God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 708

Xiao Lan watched as her good friend was killed in a single heartbeat, and her eyes flashed with terror, retreating madly towards White Bones. Now she knew why Yue Zhong wanted them to stay where they were.

It was tougher to protect than to kill, even for White Bones, it could not possibly protect those who chose to flee. It was only by itself.

One other human-like creature panted with ragged breath, its eyes bloodshot. It licked its lips and made its way towards Xiao Lan.

In just a breath, the creature appeared near Xiao Lan, its bat that was covered with brains and blood swinging towards Xiao Lan violently.

“Help!” Despair flashed past her eyes, as her heartbeat quickened. The vessels in her eyes also turned redder, when suddenly, a psychic barrier appeared above her and protected her.

The huge bat slammed down on the barrier, causing it to shatter, but its trajectory was delayed for a short while.

At the next instant, a sharp bone blade slashed out, directly decapitating the creature, as a shower of blood sprayed out, splattering all over Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan’s eyes were red as she gasped for breath, almost vomiting. However, her desire to live was stronger than the urge to puke, as she mustered all her strength to run towards White Bones.

Along the way, the bone blade continued to soar around, slicing the heads of the many creatures all around.

“Strong!!” Xiao Lan watched it all, her heart filled with shock.

She managed to reach White Bones’ side and stood there quietly as it continued to slaughter the human-like creatures.

The remaining survivors saw how easily White Bones was slaughtering the savages and they tried to make their way closer to it. Of the 20-odd Enhancers that were fighting the savages, 7 of them had already perished, and the rest quickly made their way towards White Bones. Not a single one of them was on par with White Bones.

Yue Zhong slashed out thrice, cleaving 3 savages into halves.

At the same time, as the creatures were slaughtered, a few strands of life energy that ordinary people could not detect were absorbed by the God and Devil imprint on Yue Zhong’s arm.

The moment that life energy was absorbed, they were directed towards his body, strengthening his own life force and soul.

As Yue Zhong continued to slaughter those savages, he suddenly felt enlightened, “As expected, I can only further improve by entering this 2nd World. It doesn’t seem like much, but killing these human-like creatures should be able to provide some benefits.”

On Earth, if Yue Zhong wanted to continue to enhance himself, he would have to kill those Type 4 Mutant Beasts or even Type 5 ones that could annihilate entire countries. Furthermore, killing the Mutant Beasts on Earth strengthened his body, while killing the life forms in this 2nd World enhanced his soul.

Although there was no direct or immediate boost to his strength, he knew that it would definitely benefit him in the long run.


The rest of the survivors watched in shock as Yue Zhong continued to slaughter the savages easily.

Even the blond lady whose figure and looks were astounding, had a strange glint in her eyes while she continued to kill the savages in her own way.

Under the joint efforts of Yue Zhong and White Bones, over half of the 100-odd savages were killed.

When the rest saw that things weren’t going well, they quickly turned and fled.

“Trying to escape? Let me see where you guys are hiding!”

Yue Zhong watched them flee and did not continue to unleash his fury, instead choosing to chase after them. Since these creatures were fleeing, they would not head to those strange regions that caused the survivors to die without any warning.

These savages weren’t a threat to Yue Zhong, only the regions that could cause the strange deaths were truly terrifying.

After passing a hill, Yue Zhong saw a village that had no defenses whatsoever.

The remaining 60 or so savages quickly escaped into the village.

Within seconds, many other naked female savages with breasts hanging out came charging out of the villages. They were really ugly, and their bodies were full of calluses.

Other than them, there were also younger versions of the savages, likely the younger generation, grabbing weapons as they came charging at Yue Zhong as well.

Yue Zhong shot them a cold look, “Seeking death!”

In a flash, he charged right through the village.

The hundreds of savages came pouncing towards Yue Zhong.

The Flame Blade in his hands flashed out, slicing towards those human-like creatures, and they were quickly turned into dismembered body parts.

Not long after Yue Zhong left, White Bones suddenly stirred from its stance, chasing after Yue Zhong with big strides.

“Wait for me!!”

Xiao Lan and Kong Cui Yun called out in anxiety as they followed. Without its protection, they were just ordinary girls without any combat strength. They could be easily killed.

Ma Fun chased after as well, calling out urgently, “Brother!! Your strength is powerful, please stay and protect us!! We have over 100 people here, if you leave, we will all be in danger!”

Initially, there were a few hundred survivors but after the slaughter, a hundred odd were left. If it hadn’t been for Yue Zhong and White Bones, the survivors might have all been wiped out.
“Brother, please stay!!”

“Please, stay and protect us!!”

The sounds of begging began to ring out, as many of them hoped White Bones would protect them. They weren’t willing to join Yue Zhong in fighting those savages.

The weakest of those human-like savages were at least equivalent to Mutant Beasts of Level 20, and these humans were simply not a match for them. The moment White Bones left, they would lose the protection of a powerful expert, and naturally were filled with fear.

With regards to their begging, White Bones ignored them and continued ahead towards Yue Zhong.

Xiao Lan, Kong Cui Yun exchanged looks and chased after. As long as they were beside White Bones, they felt safe.

The rest of the Enhancers also exchanged looks before following. Having undergone battles as well, they were clear that only by following White Bones would they have the greatest chance of survival. Holing up here was waiting for death.

The rest of the survivors saw all these and immediately followed suit.

When they caught up to the hill, they immediately saw Yue Zhong engaged in an all-out slaughter of the savages.


There were at least 200 of the savages, but whenever they were within 5m of Yue Zhong, they would directly be sliced apart by his powerful blade. Everyone was rocked as they watched him. Many of the younger women and teenagers had strange looks in their eyes. In such a precarious place, only a strong person could protect them.

Those creatures were not zombies after all after dozens of them had fallen at Yue Zhong’s hands, the rest saw that they could not do anything to Yue Zhong. They quickly dispersed and tried to flee.

Yue Zhong did not give chase, instead, staying where he was to recuperate. Having killed hundreds of them, his Stamina was also low. In such a dangerous place, he needed to ensure that he was always prepared to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Xiao Lan came up to Yue Zhong, looking at him reverently, “Yue Zhong, you’re so strong!! From today, you’re my idol!!”

Kong Cui Yun followed White Bones to Yue Zhong’s side. Shame was written all over her pale face because of the words she used earlier, however, she would not give up the chance of survival.

The sexy and beautiful blond lady came up to Yue Zhong with an enticing smile, reaching out with her hand, “Hi! I’m Fuhrana. Strange Chinese boy, I’m pleased to meet you!”

“Hey. I’m Yue Zhong, I’ve stuff to do, so I’ll be going.” He shook her hand lightly and walked into the village.

A few more surviving Enhancers were walking over, but Yue Zhong didn’t want to entertain them. He hoped to discover more clues about this world from this village. It was the most important thing on his mind right now.

There was a strange glint in Fuhrana’s eyes.

As they stepped into the village, Xiao Lan and Kong Cui Yun immediately turned pale and began to throw up. Of the majority of the survivors that followed behind, many reacted the same way.

There was a putrid stench of rotting in the village, outside the various huts, hung human heads, legs, hearts and all sorts of organs. The victims were men and women of all ages, and every single one of their expressions had been fear at the time of death. It was practically a scene out of hell.

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