God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 712

At this time, Fuhrana’s eyes flashed as she pointed at a distance, “Don’t be rash!! Look!! What’s that?”

Everyone turned to face the direction, only to see a group of humans looking like ants in the distance.


The survivors looked at those humans and their eyes brightened as they rushed towards them.

As long as there were humans, there was bound to be a water source. They could live if they could find the water source. They weren’t fearful towards ordinary humans as well.

Yue Zhong looked at them and turned to speak to Xiao Lan and Kong Cui Yun, “You guys stay here.”

After that, he followed the rest of the survivors from Earth and ran after the group of humans.

Peng! Peng!

Just when they managed to chase up to about 100m from the group, the sounds of gunfire rang out.

Due to the gunshots, a number of survivors had their heads penetrated by the bullets, and their corpses slumped to the ground.

The sounds of gunfire wasn’t that dense, but every single shot spelled the death of a survivor.

Under the suppressing fire, the survivors immediately got down on the ground and rolled for cover.

As Yue Zhong made his way there, he could feel a terrifying gaze fixed on him, “What powerful sniping skills, there must be a sniper!”

Yue Zhong had fought plenty of expert snipers and could feel the threat of that gaze fixed on him.

He called out to the group of humans in a resounding voice, “I have no ill intentions! I hope to speak to your leader!”


A bullet whizzed through the air in response to Yue Zhong’s statement.

“Damn it!” With a flash of his body, he dodged the bullet easily, but his eyes turned cold. He was trying hard to be nice, but these people were being unreasonable. His killing intent immediately billowed out.

Without any hesitation, Yue Zhong pulled out an assault rifle and fired a single shot into the distance. The sniper who fired at Yue Zhong had his head immediately blasted apart.

Since Yue Zhong had started killing, he did not hold back anymore. He quickly dashed forwards, firing a number of shots, causing their own warriors to fall.

Those people could feel the threat of Yue Zhong and began to fire back madly.

Yue Zhong himself turned into a beam of light that charged right through the midst of humans, and with a sweeping fire, he killed those soldiers wielding guns.

Once those gun-totting soldiers were killed, dozens of males came charging at Yue Zhong with melee weapons, their expressions murderous.

Yue Zhong looked at the men, his eyes flashing with cold killing intent and he swept out mercilessly, firing his gun.

In the dense barrage of bullets, the men who were charging over had their heads riddled with bullets and died.

Yue Zhong wiped out the attackers easily and shot a look towards the rest of the humans.

He discovered the group consisted both males and females, although their hair color was interesting. Some were blue, some gold, some silver, some black. Their skins were white, yellow and black. It was all mixed and there were about a hundred of them. They were looking back at him with fear.

One blond old man had a frightened look as he came up to Yue Zhong, kneeling down before speaking in some strange form of Chinese, “Glorious Divine Warrior, I’m Eiphen, the Patriach of this group of vagabonds! We had attacked you and your subordinates without knowing better, please pardon our offence!”

With a swoosh, the hundred-off humans kneeled down and pleaded, “Glorious Divine Warrior, please pardon our offence!!”

Yue Zhong quickly came to an understanding when he heard them, “Divine Warrior? What’s that? The term for the experts in this world?”

The rest of the survivors came over, and saw the group of soldiers and strange humans kneeling in front of Yue Zhong. Their hearts were filled with shock.

The naked man saw the corpses around Yue Zhong and his heart instantly turned cold, “Strong! Luckily we didn’t do anything earlier, otherwise, I would be dead!”

Fuhrana looked at Yue Zhong, her gaze complicated, “He’s truly strong!!”

Yue Zhong glanced at Eiphen, saying, “Water, food!!”

The blond old man looked towards a beautiful girl of about 11 or 12 beside him with a fully developed body and said, “Dina, go get some water and food for the Divine Warrior!”

The blond girl quickly burrowed into a tent, carefully taking out a bowl of clear water and a biscuit mixed with some strange substance in front of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong looked at the water and brought out the Water Detector to stick it in.

“Warning! The water radiation level is 4, and is classified as moderately polluted. If consumed in large quantities, there is the risk of mutation.”

Yue Zhong shot Eiphen a look with killing intent, coldly barking, “This is moderately polluted, and you dare offer this to me?! Are you sick of living?”

