

Xiao Lan saw that and quickly shouted to her classmates, “Come back!! All of you!!”

But it was too late, a number of creatures had already caught up and quickly reached the fleeing students, flattening their brains. Xiao Lan watched as Liu Hong’s brains exploded in front of her own eyes, about 10 meters away.

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