God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 710

Yue Zhong eyed Ma Fun coldly, and scoffed, “The water I have, was what I brought with me, what does it have to do with you! If you want a drink, go find it yourself. Don’t bother me! Scram!”

When Yue Zhong saw the Water Source Detector, he knew that clean water free from any contamination was extremely precious. He did indeed have a large amount of water in his storage ring, it was enough to last him half a year. However, if he were to give it out to these hundreds of survivors, it would be gone in a few days.

He did not fancy himself as a saint, nor did he intend to sacrifice himself for the sake of the rest.

“You’re too selfish…” Ma Fun instantly blew his top, intending to curse out, when a sharp bone spike extended right to his forehead in a flash. Seeing the flash in White Bones’ demonic eyes, Ma Fun swallowed his words with difficulty and stumbled back.

The strong preyed on the weak, this was the law of the jungle now. Ma Fun had seen other Evolvers killing people casually. He did not want to become a ghost under Yue Zhong’s blade.

After being barked at, Ma Fun slunk back to his corner with a dark expression.

Kong Cui Yun saw Ma Fun going away and came up to him, looking at him with her beautiful eyes, “Please give me a mouthful of water!”

Yue Zhong looked at her and poured her half a bottle cap.

Kong Cui Yun received it and thanked him profusely, “Thank you!!”

She could tell that food and water was extremely important. Yue Zhong was willing to give them, thus they could live.

She took the half-cup of water and noticed many gazes on her, which were filled with envy, jealousy, hope and other sorts of emotions. She felt a certain rush of being above the rest.

Yue Zhong took out a bread, tearing open the packaging and flung it away casually.

Before it landed, Xiao Lan immediately reached out to grab the packaging, extending her tongue to lick the inside of the packaging.

Kong Cui Yun was shocked when she saw this before she suddenly understood. They were in a much harsher environment than Earth, every bit of food was precious.

Yue Zhong’s eyes suddenly brightened, as he finished the bread in two or three bites, and ran towards the North.

Not long after, Yue Zhong came across a flowing water body. His heart was filled with joy. With water, there was a chance of life. With life, there was potential food as well.

Yue Zhong looked at the stream, his eyes narrowing. He did not see any signs of life in the stream.

Suspicious, he took out the Water Detector and stuck it in the water. Immediately, a sound of warning came from the device, “Warning! Warning! Water radiation is Level 7, considered highly polluted! Do not consume, as it will cause your body to either mutate or breakdown!”

Yue Zhong’s face turned as he recoiled in horror, as though dodging a snake. It was the first water source that he came across, but even then, it was undrinkable. This proved that there was nothing in the vicinity fit for human consumption.

If there was anything humans could eat, it would be the blackened wheat or human flesh itself.

One Enhancer who had been following closely behind immediate rushed up to the stream when he saw it. There was a look of frenzy and excitement in his eyes as he shouted, “Water!! There’s water!! This is great!!! Hahaha!! There’s water!”

Yue Zhong looked at him and warned him, “Careful, the radiation level of the water is at Level 7.”

“Level 7 Radiation?” The Enhancer looked at Yue Zhong suspiciously, before laughing coldly, and cupped the water as he began to drink huge gulps of it. He broke into a wide grin, “Such sweet water!! So clear, and so sweet!!”

He was drunk with happiness and shot Yue Zhong a challenging smile.

Yue Zhong could not be bothered and left.

Since he was recognized as the strongest among them, his every action attracted everyone’s attention. They discovered the stream, and everyone charged over immediately. Having walked the entire day, they were truly thirsty. In order to start a fire and cook, they would need some water as well.

Yue Zhong looked at the frenzied people and spoke indifferently, “This stream is already polluted with a radiation level of 7. There might be harm in consuming it.”

Hearing his words, everyone began to hesitate.

The Enhancer who had drunk a few mouthfuls retorted, “Don’t believe him! I’ve drunk so much and am still fine! He just wants to control everyone through his water supply.”