Eiphen immediately got down on his knees and kowtowed while trembling profusely, “Esteemed Divine Warrior! The best water that we can find is already at Level 4 radiation. Anything that is Level 3 and below can only be obtained from Red Rock City. This is our best quality that we can provide!”

“Level 4 radiation is already the best?!” Yue Zhong stared at the water, his expression falling. He had thought to obtain some ration and water from these vagabonds. Seemed like his plan had to be changed.

Yue Zhong continued asking Eipher, “Do you know how to get to Red Rock City?”

Eiphen replied fearfully, “I know! Follow this road all the way west, and you will reach it. However, it will take about 6 days.”

Yue Zhong looked at him and ordered,” Bring me there!”

Eiphen returned his look with respect, “Yes! Esteemed Divine Warrior!!”

Just then, Fuhrana asked Eiphen, “Can the water with Level 4 radiation be drunk?”

The 33 survivors also came closer, looking on silently.

Eiphen replied respectfully, “Can! However, there’s a risk of danger to the body. In truth, other than pure, clean water, all other water sources have some form of radiation, which is harmful to the human’s body. It’s just that the degree of danger varies. Grade 3 and below and usually least harmful to the body, while Grade 4 and above can cause some problems and chances of mutation is higher. Grade 7 radiation is basically poison to the human body, once a person drinks it, they will likely die or mutate.”

Eiphen continued explaining, “The lower the grade of radiation, the higher the price. In Red Rock City, a cup of Grade 3 radiation will cause 1 Eagle Yuan. A cup of Grade 2 radiation costs 10 Eagle Yuan, a cup of Grade 1 radiation costs 100 Eagle Yuan and pure, clean water costs 1,000 Eagle Yuan.

Yue Zhong piped in, “How much can a rifle exchange for in Red Rock City?”

“An ordinary assault rifle goes for 200 Eagle Yuan in the city, while a 7.62mm rifle bullet goes for 10 Eagle Yuan each.”

Yue Zhong took mental note of his own assets, together with the dozens of rifles and hundreds rounds that he obtained from the village of the savages. Exchanging all would just give him a few thousand Eagle Yuan. A few cups of clean water would wipe his pocket clean. Now he knew the price of clean water here.

When Fuhrana and the other survivors heard Eiphen’s words, their faces turned incredibly ugly. They had no currency of this world, so even if they managed to get into Red Rock City, they would not be able to afford a single cup of water.

One of the survivors had a grave look on his face as he grabbed a bowl of the water and drank it, “I can’t give a shit anymore!! If I get contaminated by the radiation, so be it! If these people can drink, don’t tell me we can’t?!”

The rest also revealed savage expressions, and barked out, “Water!! Bring us more water!!”

Bowls after bowls were brought in front of the survivors, other than a few, the rest all began to drink up. They had gone nearly 2 days without water, and their throats were almost beyond parched. They really couldn’t care about the radiation anymore.

Eiphen spoke up respectfully, “The sky is getting dark, please join us to rest for the night.”

Yue Zhong nodded, “Ok!”

These vagabonds quickly set up camp, erecting simple tents. They also begun to take out their cauldrons as a group of women filled them up with water, and threw some wheat and biscuits in.

Suddenly, the faces of the survivors changed.

They saw a few men dragging out a human corpse from one of the vehicles, chopping it up, before throwing it into the woks and cooked them.

Seeing such a scene, Kong Cui Yun could not help but turn pale, Xiao Lan covered her mouth, suppressing her urge to puke.

Yue Zhong’s countenance wasn’t any better. Although he had killed countless of lives, the one thing he hated the most was cannibalism. As long as he saw it, he would kill the offenders without mercy.

Eiphen was a smart person, and when he saw Yue Zhong’s expression, he immediately got on his knees in fright, saying, “Esteemed Divine Warrior. We didn’t kill this person. It was a corpse that we exchanged for with another vagabond tribe. We didn’t commit murder.”

Yue Zhong’s face was dark as he asked, “Do you all consume this?”

Eiphen’s eyes flashed with pain, “Esteemed Divine Warrior, we have no choice. There is little food out here in the wilderness, if we don’t consume this, we can’t live on. Us vagabonds are just slightly better off than those Savages, but even so, we’re still lowly existences on this plane. In order to live, we have to eat anything.”

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