God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Fierce L2

Following an ear-splitting metal cutting sound, Yue Zhong had used his power on the L2’s waist to cut a thin small crack. Even with him adding stats to strength and power and using the sharp Imitation Tang Sword, he could only cut this little bit. The bones weren’t even visible.

The exterior of the black keratin membrane was like cutting into steel.

The L2 looked at Yue Zhong like he was just a little insect buzzing in front of his eyes. It ruthlessly slammed its large hand towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s agility far exceeded that of the L2. His body slightly shifted, avoiding the L2’s strike, and he used the sword to slash the L2’s elbow.

Unexpectedly countless sparks flew out as soon as the Imitation Tang Sword landed on the L2’s body, and he was unable to cut through.

The L2 waved a hand to slap Yue Zhong.

As soon as the L2 moved, Yue Zhong side-stepped, and he circled around the L2. He started the skill Devil Flame, and a ball of scarlet-red flame lit up from his right hand.

Yue Zhong used a knife hand to chop into the L2’s thigh. The Devil Flame started to madly combust an enormous hole as soon as it landed on the L2’s thigh.

Yue Zhong circled around the L2’s thigh, and it was immediately cut in two by the Devil Flame.

The L2 lost its balance, and heavily fell on the ground.

Yue Zhong took a large step forward, stepping a foot onto the L2’s forehead. A scarlet-red Devil Flame momentarily burst from his foot, turning the L2’s skull into ash.

A large experience orb entered Yue Zhong’s body as soon as the L2 died. The L2’s corpse also dropped a skill book and a green treasure box.

Yue Zhong quickly put the skill book and green treasure box into his bag.

Finished with the L2, Yue Zhong finally turned and looked with a livid face at those who abandoned their commander Xiao Ming and fled.

Those who had abandoned their weapons and fled were all detained and brought before Yue Zhong by his subordinates.

One of Xiao Ming’s subordinates looked at Yue Zhong with fear, and he knelt before Yue Zhong, begging: “I’m sorry! Captain Yue! Spare my life! From today on I will face the enemy without fear!! Please allow me to atone for my sins!”

“Captain Yue!! Release us this one time! We won’t commit an offense again after today!”

“I’m begging you to spare our lives! That monster was too strong! We were no match. Staying there was merely being sent to death!!”

The subordinates of Xiao Ming who had fled, knelt before Yue Zhong and started begging.

Xiao Ming looked at those who fled, and then he said to Yue Zhong a little hesitantly: “Captain Yue, we should give them another chance!”

Yue Zhong looked at the eight subordinates of Xiao Ming and coldly said: “It doesn’t matter what the reason, all of you committed the offense of fleeing the battlefield. All of you will be shot on site!”

Xiao Ming couldn’t help but persuade: “Captain Yue! Training a team member isn’t that easy!”

If the eight men of Xiao Ming’s group were shot and killed, then he would forfeit his team’s combat ability. Although the eight men turned tail and ran, they were all strong young men. Also they understand how to use guns. It would be troublesome to train and recruit new people, and it would take some time to make them combat ready.

Yue Zhong stared at Xiao Ming and coldly said: “Military law is ruthless. What good is military law if it isn’t carried out ruthlessly? Get to work!”

Receiving the command of Yue Zhong, his direct subordinates took out their guns and aimed at the heads of the eight men, then pulled the trigger.

Following the sound of eight gunshots, Xiao Ming’s eight subordinates were all executed.

Looking at the miserable scene, Xiao Ming couldn’t bear to turn his head. The surrounding people who looked at this scene all shivered with fear in their hearts. They now had a much deeper familiarization with military law.

Yue Zhong looked at Xiao Ming and dully said: “Xiao Ming’s command is detrimental. Dissolve the fifth team leader captain position. The fifth unit will be absorbed into the second unit. Xiao Ming is demoted to a preliminary team member.”

Just now when Xiao Ming discovered the indomitable strength of the L2, he should have given the command to retreat. He didn’t give the command to retreat, and this is an unforgivable error.

But Xiao Ming was a qualified soldier. His training was the most regimented, and he possessed an extremely powerful innate shooting ability. He already had a seventy percent bulls-eye rate from within a hundred meters.

Xiao Ming’s heart was a little disappointed, he nodded and responded: “Yes!”

Yue Zhong looked at Xiao Ming and said: “Go to the second unit and report, clear out the zombies.”


Xiao Ming yelled a response and brought his remaining people over to Da Gouzi’s second combat unit.

The second combat unit’s command was temporarily given over to Da Gouzi after Ji Qingwu left. Yue Zhong didn’t have many people he could trust under his command.

The main power in the center of the town was wiped out. The few remaining scattered zombies couldn’t withstand the armed forces.

One of Liu Yan’s team members walked over to Yue Zong and reported: “Captain Yue! We discovered a survivor! They want to meet you!”

Yue Zhong asked: “Who is it?”

The team member said: “They call themselves the mayor of Stone Horse village.”

Yue Zhong thought a moment and then said to the soldier: “Take me to have a look.”

Yue Zhong arrived at a spacious manor house under the guidance of the soldier.

He could see inside the manor that five survivors were being watched over by four soldiers with guns.

A fatty with a belly as if he was nine months pregnant yelled: “I want to meet your leader!!”

The soldiers coldly looked at the survivors without saying a word.

“You want to meet me?” Yue Zhong walked before the man name Wei Cheng and dully said.

Wei Cheng pointed to the young man who had a look of arrogance and said: “I am Wei Cheng, the mayor of Stone Horse Village. This person is the son of the Longhai City secretary. So long as you escort us to the Longhai City survivor base, the secretary certainly won’t forget your act of kindness.”

Yue Zhong looked over at the young man.

The young man’s face was arrogant, and two beautiful twenty-one or twenty-two year old women clung onto him. Their faces unchanged even though they were surrounded by the four soldiers. Looking at Yue Zhong with a slanted eye he proudly said: “You are this army’s chief?” I am Qian Yiming! You only need to escort me to Longhai City survivor base. My father will certainly make you a big official.”

“Idiot!” A word bubbled up in Yue Zhong’s mind while looking at the arrogant face of Qian Yiming.

At this time, two soldiers brought in four malnourished looking women wearing ragged clothes. They were all of different sizes.

Liu Yan looked at one in the group who was rather pretty and said: “This is our leader, Yue! Whatever words you have, say them to our Captain Yue!”

The rather pretty woman burst into tears when she saw Yue Zhong. She knelt down before him and pointed at Qian Yiming, begging: “Mighty Captain Yue! I’m begging you, help me kill that scum!!”

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