Hearing his words, some of them threw suspicious gazes on Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong could not be bothered about them and walked towards an area he had selected for his campsite. With a wave of his hands, he pulled out a tent and erect it. He had already reminded them out of basic courtesy and it was his bottom line already. What they chose to do was not up to him.

Fuhrana came up to Yue Zhong when she saw him set up the tent, thinking to herself, “Spatial treasure, or spatial skill? This Yue Zhong is truly special.”

Xiao Lan and Kong Cui Yun watched as the beautiful and alluring Fuhrana came closer, and they felt a sense of threat as they shot gazes of enmity at her.

She walked up to Yue Zhong and shot him a dazzling smile, “Hey! Yue Zhong, can I get a cup of water please?”

Yue Zhong immediately rejected her, “Sorry, no can do! Water is too precious here. I can’t just give it for free. If you want it, you need to offer the right price.”

Yue Zhong had walked an entire day and discovered this stream, only to find that it was already contaminated. This proved the scarcity and preciousness of water here. If it was on earth, he could easily hand over some tonnes of water. However, he could not afford to do so here.

Fuhrana’s maintained her smile, although she could not believe there was someone who actually turned her down.

She adjusted her emotions and asked, “Is the water in the stream really contaminated?”

Yue Zhong replied mildly, “If you don’t believe me, go ahead. I’m not stopping you.”

Fuhrana retracted her gaze and asked, “In that case, Yue Zhong, what’s the price you want me to pay for me to have some water?”

Yue Zhong stared at her straight and gave her a harsh condition, “Slave! As long as you swear to become my slave, and serve me with all your heart, not disobeying my order, I will give you ample food and water. Otherwise, we have nothing to do with each other, why should I help you? Of course, if you become my slave, as long as you disobey any command, I’ll kill you at the first moment I can.”

When Fuhrana heard this, she struggled to maintain her smile as she backed away, “Slave? In that case, forget it.”

Yue Zhong saw her leave and chuckled coldly, continuing to erect his tent. He had thrown out such a condition in order to deter people from asking him to share.

Yue Zhong was still unsure about this world, and food and water was already so precious. He could not possible waste resources on these people. He still had to last an entire year out here.

It was precisely because of this that Yue Zhong had not offered to round the rest of the survivors up and take up the mantle of being a leader. Once he did that, he was responsible for their lives and deaths and had to share his precious resources with them. Before finding a potable water source, he would not try to establish his faction yet.

On the other side, when Xiao Lan heard Yue Zhong’s words, her heart skipped a beat, and her face showed that she was in a dilemma. However, she quickly came to a decision.

Yue Zhong’s warning did not really prevent the survivors from drinking the water, as many went to quench their thirst with it and use it to prepare the blackened wheat from the village.

Once the wheat was cooked, an ugly scene soon appeared. Those who had gone into the village to obtain the wheat began to eat and drink, not sharing with the rest of the survivors. They were clear on the shortage of resources and they would naturally not share what they had with others. It was basic human nature.

At this time, in front of Ma Fun, there was a huge cauldron of black wheat and the streamwater cooking. A few of the burly men used smelly bowls to enjoy the soup.

A few women and children looked pitifully at the soup, gulping their saliva, looking at Ma Fun pitifully.

One small and skinny boy went up to Ma Fun and begged, “Leader!! I’m hungry! Let me have some!”

Ma Fun looked at the boy and his eyes flashed with irritation, “No! This wheat was found through our efforts. You didn’t work and want to enjoy the fruits of our labor? Then what about our brothers who had worked hard? If you want to eat, you need to put in the effort! Go to sleep first, if you sleep, you won’t feel your hunger.”

Since the kid wasn’t of much use, Ma Fun did not place importance on him as well, in front of the weak, he revealed his own selfish nature.

The rest of the smaller groups were the same. The weak ones were left out, and only the strong could enjoy the food. Some women used their own bodies in exchange for food. Sounds of moaning came from the different camps.

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