God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 709

“These damn beasts!!” Kong Cui Yun cursed out loud, before walking over to Yue Zhong and gripping his shirt tightly. She had seen the head of a girl not more than 12 hanging outside a hut. That horrific and tragic sight had almost driven her insane. In this hellhole, if she didn’t grab Yue Zhong’s shirt, she didn’t have the courage to linger.

Su Lan observed Yue Zhong carefully, noting that he was walking through this godforsaken place without any expression, as she thought to herself, “Just what had he gone through for his heart to be numb to this extent?”

Yue Zhong had seen his fair share of depravity and cruelty, especially in Country A, he had seen the natives not even sparing kids. It was not easy to shake the resolute will and heart of his.

Even so, no matter how strong his mental fortitude, seeing the state of the savages’ victims, his fury boiled, his killing intent billowing.

He pushed open the door of one residence, and was assaulted by a strong rotting stench, he looked around carefully, noticing a bed, a table, some chairs and other furniture similar to a human’s residence, just bigger, and smellier.

Yue Zhong looked around for awhile, his eyes brightening, as he noticed an electronic device the size of a palm on a table. He quickly grabbed it.

“Radiation Detector. Able to discern radiation levels of 1 to 9.”

Yue Zhong read the notification that appeared as he held the device.

He felt his heart sink, “Radiation? Could it be that this world has places of radiation? Or is it that there are multiple regions of radiation located everywhere?”

Radiation was a terrifying thing. If there was long-term exposure, humans could develop cancer.

After using the nuclear missile to blast the evolved intelligent zombies, a hundred miles around it had immediately been cordoned off and labeled as prohibited. It was unlikely to be inhabited in the next 100 years.

It was because of the hazardous effect of radiation that Yue Zhong still kept 14 nuclear missiles, not utilizing them against the zombies.

Yue Zhong pressed a button, causing the radiation device to light up, as a line of characters appeared, “The region has a radiation level of 3. It is considered mildly polluted, and administering the Level 3 Anti-Radiation drug will allow one to traverse smoothly in this region.

Yue Zhong looked at the reading and his expression turned ugly, “Mildly polluted, that means that the region is already contaminated? Shit, aren’t we exposed right now? If we don’t administer the drug, it’ll be dangerous. Oh right, those mysterious deaths, could it be those regions were highly polluted? The radiation could cause someone to die so instantaneously?”

Yue Zhong felt confident in his abilities in dealing with even a Type 4 Mutant Beast. However, there was radiation everywhere, he could not possibly fight against that. The Level 5 Defense Vest on him had the ability to defend against radiation, but his head had no protection. That was to say, while his body could be immune to it, his head was still vulnerable.

He continued searching around the room, discovering a bag of black wheat and some dozens of bones, a sight that could cause anyone to throw up.

After leaving the room, Yue Zhong discovered the majority of the survivors hiding outside the village. Many of them had caught sight of the gruesome sight of the corpses and began vomiting. Few dared to venture in.

The Enhancers were different, half of them following Yue Zhong in checking out the houses of the savages, scavenging for usable resources.

After a while, the braver ones seemed to have understood and began to swarm into the village.

Other than Xiao Lan and a few others who had been protected throughout the apocalypse, the rest had experienced their own hardships. Rations and resources were important and they knew that. In such a place where the conditions were harsh, the importance of food could not be greater.

Yue Zhong grabbed the bag of black wheat and threw it to Kong Cui Yun, “Take this!!”

Immediately, she squealed in disgust, “What is this? It stinks!! It’s dirty!! I’m not holding this!”

Yue Zhong immediately shot her a cold look.

When she saw that, Kong Cui Yun felt her body go cold. While she was proud and had her temper, she was not stupid. She was clear that the moment Yue Zhong abandoned her and Xiao Lan, the both of them would die in this forsaken place. Especially those naked men, they would not let them go either.

The corners of her mouth tightened, as she fought back some tears and grabbed the bag tightly,
Yue Zhong turned around, not minding her as he looked to his left and right, directly entering the largest room.

Xiao Lan’s eyes flashed with a glint as she offered, “Cui Yun, let me help you!”

Kong Cui Yun shook her head resolutely, “No need! I’ll do it myself.”

Xiao Lan looked at her and didn’t say anything more, instead, she entered the room right after Yue Zhong.

As Yue Zhong stepped in, he immediately saw dozens of assault rifles and sniper rifles hanging everywhere in the room, while the bullets were all thrown in a stone basin.

Yue Zhong took those rifles and assessed them carefully, “These guns are ordinary, doesn’t seem like they’re more advanced than the technology on Earth. Seems a little old.”

Xiao Lan entered the room and was immediately attracted to the guns. She hesitated a while before grabbing a bag of black wheat that she saw.

After the close shave with death, she felt more clear about the importance of staying alive. She didn’t want to be useless and abandoned by Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong casually placed a rifle down, before looking around carefully. Soon after, his eyes brightened, as he picked up another device.

“Water source detector. It can detect if the body of water is polluted by radiation on a scale of 1 to 9.”

Yue Zhong held up the device and thought sullenly, “Water source detector. Since such an item has been created, it’s likely that this world is already radiated everywhere.”

He searched carefully, but did not discover anything else of use, and thus threw everything to White Bones to carry.

These firearms and ammunition could be of help to Yue Zhong. Although he wasn’t reliant on weapons, he would have to expend a lot more with these weapons. Thus, having them could help reduce his own burdens.

As he left the room, he discovered many survivors already in the midst of scavenging. He sighed and walked out. He didn’t want to stay a moment longer than necessary in this hellhole.

When he left the village, the rest of the survivors also began to follow suit.

Yue Zhong looked to his left and right, observing a little while before proceeding west. He knew they were already currently in an environment of radiation. Every second spent out here could cause them to undergo mutation, or develop some illness.

Ma Fun saw Yue Zhong leaving and his face fell, quickly calling out, “Wait!! Wait a moment!! Brother Yue Zhong, wait!!”

Without Yue Zhong’s protection, these people would find it hard to survive in this world. Ma Fun was extremely clear about this. He hoped Yue Zhong would stay behind to protect them all.

Yue Zhong glanced back but continued after ignoring him.

Xiao Lan and Kong Cui Yun followed Yue Zhong tightly.

Fuhrana and the rest of the Enhancers exchanged looks and quickly followed him as well.

“Let’s go!”

Ma Fun gritted his teeth and brought the survivors out, following Yue Zhong. His initial wish of gathering the survivors to lord over them had long since been dashed.

With the radiation detector, Yue Zhong was slightly more relaxed, using it to determine the level of radiation in the region. Any place with a radiation level of 4 was considered mid-polluted, Yue Zhong would avoid these places immediately.

They continued walking for an entire day before Yue Zhong decided to stop and set up camp.

Seeing that he stopped, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

With a flip of his hands, a bottle of mineral water appeared in his hands. He drank it down in one shot.

After walking an entire day, everyone felt parched. Seeing how cleanly Yue Zhong drank, everyone gulped, their eyes flashing with envy.

Xiao Lan hesitated a while before coming up to Yue Zhong and pleaded, “I’m thirsty, can I get some water please?”

Yue Zhong looked at her, frowning a little before he pulled out a bottle and poured out a cap for her.

Xiao Lan’s eyes flashed with disappointment, but she still thanked him, “Thank you!”

Kong Cui Yun could not help but mutter when she saw that, “Miser!”

Ma Fun came up to Yue Zhong, saying, “Brother! I’m Ma Fun! I know you have water on you. Now, everybody’s thirsty, please spare some for everyone. In these difficult times, we should work together and overcome this together!”

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